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The FCAA tournament is a yearly event consisting of 64 of the nations best college basketball teams duking it out for the honor of calling themselves National Champions!

2019 Tournament

Top Players:

Winchester University

  • Catt Tolsino “Bunny” (Point Guard)
  • Lauren Dunphy “Yellow Mongoose” (Shooting Guard)
  • Lisa Dunphy “Yellow Mongoose” (Shooting Guard)
  • Jacquelynn Turnbull "Hyena" (Center)

Furniversity Southern California

  • Elisa Wicksburg “Black-Footed Ferret” (Point Guard)


  • Harmonie Okayu “Rhinoceros” (Shooting Guard/Small Forward)

Arlington Predator College

  • Tory Marron “Pampas Fox” (Point Guard)

Rochambeau University

  • Laurence St. Martin “Fisher” (Power Forward/Center)

New York Carnivore/Predator University

  • Ciro Rosales “Ocelot” (Center)
  • Luis Calderon “Mexican Wolf” (Center)

Sacramento Valley State University

  • Cypress Caldwell “American/Pine Marten” (Point Guard)
  • Luke Cullen “African Civet” (Shooting Guard/Small Forward)

Chicago Bay

  • Connor McQuaid “Appaloosa” (Power Forward)

Pinion State University

  • Demetria Balogh “Kuvasz” (Point Guard/ Shooting Guard)

Southwestern State University

  • Liana Cross “American Sable-Rabbit” (Point Guard)

Painted State University

  • Cameron Oliver “Prairie Dog” (Small Forward)

University of Norwood

  • Evan Cross “American Sable-Rabbit” (Shooting Guard)

Mustelid Michigan University

  • Jerel Wynn “Skunk” (Guard)
  • Zoe Spievak “Marbled Polecat” (Guard)
  • Olivier Mafutabangi Dimbisi “African Striped Weasel” (Forward)
  • Zaire Tipton “River Otter” (Forward)
  • Damon Miele “Honey Badger” (Center)

Avian University of Hawaii at M'noa (Unranked)

  • Alohi Korenzo "Peregrine Falcon" (Point Guard)

Underwood College

  • Connie Cloverleaf "Rabbit" (Point Guard)
  • Fitch Loomis "California Ground Squirrel" (Shooting Guard)

Maine Interspecies University

  • Tameeka Jetson “Black Panther/Jaguar Hybrid” (Shooting Guard/Small Forward)

Harvaardwak University

  • Jacky Lemon "Lynx" (Point Guard)

School Rankings and Results:

FCAA Champion: Winchester University

FCAA MVP:Laurence St. Martin

(OOC) Best Bracket Winner: Patrick Coyote

Game Locations:

Past Winners

2014: Canis State

  • Canis State beat Underwood College in a close match up in the final.

2015: Phoenix

  • Phoenix beat BIU in close game of 86 to 85.