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Desdemona 'Desi' Iverson is a forward currently playing for the Bangor Tides.

Desdemona Iverson
(Yellow Perch, F)
DesdemonaIverson pbasic.png
Art by Pac
No. 2 – Bangor Tides
Position Forward
Species Yellow Perch ( Percidae )
Gender Female
Personal information
Born 12/3/1998
Black Bay, ON
Nationality Canadian
Listed height 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)
Listed weight 243 lb (110 kg)
Shoots Left
Career information
School University of Eastern Ontario
FBA draft 2018 / Round: 1 / Pick: 13th overall
Selected by the Edmonton Totems
Pro playing career 2018–present
Career history
2018-present Bangor Tides
Career highlights and awards
Contract information
Contract year 2020
2020 Salary $3 million
2021 Salary $9.5 million
2022 Salary $10 million
2023 Salary $10.5 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Somebody, probably
(OOC) Creator TriangleDelta
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use


Desdemona Iverson is from the city of Black Bay, Ontario. Situated on the North shore of Lake Superior, Black Bay is one of a few ecotonal (or as the aquatic community calls them, translittoral) communities along the coastline of the Great Lakes. The city extends both up onto land and into the water, with the populations of the two zones interacting and building off of each others' industries. Desdemona herself was born into the aquatic zone of Black Bay, and that was where she grew up.

Assigned male at birth, Desdemona was a terror to her teachers. Desdemona had that dangerous combination of a sharp intellect, intense curiosity, and absolutely no dedication or attention span. She would flit from hobby to hobby, and lose interest in them as soon as she started developing any real skill in them. Some teachers ran themselves ragged attempting to keep her interested during class, but many just gave up. Desdemona never felt quite right in her skin, and at this time she was already aware that she didn't feel 'right.'

Desdemona's mother, former touring musician Cali Sainte-Claire, eventually had some minor success in getting her daughter to focus by teaching her to play piano. For a short while, this managed to make the high-strung Desdemona mellow out a bit. She even started a band with a few friends, the very-much-named-by-a-teenager 'Glitterbendz.' I…

…Okay, look, I'm a sports agent, not a musical agent. I don't get music. Desi once described this band to me as, "Punk, but like a pop punk band that spent a month straight listening to glam metal and then shotgunned a Big Gulp cup of glitter." I… yeah, I don't get it. The EP she played for me sounded like a bunch of teenagers yelling in a basement. But I guess it made her happy, so who cares? Throughout it all, though, Desdemona still felt like something was off. As she got older and learned more about the world, she began questioning her gender identity. Performing with her friends felt good, but she couldn't deny that much of her enjoyment came from the excuse to freely experiment with her appearance as part of the band.

Ultimately, it was the split zones of her city that allowed Desdemona the opportunity she needed to truly experiment with her gender. In her early teenage years, the curious perch started going up onto the land, where her aquatic peers only rarely visited. There, she quickly fell in with a group of young people that would meet up at a local court to play basketball. The completely new environment and new group of peers, along with an anatomy that was unfamiliar to the mammals and avians that made up most of the group, gave her the chance to remake herself. She introduced herself to the group as 'Desdemona', and began meeting up with the group to play with them and safely test her gender.

It's unclear whether it was her newfound love of basketball that drove her to experiment more with presenting as female, or the availability of a space to be Desdemona that made her throw herself so fully into basketball. What is clear is that over the next few years of her life, Desdemona's short attention span managed to focus itself fully on basketball. Her many side interests fell away, to the point where she even started letting her musical training slip. Whenever she had a chance, she was up and out of the water, playing with others or practicing at the empty court. Her skill gradually increased, and she began growing more comfortable with how her body moved on the land. Throughout it all, she let herself present more and more openly as female while on dry land.

In 2016, Desdemona put her name in for Nohea Holokai's H2O tournament, and was accepted. There, she was able to make enough of an impression to draw the attention of scouts that otherwise might have passed over a northern Ontario town. On the weight of her performance there, she was offered a scholarship to the University of Eastern Ontario. She attended the school, and there she had the chance to fully present as her chosen gender. Though still a lover of live music and raucous parties, she spent the year dedicating herself seriously to basketball. Her skill and dedication soon led to her taking on a starting position on the school's team.

That said, in many ways, Desdemona is still that kid who got bored whenever she started getting comfortable. When the opportunity came to throw in her hat for the 2018 draft, she didn't hesitate. She knew exactly what she wanted, and she was willing to reach out and grab it.


A general content warning: Desdemona's stories do not portray actual scenes of transphobia. They do contain unspecific references to experiences of past transphobia, and portray a character reacting to these experiences after the fact and considering the possibility of transphobia in reaction to her actions.

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