Crystal Davis

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Crystal Davis
(Cheetah, G)
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Illustrated by Marymouse
No. 32 – Williamsburg Minutemen
Position Guard
Species Cheetah ( Felidae )
Gender Female
Personal information
Born (1991-04-16) April 16, 1991 (age 29)
Huntsville, AL
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Listed weight 179 lb (81 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
FBA draft 2012 / Round: 1 / Pick: 4th overall
Selected by the Pittsburgh Keystones
Pro playing career 2012–present
Career history
2012-2013 Pittsburgh Keystones
2013-present Williamsburg Minutemen
Career highlights and awards
  • FBA All-Star x2 (2015-2016)
  • FBA Rookie All-Star (2013)
  • FBA Steal leader (2018)
Contract information
Contract year 2014
2020 Salary $8 million
2021 Salary $8 million
2022 Salary $8 million
2023 Salary $9 million
2024 Salary $9 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Unknown
(OOC) Creator Tobu - Adopted by BondoFox
(OOC) Actor Sam Gwosdz
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Crystal Davis is the starting shooting guard for the Williamsburg Minutemen.

Born in Huntsville, Alabama in 1991, to parents Jessica and Healey, Crystal practically had a basketball in her paws from day one. As Crystal grew up, Jessica took her to Mayors games so she saw her father play. She grew to love the sport intimately, learning about the ins and outs of strategy live and visiting her father and his Mayors teammates in the locker room. When Healey retired, the Davis family moved back to Chicago.

Crystal decided when she was eight that basketball what she wanted to do with her life. Her father showed her that basketball was a joyous thing, a sport that transcended politics and money. However, the second Crystal stepped on the court as an official part of a team, she immediately began to be compared to her father. Was she as good as her father? Was she even better? The questions intensified when Crystal developed spectacular crossovers, a perfectly touched jump shooter and a deep knowledge of the game. The pressures became so intense when she went through high school that she grew exhausted of the process. It was exacerbated when she was issued 23, her father's old number, which only increased the comparisons. Davis didn't resent her father for this; she loved him with all her heart. She just hated everything else.

It shocked the entire state when, after graduating, Davis announced that she would attend the Unifursity of Texas. Her reasoning was that she wanted to create her own path and blaze her own trail. However, she didn't say outright wanted to escape the shadow of her father, though she kept that private so as to not embarrass him.

Crystal's career grew exponentially while in college. Her roommate was sophomore Tina McCall, niece of former Williamsburg Minutemen player Karen McCall. The cheetah and fennec became fast friends with opposites attracting: Davis was confident and outgoing, while Tina was reserved and shy. Davis chose to wear 32 to honor her father and yet show others she was different. McCall wore 6 like her aunt Karen did before her.

One of the most treasured possessions of Crystal's is a shining clear crystal that her father gave her when she was five years old. Crystal decided to wear it as a necklace and carried that tradition onto the basketball court.

Davis was drafted fourth overall by the Pittsburgh Keystones. Despite her high pedigree, Davis didn't get much playing time her rookie season, averaging 2.8 points per game. After the season, Crystal was traded to the Williamsburg Minutemen for Silas Rand.

2013-14 Season

In the last exhibition game of the pre-season, Davis suffered an unfortunate injury when Edmoton's Siegfried Romanoren elbowed her in the mouth during a rebound attempt. One of her teeth was chipped and her jaw was hurt to the point where it had to be wired shut for a period of time.

Davis recovered from that injury and debuted to a 19-point performance in helping the Minutemen defeat the Newark Pride 113-94. Davis averaged 11.8 points per game and was tied for third on the team with 5.7 rebounds per game, taking an aggressive role as a third guard in the small forward slot.

After the season, Davis was courted by several teams in free agency: the Minutemen, Pride, Thrust and the new Seattle Summit. Despite the Thrust's offer of more money and the Summit's longer deal, Davis opted to remain with the Minutemen.

2014-15 Season

Davis enjoyed a career-best season as she scored 15.4 points per game and led the Minutemen with 6.4 assists per game, thanks to stepping in for Vera La Tiérra when the vixen suffered with injuries. Davis also seemed, professionally, to make a name for herself when she stepped up for the popular vixen. In the playoffs, Davis performed valiantly, garnering the team's only player of the game with their lone victory.