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HoVo Management is a sports agency founded by Luke Hopper and Vincent Vos in the summer of 2019.


Luke Hopper
Co-founder. Focuses on FBA contracts, dealing with general managers and coaches.
Vincent Vos
Co-founder. Focuses on endorsement deals, marketing campaigns, and promotional events.
Jacob Smith
Hired on one month into the business after rapid success forced Luke and Vince to get extra help. Brought his own clients into HoVo, works with them separately but with agency support.


Thea Marson
Secretary. Manages the office. Also plays incredibly good basketball.
Scott Paulichek
League Analyst. Former FBA player, now tours the FBA facilities, meeting with players, keeping track of events around the league and the situation of HoVo clients.


With the hiring of Jacob Smith, HoVo has begun assigning lead agents to each client. While the lead agent is ultimately responsible for the client, the other agents at HoVo provide support and can assist as needed. Also, clients will be moved to new lead agents as needed or as requested by clients.

Clients assigned to Luke Hopper

  1. Ryan Malone (Kangaroo, G) - Biloxi Voodoo
  2. Leon Delmont (Cougar, G) - Seattle Summit
  3. Crosby Sutters (Genet, F/C) - Las Vegas Wildcards
  4. Tino Hazari (Dhole, G) - Santa Fe Whips
  5. Tory Marrón (Pampas Fox, G) - Plymouth Taproots
  6. Arther Selby (Rabbit, F/G) - Tennessee Moonshiners
  7. Ash Van Zant (Raccoon, F/G) - Bangor Tides
  8. Fitch Loomis (California Ground Squirrel, G) - Lorain Firestorm
  9. Andrew McDonald-Rainbow (Australian Magpie, G) - Lorain Firestorm

Clients assigned to Vincent Vos

  1. Tyler Conley (Husky, F) - Tallahassee Typhoons
  2. Nigel Conway (Cacomistle, F/G) - Texas Lone Stars
  3. Ogun Okayu (Rhinoceros, C/F) - Alaska Arctics
  4. Trevor Cruz (Painted Bat, G/F) - Plymouth Taproots
  5. Ivie Robins (Great Dane, C) - Las Vegas Wildcards
  6. Barnaby Dunbroch (Grizzly Bear, C) - Montana Howlers
  7. Xavier Cross (Maned Wolf, G) - Las Vegas Wildcards
  8. Lisa Dunphy (Yellow Mongoose, G/F) - Las Vegas Wildcards
  9. Lauren Dunphy (Yellow Mongoose, G/F) - Las Vegas Wildcards

Clients assigned to Jacob Smith

  1. Terry O’Toole (Irish Wolfhound, F/G) - Albany Alphas
  2. Narkissa Kassius (Ringtail Lemur, G) - Albany Alphas
  3. Alexa Franchesca (Black Panther, F/G) - Williamsburg Minutemen
  4. Lisa Belle DuPont (Yellow-Necked Mouse, G) - Las Vegas Wildcards
  5. Mathieu Dupuis (Golden Jackal, F) - Huntsville Mayors
  6. Garland Kaye Ulysses (White Lion, G) - Pittsburgh Keystones
  7. Tara Albins (Thylacine, F) - Tallahassee Typhoons
  8. Connor McQuaid (Appaloosa, F) - Seattle Summit
  9. James Caliber (German Shepherd, G) - Winnipeg Voyageurs



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