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Cliff Matthiews
(Canadian Lynx, G)
Cliff Matthiews.jpg
Illustrated by DeadlyChestnut
No. 3 – Retired
Position Guard
Species Canadian Lynx ( Felidae )
Gender Male
Si Kucing
Personal information
Born (1988-04-18) April 18, 1988 (age 32)
Aceh, Indonesia
Nationality Indonesian/Canadian
Listed height 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Listed weight 200 lb (91 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
College Felidae Institute of Science and Technology
FBA draft 2010 / Undrafted
Pro playing career 2010–2019
Career history
2010-present Alaska Arctics
Career highlights and awards
Contract information
Contract year 2016
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Duncan Mulloy
(OOC) Creator Rainwhisker
(OOC) Actor Rainwhisker
(OOC) Usage Can use unless I opt-out



Cliff Matthiews is a Canadian lynx born in Aceh, Indonesia in 18th April 1988. He is the only son of Rowan Matthiews, current CEO of the World Charity Fund (WCF), and Matilda Matthiews. Born while his parents were placed to support the rural villages surrounding Aceh at the time, he was raised with a altruistic lifestyle amongst the Sumatran populace. Growing up with good education and an active role in charity organization amongst the Indonesian youths, he became a known figure with his moniker of 'Si Kucing' (meaning The Cat in Indonesian) amongst the region of northern Sumatra surrounding Aceh. He spent most of his childhood alternating between school and spending his free time with the children of the villages, engaging in various sports and consistently driving to promote ambition via sports and public education. In 1995, when Cliff was in SD Kelas 3(3rd grade primary school), Rowan Matthiews was promoted to CEO of the WCF and returned to Canada. His mother Matilda, also an employee of WCF, remained with her son and her crew until their projects were estimated to finish in the year 2002.

In his teenage years, he began to promote soccer and basketball and pushed for the establishment of courts for local schools as well as sports programs, and became active in his high school's basketball team. By then, it was the year 2002, the WCF crew stationed in North Sumatra had completed their term, and were scheduled to leave early in March that year. However, Cliff had begun organizing an inter-school province-wide charity basketball tournament for furries in Sekolah Pemerintah Manungsawan (Anthropomorph public schools)in his second year of Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA, High school). As his mother and himself had leave the country due to arrangements between WCF and the Indonesian government, Cliff was faced with the inevitability of handing the reins of his brainchild to a friend and leaving. After consistent heated arguments with his father over the phone, Rowan Matthiews eventually managed to secure Matilda a few extra months in Aceh for her and Cliff to stay and finish his second year before leaving for Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, where he completed his final year of high school.

The charity tournament had a record amount of viewers for a sporting event on local television as well as a full house for the final game between the schools of Banda Raya and Darul Imrah. The success of the event attracted the Dewan Perwakilan Manungsawan's (DPM, Indonesian Department of Anthropomorph Representatives) education sector, causing them push for greater involvement in furry sports in the region in school education.

College & Pre-FBA

During his three-year bachelor's degree in Ecology at Felidae Institute of Science and Technology, Topeka, Kansas, Cliff Matthiews was part of the basketball team. As a point guard, he demonstrated a fair ability to maintain a leadership role and being adaptable and capable of shifting around the court to fill gaps for his team. His university consistently reached the semi-finals of the 2004, 2005 and 2006 inter-state tournaments, though were knocked out by fierce contenders such as Lapine State University and Underwood College. Following graduation, Cliff began work in his parents' hometown of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada as part of the local government's urban development and conservation analyst team for Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park. After 3 years, he returned to the United States and, under heavy recommendation and encouragement from his long-time friend Reeve Alonse forwarded his name to the FBA 2010 Draft, where he received a 1-year contract with the Alaska Arctics.

The Bernheim Ring

Shortly before the passing of coach Marcus Bernheim of the Tucson Demons and the Montana Howlers, Rowan Matthiews had been given one of the ten Bernheim coaching rings in person in Canada, 1993. It was during his congratulatory party following his official instatement as CEO of the World Charity Fund, a common sponsor of the Furry Basketball Association after they had met and talked. In an interview, Rowan Matthiews mused that the ring was given as a reminder of the costs a father must pay in working the hardest he could be, alluding to Bernheim's relationship with his son and grandchild. While he did not explicitly state it, he only understood why he was given the ring much later when he began to argue with his own child, Cliff.

Upon his entry into Felidae Institute of Science and Technology's basketball team, Rowan had given the ring to Cliff to keep, which he held until his application into the FBA, where it was bought at a charity auction for a value of $1.000.000, the money given to fund the WCF's project of assisting the rehabilitation and rebuilding of regions still suffering the aftermath of the 2004 South-East Asia Tsunami.

FBA Career: 2010-2013

Joining the Alaska Arctics over additional offers by the Spokane Rapids and Williamsburg Minutemen for primary reasons being that it was closer to home and the residence of his uncle, ex-MVP Howler Andrew Lambert, the lynx spent most of his first year on reserve, finding limited playtime to accommodate the fact he was out of professional practice for three years while he worked in Nanaimo. His above average performance was often compared to Paul Schäfer of the Montana Howlers, another rookie in the same draft year, often building into a notable rivalry every time they competed with each other. After the first six months, Cliff slowly began to appear more and more often on the bench, supporting Kasa Yalenchka as point guard, or Leo Seppala as shooting guard, frequently trading places with Julia Fernández and Olya Gala.

Prior to his second year, Cliff organized the 2011 OAthletic-World Charity Fund Basketball Tournament and Fair in Montreal, Canada, which included several attractions for new potential draftees and current FBA veterans to participate and draw a crowd to raise funds to support relief efforts in earthquake-stricken Japan. While it was also a smashing success with food, drinks and attractions and stellar basketball performances by FBA players and potential draftees , Cliff was offered a 5-year contract for the Arctics just days before the event, which he accepted.

In his second year, Cliff's position on the bench was secure for his strong performance, with frequent forays into the starting line. His excellent drive and determination to compete with his own team and other players pushed him further to become a better player. He attributed most of his capabilities to the encouragement of the captain of the Alaska Arctics in 2011, Rodger Umaechi, with whom he had befriended and looked up to very much, often looking to him as a source of guidance and excellence. He also had developed his rivalry with Paul Schäfer further, along with Devon Kellendyne during this year, with fierce plays and moments of going digit-to-digit with each other ending in snarling, unprecedented plays and scores between them. During this year, Matthiews was said to be at a large climb, becoming a public figure for Arctics fans alongside Rodger, Kasa and Bobby Baylor. The year came to end in disaster, however, when poor decisions between head coach Vladmir Tabanov and controversial GM Feres Svenlocke had kept Rodger Umaechi benched during the 2011 Finals, causing a massive storm and the husky's demand to be traded off of the team for the next season, to which he was traded for Carl Esteban of the Albany Alphas. Arctics owner Boris Petrov fired Feres and Vladmir, as well.

The aftermath was devastating and it was evident in a cataclysmic third year. With a record for being one of the weakest teams in the 2012 season, the normally driven lynx had just lost his normal fire and ambition. The team remained more or less the same, with very few trades being made or improvements to fix the crippled group and faced one of their worst seasons. It wasn't until the following year that things started to pick up.

Andrew Lambert

Andrew Lambert, brother of Rowan Matthiews was Rookie of the Year (1976) and Most Valuable Player (1981) for the Montana Howlers. A strong, stoic figure in his team and often known to be very private, not much is known of his personal life. Since his retirement in 1982, Andrew has dropped off the radar entirely. He avoids interviews and the press, though he currently resides in his Anchorage home along with his nephew, Cliff, and is often drinking at bars along with his friends.

Initially, Cliff was often met with nights of confusion, if not anger to come home every day to a drunkard, husk of a legend who often took out his issues drunkenly at his nephew. Very guarded of his life, even to his kin, Andrew never divulged any information. Cliff granted him his privacy, and cherished the few moments he was tolerable and didn't leave the house or himself reeking of alcohol, finding him good, lovable family. It was only in his second season in the tumultuous and turbulent 2011 season when Cliff discovered more than he would have liked about his uncle. Driven by curiosity of his own alongside with strange happenings in Alaska, Cliff began to pry and search for details concerning his uncle alongside Reeve Alonse, looking for clues as to what had driven an accomplished FBA player to recluse. However, they were approached by an agent from Interpol, who was working with then-Arctics GM Feres Svenlocke who were investigating recent illegal sporting drug trades that had made their way to the professional tennis league by a drug cartel that might be linked to his uncle's past. The two felines were promptly told to abandon their efforts and leave it to professionals, and they ended their adventure there, begrudgingly.

While Cliff didn't hear the full story, he had received a note from Feres after the season had long ended and the ex-GM was fired - both things he had considered good news out of such a troublesome year - that the case surrounding his uncle, who had already been questioned and notified was closed. The younger lynx could tell his greymuzzled uncle had substantially improved, even if his drinking habit didn't entirely die off, he was often in better spirits. He might try and pry further one day, but it might never even be necessary.

FBA Career: Current

With the arrival of Dorian Dragomerov making several keystone changes to the group makeup and picking up new draftees Kilisimasi Fu'afu'a, Zack Tate and Alessandro Serra, veterans Doug Day, Mika Ziggler and Gary Ridge, letting go of Mark Ferramin and then trading Kasa Yalenchka, William Keen and Constantine Jones, the face of the Alaskan team had changed substantially. And through this overhaul, the team began their season strong and was in the division lead for a good haul, alongside with a later trade of Julia Fernández and Ziggler for Dayron DeBose and Ambrose Slade that only pushed them further up. It was during this overhaul Cliff began to find himself severely outclassed, often being called out by team members and the coach for his poor play. It was then he finally came to terms that he needed to rekindle his old fire, recalling that he didn't need Umaechi to show the lynx what striving for the top meant. Instead, he looked to his team and his rivals like he used to; rookies such as Travis Buckner, Scoonie Barrett and Zack Tate, and confiding in trusted veterans such as Bobby Baylor and Ambrose Slade, approaching them and understanding their drive to play, be it simple or complex.

Finding his old, determined self, Cliff was determined to change and take the reigns of his game and move forward once more.



When he's not in the game, Cliff tends to put a lot of time introspecting. Almost becoming an unhealthy habit, the lynx tends to fall into a lull in his thoughts and delve and overthink, especially when he becomes self-conscious of his own shortcomings. More than once, he's had to rely on a more cool and level-headed teammate to tell him to 'chill', a role previously filled by Julia Fernandez, though with her now off the team he's often looked to Zack Tate's happy-go-lucky thrill-seeking attitude to remind him that there are risks that can be taken and rolling with the punches is part of the process.


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