Jeremy Goodnight

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Jeremy Goodnight
(Coyote, G)
No. 1 – Tallahassee Typhoons
Position Guard
Species Coyote ( Canidae )
Gender Male
Personal information
Born Milan, NM
Listed height 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Listed weight 206 lb (93 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
College Underwood College
FBA draft 2017 / Undrafted
Pro playing career 2017–present
Career history
2017-2018 Arizona Whips
2018-present Tallahassee Typhoons
Contract information
Contract year 2019
2020 Salary $1 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Unknown
(OOC) Creator Christaphorac
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use


"My life’s been a movie. More of a Lifetime flick than a big blockbuster. Some family dysfunction, little homelessness, dramatic climax with my bros and me hitting it lucky with our dads, and a big, mushy ending where I get accepted to college and everyone’s crying. Think of how great the sequel’s gonna be!”

It would be both a cliche and an understatement to say that Jared Jeremy Goodnight had a tough childhood. Born Jeremy Eddy in Milan, New Mexico, he was a Native coyote in a predominantly non-Native town. Despite possessing self-confidence, creativity, a knack for quick thinking, and no shame in expressing his emotions, he also dealt with hyperactivity, attention-deficit issues, and a lack of coordination – describing himself as ""the fat kid who tripped on air"". He didn't fit in at home or in school, and endured escalating abuse in both places until finally hitting the streets at age 12. A few months and 58 miles later, in Gallup, he befriended two fellow homeless boys who became his closest comrades. After the three were adopted by a public health worker when Jeremy was 14, these friends became his siblings.

In spite of his less-than-stellar coordination, Jeremy was always physically active. Once he found himself in a stable environment, he began playing basketball with his younger adoptive brother – current Wyoming Ranger Simon Lee (SG, gerbil). ""My little brother coulda been a real punk about how often I kissed the driveway when we’d one-on-one, but he was real cool and let me have fun” Jeremy reminisces. “We did that long enough for me to learn a thing or two...” He also learned to swim and took up martial arts, the latter proving to be a great outlet for his repressed frustrations about life. At 16, his aspirations turned musical – first singing in Simon’s rock band and then learning to play the drums. “In a weird way, that was one of the most athletic things I’d ever done” he explains. “Drumming for hours at a time’s an underappreciated form of cardio.”

School was full of unpleasant associations for the coyote, so he never re-enrolled and instead worked alongside his new father as a public health agent while pursuing a G.E.D. He might’ve avoided college entirely were it not for one of his homeless peers getting accepted on an athletic scholarship. With his older brother Watson already attending Underwood College, this revelation tipped the scales for Jeremy and he was off to UDub, becoming a freshman at 19.

A late developer at 5'9"" who'd barely played any high-level basketball, Jeremy's game was as raw as they come. Nevertheless, he had a high motor and was good at firing up the crowd and his teammates. He was also very good with assists, possibly out of necessity. His weight was still an issue, though he constantly worked to improve his coordination. He had a knack for sneaking into the paint to pass or take shots over defenders.

Nevertheless, his ascent through the basketball team's roster was slow, partly due to events beyond his control. He was a freshman during Underwood's 2013 FCAA Championship win, but when he applied in the following year, the starters and the sixth man were the only team members enjoying much time on the court. As such, Jeremy didn't make much progress until the 2014-2015 season - his third year, when he finally reached his eventual height of 6'. His self-confidence and diligence placed him in good stead, to say nothing of his ability to work the crowd and entertain his teammates. These teammates include stellar court companions like Jeremiah Asenta, Christian Ashbury...and, of course, his brother Simon Lee.

“Simon and I have history, and we’ll always have a kind of unspoken understanding on the court, but the other guys and me are creating a whole ‘nother connection based on teamwork” Mr. Goodnight stated in 2015. “Jeremiah’s great; he’s a total boss. And I just get Christian. Really, the whole team’s looking really good."

"Where does Jeremy stand in 2017? Well, his overall offensive package is still a work in progress, but he knows it. His body-language is a bit unpolished, and he'll need time to grow into the rigors of full-time point guard duties. He's not the quickest player but knows how to leverage his size, strength, energy, and tenacity to get the ball all the way to the finish. His full-court awareness and how he utilizes it to the team's benefit is another strong point. He's also a talented passer, an improving jump-shooter, and an active rebounder. This past season, he's been working on diversifying his game and improving his shot selection. He's been a hard-nosed and aggressive defender for the past two seasons, particularly on the perimeter, where he's been a bother to many a point guard. Never one to fade into the background, he's still learning how to help when the ball isn't in his hands. That said, he's demonstrated above-average ability as a weak side shot-blocker.

Jeremy possesses immense potential as an effective playmaker and energy guy who gets his teammates and fans fired up. Jeremy's own take on himself? "Among all the awesome, talented guys on our team, *I* am indisputably and without of them.”

The coyote then burst out laughing."

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