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&#149;[[Story:I've Been Thinking|I've Been Thinking  (Lisa talks to her father about other potential family)  11/14/2019]]</br>
&#149;[[Story:I've Been Thinking|I've Been Thinking  (Lisa talks to her father about other potential family)  11/14/2019]]</br>
'''Fed Up'''</br>
'''Fed Up'''</br>
Lisa holds a press conference regarding the scar on her neck - 03/10/2019</br>
Lisa holds a press conference regarding the scar on her neck - 03/10/2019</br>
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Featuring the following cast:
Featuring the following cast:
* Lisa Belle DuPont - [[User:Shataivian|Shataivian]]
* Lisa Belle DuPont - [[User:Shataivian|Shataivian]]
== <B>Gallery</B> ==
== <B>Gallery</B> ==

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Lisa Belle DuPont
(Yellow-Necked Mouse, PG)
Lisa Pin-up.png
Illustration by Shataivian
No. 93 – Las Vegas Wildcards
Position Guard
Species Yellow-Necked Mouse ( Muridae )
Gender Female
Lis (pronounced Lees)
Lab Mouse
Lab Rat
Personal information
Born (1995-12-26) December 26, 1995 (age 24)
Bronx, NY
Nationality American
Listed height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Listed weight 158 lb (72 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
High school Eagle Academy (2014)

Sauropsida University (2018)

UFLA (currently)
FBA draft 2018 / Round: 1 / Pick: 12th overall
Selected by the Las Vegas Wildcards
Pro playing career 2018–present
Career history
2018-present Las Vegas Wildcards
2020 Salary $3 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Jacob Smith (Stryker)
(OOC) Creator Shataivian
(OOC) Actor Shataivian
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use


Lisa DuPont grew up an only child in Bronx, New York where basketball was a means for father-daughter bonding. While still only an infant her parents had divorced with her father taking full custody. Because of this DuPont grew up rather quickly, often taking time to take care of both herself and her father, anything to lighten the load for a man with a broken heart. However, not wanting DuPont to miss out on her childhood her father tried his best to engage and have fun with her, thus her love for basketball began to bud. Her father would meet DuPont at her junior high school’s courtyard most days after school and challenge her to a game of one on one, usually with the reward of Badger King or Steerbucks if she beat him. Unfortunately, Mr. DuPont had to learn the hard way what a mistake his little challenge would be on his wallet (and their stomachs) as his daughter picked up the sport in no time at all. By the time DuPont finished junior high school she had found a great love for the sport, often running circles around her old man.

Lisa DuPont had realized her skill, and with that, a fiery determination to take her love to new heights. She would eventually learn how literal her ambition was. Not shy to facing challenges head on she applied and was accepted to the illustrious Eagle Academy, a previously all-avian college preparatory high school in Manhattan, with aspirations of becoming a Golden Eagle. The school, however, new to accepting a broader demographic, was hesitant in accepting DuPont onto their basketball team due to her size and physical disadvantages when compared to the avian members of the team. DuPont had also decided to focus heavily on the sciences which Eagle Academy’s coach D’Souza warned would make keeping up with the rest of the team while maintaining a satisfactory grade point average extremely challenging for her. DuPont, however, was acutely aware that she did not hear the word “no” from D’Souza. Her entire freshman year was stubbornly spent focusing on her studies and practicing in the gym. Whenever she could DuPont would peak through the windows while the team was practicing and attended all their games all while taking notebooks worth of notes and ideas for her to use during her private practices. At the start of her sophomore year she went to coach D’Souza and her principal, Mr. Mason, and told them everything she had done the previous year. She implored them that they allow her on the team as she felt she not only could keep up with the team but also had ideas on how to help improve the team. Impressed, D’Souza and Mason agreed to let her participate in practice and discuss her ideas with the rest of the team, but it would not be until her junior year, after she had proven she indeed could handle keeping up with practice while maintain a grade point average above 3.5, that she would officially be considered a Golden Eagle. D’Souza was no doubt inspired by DuPont’s determination and ambition as she was pushed to keep up with the rest of the team. This included strict workout regiments strengthening her legs to help her to jump as high as the rest of the team who had the advantage of using the one-flap rule. He grew to become very proud of her and helped nurture this fire in DuPont but knew she had much to learn if she wanted to continue down this path.

In 2014, Lisa graduated valedictorian and received a glowing recommendation from her teachers and, of course, coach D’Souza to his alma mater, Sauropsida, a predominately avian and reptilian university. In familiar fashion DuPont majored in biochemistry despite her advisor’s warnings of the difficulties of balancing academics and athletics. Though her ambitious had stayed the same as she transition from high school to college, she would find that both college academics and athletics would be on a completely different level than what she was used to. DuPont had to remember her coach’s advice to her before she left Eagle Academy. “Girl, you’ve got the drive and you’re stubborn as all get out,” D’Souza told DuPont, “but let me tell you. You’re going to get 99.9% of your learning outside of those textbooks and classrooms. University will chew you up and spit you out and hold your weaknesses over your head, and there will always be someone fighting harder than you, fighting against you. You are more than what you are. Adapt, Lisa. Grow and give ‘em hell.” A hard lesson for an eighteen-year-old to learn, but one DuPont took to heart. DuPont joined the chess club, became the president of the Fur vs. Zombies activity group, and took classes like archery to strengthen her problem solving, leadership, and perceptive skills. These were all skills she needed to compete with some of her reptilian competitors on the basketball court.

Lisa DuPont grow immensely throughout her college career and her experiences have greatly influenced and improved her skills on the court. She has showed great leadership on and off the court and developed creative means of problem solving as one would during a chess match. Thanks to her experiences and training both at Sauropsida and Eagle Academy DuPont can also jump incredibly high, giving her avian cohorts a run for their money. Her time spent with some of Sauropsida’s reptilian athletes along with her extracurricular activities, too, have proven to expand her perceptive abilities on the court, allowing her to better calculate how to get the ball where it needs to be. DuPont has always been up to the challenge no matter what they may bring. Having just graduated in May of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry and a grade point average 3.94, DuPont has proven she is willing and very much capable of achieving whatever goal she sets her sights for. Lisa DuPont has shown time and time again that no matter what obstacle may come her way she will adapt, she will grow, and she will absolutely give ‘em hell.


David Avellino DuPont

David is Lisa's father. He lives in Bronx New York. He is the owner of many lounges throughout the country. He was born in Mont de Marsan France and immigrated to America with his parents when he was an infant. David grew up an only child.

Sandrine Denise Malone

Sandrine is Lisa's mother and David's ex wife. They divorced right after Lisa was born. Her maiden name is Vaux, but she has since remarried and is now Sandrine Malone.

Eric (Johnson) Janovski

Eric is David's best friend from childhood. The two became business partners where Eric would run a pub in Seattle and exclusively sell local drafts to David in New York. Eric is considered family for how long he's been in Lisa's and David's lives.

Melissa Williams

Melissa is David's old crush whom he never got to be with. Lisa is named after her. She has three children. This include Omar, the first born who convinced Lisa's mother to have a child, and a set of twins, one of which (Jake) David forced into a relationship with Lisa so that he could be closer to Melissa.

Jason Scott Micheals

Jason is a friend of Lisa's from college whom she developed strong feelings for. He is doing his residency in Seattle to become a neurological surgeon. Jason had recently reconnected with his father after not hearing from him in over two decades.

Sharice Micheals

Sharice is Jason's wife who is pregnant (due September 2019). Jason believes she is cheating on him and that this child is not his, though there is no proof either way.

Damario Panagakos

Damario is a psychiatrist based in Las Vegas. He is currently Lisa's boyfriend. He is interested in wrestling and body building.

Story Summaries

August 2018 - August 2019



Grandma's Famous Gumbo (Lisa and Alexa get to know each other) 08/27/2018
Lisa and Jacob Signing (Lisa signs Jacob on as her agent and asks him to keep her secret) 09/06/2018
Phone Call Home (Lisa calls her dad for the first time in four years to help Eric's business) 09/14/2018
Phone Call (Lisa gets an apology from her agent) 09/17/2018
Spread Thin (Lisa calls her agent to discuss her worries about him not giving her equal attention) 09/26/2018
Dad Comes To Visit (Lisa's father shows up unannounced to try and fix four years of frustration and turmoil) 10/14/2018
Seattle Reign (Lisa's best friend surprises her by coming to her Seattle game and later gets a new opportunity) 11/06/2018
Talent Versus Numbers (Lisa askes Theo for help with her game after only scoring 6 points their last game) 12/14/2018
The Talk: Part 1 (Lisa goes home for Christmas with the plan to talk to her father about what happened to her) 12/23/2018
The Talk: Part 2 (Lisa tries to ask her father where she can find her mother, and looks for her birth certificate) 12/24/2018
Back To Seattle (Lisa and her friend Jason go to check on her uncle after the Pub had closed) 01/21/2019
Dominoes Part 1: The Call (Lisa gets a call from her friend Jason and is asked to come over, leaving in a rush) 02/13/2019
Dominoes Part 2: The Walk (Lisa's friend explains to her what happened between him and his wife) 02/14/2019
Dominoes Part 3: The Panic (Lisa doesn't have anything to cover the scar on her neck for tonight's game) 02/15/2019
Dominoes Part 4: The Rescue (Lisa's friend and father fly over to help her through what happened) 02/16/2019
Dominoes Epilogue (Lisa's friend is confronted with the truth about his wife) 02/17/2019
Scars (Lisa asks Emina how to handle having scars in public) 03/06/2019
On Edge (Lisa is caught on the edge of her balcony railing by her father) 03/24/2019
Devil's Lounge (Lisa and her father meet up with Eric at the new Devil's Lounge) 04/02/2019
Consider It (Lisa's friend asks her to spend the summer with him training) 04/22/2019
Boxing Ring (Lisa's goes to train with her friend and makes a stand) 05/08/2019
Phone Call From Home (Lisa's get's a call from her father after stating online that she's found her mother) 06/05/2019
What Are We? (Lisa sits down with Damario as they try to figure out their relationship) 07/15/2019


Crossroads (Jason fights for Lisa after an explicit photo of her and Damario gets shared) 09/22/2019
Him or Me (Lisa and Jason talk about who she will choose to be with) 10/25/2019
Criminal Conversation (Lisa tells her father over the phone that she is being sued) 11/04/2019
Proposal (Lisa meets with Sharice to settle the lawsuit in private) 11/09/2019
I've Been Thinking (Lisa talks to her father about other potential family) 11/14/2019


Fed Up
Lisa holds a press conference regarding the scar on her neck - 03/10/2019
Featuring the following cast: