Garland Kaye Ulysses

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Garland Kaye Ulysses
(White Lion, G)
Flag us.png
No. 00 – Pittsburgh Keystones
Position Guard
Species White Lion ( Felidae )
Gender Male
Personal information
Born (2000-03-24) March 24, 2000 (age 20)
Orlando, FL
Listed height 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Listed weight 171 lb (78 kg)
Shoots Right-handed
Career information
School Pensacola Predatorial & Mechanical
FBA draft 2019 / Round: 1 / Pick: 2nd overall
Selected by the Pittsburgh Keystones
Pro playing career 2019–present
Career history
2019 - present Pittsburgh Keystones
Contract information
Contract year 2019
2020 Salary $5 million
2021 Salary $5 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent HoVoLogo Mini.png
(OOC) Creator ShotgunKid
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use


In 2000, Garland Kaye Ulysses was born to Whiterose Kaye and Thor Kaye, a pair of lower-class workers living in the suburbs of Orlando. Life was stressful, as they juggled alternating shifts and changed jobs often to be able to stay by his side. Though their parenting was capable, and he grew up shielded from some hardships, the couple was still desperate to escape the poverty trap. Garland himself grew up insecure, being rejected from most circles in his environmment from almost the beginning. The consequential low status gave him a very deep-seated thirst for recognition and praise.

Being intellectually-oriented, of course, his first outlet was academics and video gaming. A geek and an able learner, he threw himself wholeheartedly at what little his meager school could afford. Yet although he received acclaim after acclaim for his model performance, the few scholarships sent his way wouldn't be enough to send him to any good university. Into his pre-teen years, his mother began to look for other solutions in desperation. While he developed a taste for competitive gaming with the infamous Jungle Gear fighting game series, and managed to fall in with the local scene as a child prodigy, his parents ignored it. After all, there were no scholarships for soloing your local buddies at JG XX Inflection Nucleus. Having noted the high likelihood for male basketball players in school and highschool to move onto college and even professional playing, she began by sending him to coaching.

While primary and middle school studies were total pushovers for Garland, athletics turned out to be the first real challenge in his life alongside his old pursuit of owning everyone he met at JG. Just as it began to reach a crescendo, though, with his daring escapades in-game becoming more and more the talk of the Southeastern fighting game community, it started to turn out that he had something of a knack for basketball as well. Encouraged by trainers, coaches and parents, he rapidly progressed in physical skill at the sport, although he never paid much mind to the strategy in those days. The turning point came shortly before entering high school.

When Garland was 13, he had already acquired a reputation among the gaming community. So far, his parents had allowed him to practice JG play even as they believed it cut into the time he could be using to become better at basketball instead. But at his largest-ever tournament, just on the cusp of being able to upstage a longstanding regional champion, he was dragged off by his parents; a coach from the school he was planning to go to wanted to see him in action. And that he did, and while it guaranteed Garland's entry into the high school level, he also lost his chance to start playing eSports at a higher level from there on as coursework and baseball practice climbed in the time it demanded. Despite his protests, he was forbidden to ever get back into competition, and the rift between him and his parents has remained ever since.

While Garland still reserved some of his free time to keep up with his favorite franchises, he never did manage to regain any standing with the game community. Though he was eventually reassured by a particularly skilled coach that it was the right decision to pursue a pro athletic career, the lion still carries the deep, repressed resentment within himself. Full-time, he threw his efforts at learning the strategy of the sport at a deeper level and seizing every advantage he could, and during his high school days his play hit stunning, meteoric heights that assured a full-ride scholarship the moment the FCAA noticed him.

In the heat of matches, many of his opponents described his style as almost being machinelike, or even feeling a sense that his motion was flawless. However, there were not a few instances where he slipped up and an opponent caught him unprepared, or where he became so entranced in the flow of the game that he misjudged a movement and experienced an injury, though never a major one obviously.

College was a rockier time; the coursework was actually difficult, the game more complex and the opponents much closer to him in skill. He did his best to grit his teeth and avoid lashing out, now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel: a pro career as a reward for all he'd sacrificed in all these years.

Compared to everything he'd done up until now, it was breakneck, and almost too much to handle at times. His old console was always ready to welcome him back, and the new installments of the Jungle Gear series were a relief. It brought back bittersweet memories, though, and the time consumption meant his fighting game skill fell by the wayside. In the meantime, he tried to cover up his regrets by drinking in the glory, fame, and selection in companions of a successful college athlete. By the time the FBA scouts came along, it felt almost like a fait accompli.