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The Commissioner of the FBA is the chief executive of the Furry Basketball Association. The current commissioner is Hugo Livingstone after he succeeded Stefan Calico on September 1, 2017.

In-Character Commissioners

The FBA's commissioners are portrayed by the following in-universe characters.

Ned Underwood (1961–1984)

Ned Underwood was the first president of the Furry Basketball Association and served from its founding in 1961 until 1984. Underwood was deeply inspired by the prey civil rights movements of the early 60's. His vision of an all-species, all-gender sports league was mocked by many in his day, but he pressed on, holding the first match in October of that year in a league of only six teams.

Sterne Davids (1984–2014)

Stefan Calico (2014-2017)

Hugo Livingstone (2017–present)


The real-life chief overseers of the project. Commissioners are elected from members of the existing League Committee as necessary to spearhead the FBA's collaborative nature. The persons appointed as commissioner and deputy commissioner occupy two slots on the league committee.

  • Buck Hopper (200x-2014)
  • Stevie Maxwell (2014-2017)
  • Rourkie (2017-present)