Harrison York

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Harrison York
(Martial Eagle, F/C)
No. 34 – Baltimore Spirits
Position Bigfur
Species Martial Eagle ( Accipitridae )
Gender Male
Personal information
Born Palmcaster, CO
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 11 in (2.11 m)
Listed weight 285 lb (129 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
School Palmcaster CSU
FBA draft 2015 / Round: 1 / Pick: 23rd overall
Selected by the Huntsville Mayors
Pro playing career 2015–present
Career history
2015-2019 Huntsville Mayors
2019-"present" Baltimore Spirits
Career highlights and awards
  • FBA Rookie All-Star (2016)
Contract information
Contract year 2017
2020 Salary $9 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Unknown
(OOC) Creator Thwaitesy
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Harrison is the second son of sporting couple Scott and Marianne York. Both former professional Soccer players who met initially as rivals on separate teams until Marianne was traded to Scott's. From there their respect for each others skills grew to friendship and eventually love.

Their first son, Carl, was born out of wedlock and Harrison five years later after they married.

It is important to note that while Harrison and his older brother were surrounded by sports mementos and memorabilia, neither were pushed to follow sports by their parents, instead it was a conscious choice made by the two young eagles.

Once they reached the age to play sports they were each allowed to choose what they wanted to play. Carl chose to play Hockey which was closer to soccer then most others plus he always had a strong love for Ice and Ice skating. When Harrison's time came he told his parents he needed some time, they agreed to give him as much time as he needed after all it was his decision.

Then began the Summer vacation and Harrison spent the first week searching his soul to try and find out what sport he wanted to play. The decision did not come easy.

There were so many sports that he was good at and so many he loved. Late one night he went down stairs into the living room with his arms full of dvd's of different games from different sports from Soccer to Baseball and more. He watched them one by one half way through he came to a basketball game and put it in. Once the second quarter began and the players took to the court again, something sparked in him and before he knew it he was shouting and cheering at the top of his lungs like he was there at the game. The noise of course woke everyone in the house. Scott came followed by his wife and even Carl and all were surprised to see the source of the commotion. Harrison standing on the sofa arms in the air cheering like his life depended on it as the second half continued. They all joined him and after the game ended Harrison looked to his mother and father and told them that he had finally decided he wanted to play Basketball, to which his father humorously commented with prideful tears in his eyes "You always were one to do things differently"

From that moment Harrison knew that he didn't just want to play Basketball, he felt more like he Had to, like he needed to, somehow he felt it was what he was put on this planet to do.

Harrison already attended the best schools, and now he had found his direction in life he eagerly took part in basketball, he was looking to play as a Point guard and did for a while and was good at it, then he started growing taller. Eventually it was decided that he was better suited for the Power Forward position.

It was difficult at first, Harrison was too used to playing as a Point guard and had difficulty adjusting to the new roll thrust upon him due to his height. During this time of adjustment his game did suffer and his points per game did fall noticeably, but once he got more and more used to his new position his stats began to gradually increase to their original, impressive, level.

After graduating from High school Harrison was accepted into Palmcaster CSU with a full basketball scholarship earned from years of hard work and dedication.

Now at his full height of 6' 11" Harrison was instantly placed in the PF position by the Shinobis' ageing coach Jacob Quinn. Quinn retired when his wife sadly passed away one night in her sleep so a new coach was needed. Fortunately the school had been scouting replacements at Jacobs request. He was soon replaced by two renowned coaches Oswald Tozer AND Abbadon Muldoon. The new coaches saw the sense in their predecessor's judgement and kept Harrison where he was. Tozer however could also sense that the Martial Eagle had more potential then was being used and so he and Muldoon pushed Harrison that much harder. There faith was rewarded with a five win streak thanks to Harrison. After that they made the decision to make him the team captain. Being the one who not only worked the hardest on the court but also to keep the team in top shape.