Marcus Knight

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Marcus Knight
(River Otter, G)
Marcus knight.jpg
Illustrated by Foxenawolf
No. 24 – Texas Lone Stars
Position Guard
Species River Otter ( Mustelidae )
Gender Male
Position strengths
Personal information
Born Chicago, IL
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Listed weight 189 lb (86 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
School Chicago Bay Private School
FBA draft 2013 / Undrafted
Pro playing career 2013–present
Career history
2013- Texas Lone Stars
Career highlights and awards
  • FBA Rookie All-Star (2014)
  • FBA Rookie All-Star Game MVP (2014)
Contract information
Contract year 2014
2020 Salary $6.5 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Thwaitesy
(OOC) Creator Unknown
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use


Marcus Knight was born to Martin and Jessica Knight, they loved their son with every inch of their being. And for Five years they were happy. One day however, while Martin and Jessica were on their way to pick up Marcus from Kindergarten they were killed when a drowsy Truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and hit their car at full speed, they never knew what hit them. All this happened the day after Marcus' Fifth birthday.

Marcus was then sent to live with his only living relative. His Grandmother, Elmyra Dodd. She was a kind old lady and she loved her grandson as much as her Daughter and Son-in-law did. Despite the attention she gave him he missed his Mom and Dad. This happiness too, did not last. Six years later Elymra suffered a sudden Heat attack and died. Marcus was terrified that he would be blamed and remembering what His grandma had told him about her bad experience with Orphanages He ran away, but not before taking a Book about camping he got for his seventh birthday. The Book taught him how to survive, and is what kept him Alive on the street for a month.

Shortly after that first month on the street, Marcus found himself in an unknown part of town. He had been living off of raiding trash cans and unobservant Food vendors who just did not notice the 11 year old Otter taking food from their stall. Marcus had found a secure place to "live" in an ally way where very few furs went, Marcus could never figure out why but he didn't care, he could light a fire and cook his pilfered food in peace. One day however he was woken by the sudden sound of voices as a group of rough looking furs made their way down his ally, as it turns out the reason no fur went down there was because it was part of the territory of a notorious drug gang. They discovered Marcus in his little hovel made out a small plastic Skip he had found near a restaurant. Some of them thought to drive him off their turf while the majority of the group decided that he would be useful to their business and so Marcus was taken into the gang and a year later the decided to make it official and put him through the initiation, part of which involved cutting his left shoulder four times.

Two years passed, Marcus was now fulfilling his role within the gang as the Runner. It was his job to ferry the produce to the dealers, then to take the gangs share of the money back to the Gangs den. it was during this time that Marcus discovered that the gang had a Radio. Marcus had never been so happy, finally a form of entertainment to chase away the utter boredom of the days when he wasn't doing his duty. The first time he turned it on he didn't care what he listened too even a gardening show. One night he was sifting through channels and then suddenly he came to one that had a lot of cheering and excited talking so he tuned in properly and found he was listening to a FBA Game. He was instantly enthralled. Then the Commentators began mentioning a certain player who had just made a impressive Basket, Shane Rufus. The mention of the fact that Shane was an Ex-con awoke a spark within the Otter...If this Shane Rufus could turn his life around, then so could He. Marcus quickly became a Shane Rufus Fan...he even went so far as to get his paws on a basket ball and started frequenting an old playground that had a basketball hoop. Marcus was the first to admit he didn't know much about how to play the sport but that didn't stop him from playing, he especially enjoyed Shooting.

Another two years passed and Marcus was feeling more and more like he did not want to be part of this drug gang. Truth be told he never did but now with The FBA radio broadcasts he knew that one day he would leave this horrible furs and make a new life, That day came sooner then Marcus had ever dreamed. It all began as his days usually did, he'd wake up in his not entirely comfy Cot and he'd grab something to eat and his basketball and he'd head out to his hoop and start playing. By now Marcus had a mean Shot on him and making a basket came as naturally to him as swimming, the Now sixteen year old Otter was lining up another shot when a voice called out "Now That's an impressive Basket Kid!" Marcus was so surprised his ball went wide and even missed the backboard, he turned and saw a Badger standing at least two meters away from the had Marcus not seen him coming? Now Marcus had no Idea who this guy was and one part of his mind told him to ever so gently make his way out of the yard...but something inside told him he could trust this guy. So instead he asked the Badger who he was and what he was doing on Marcus' turf. The Badger introduced himself as Coach Abaddon Muldoon but everybody called him Coach. He Explained that due to some road works he had gotten lost on his way to the Private school where he worked coaching basketball, He mentioned that he had seen Marcus and he had been instantly impressed.

Coach Muldoon also pointed out that, while Marcus had a great Shot on him, Coach could tell he had no real knowledge of how to actually play the game. But Coach had always been good at judging character and he knew a fur with great Potential when he saw one, and this young Otter Marcus definitely had potential, in spades. He once again mentioned that he coached basketball in the local private school and he had a good strong team. Abaddon offered Marcus a place on the team and also offered to teach him the rules and regulations of the Game. At first Marcus was over joyed, Finally a chance to get out of this gang...a chance for a better life. But the he became saddened. He had no money, He'd never be able to afford to enroll into a private school. Resigned he gave Coach Muldoon Directions and sullenly went back to sit against his Hoop. But Coach Muldoon wasn't about to give up, he'd seen how happy Marcus had been when he asked him to join the team and even though he had only known the otter for a few minutes, Abaddon couldn't bear to see Marcus so upset. Then an idea came to Abaddon, to hell with the enrollment. He was gonna take Marcus to practice with the team anyway. And so, for two Months Marcus attended practice with the School team and learned the rules of how to actually play, and while the team were somewhat unsure of Marcus initially they soon warmed to him and soon the whole team looked forward to seeing him and he them. Coach and Marcus had also formed a fast friendship, Marcus told Coach everything that had happened in his life and Coach felt more and more protective of his Young Otter friend.

Now one might ask how Marcus got away with disappearing from the gangs turf everyday to go practice with the Team. Well he didn't. One day after returning from practice He soon found himself surrounded by the whole gang, and non of them seemed very happy at him. The leader approached him and demanded to know why Marcus had been neglecting his duty to the gang and he also demanded that Marcus told him where he kept going everyday for hours on end. Marcus refused and for that he was beaten until he was unable to stand and he was left on the cold ground a sobbing mess. Hours later he manged to get up and make his way to his cot to find his basketball had been punctured and his Howlers posters torn and the radio smashed. A week later while Marcus was resting after his runs he heard a loud bang, shouts and sirens. A gang member ran up to him and shoved a revolver into his hands ans shouted 'IT'S THE DEA!!!' and then promptly dragged Marcus to the area of the den he had been told to defend with Marcus...or as the leader called him, "That basketball loving pussy". Marcus could hear Gunfire as he was dragged to the area he was supposed to help defend..the money locker. The gunfire kept getting louder and closer...and the more it did Marcus more and more disconnected with what was happening. Everything was going so well...for once in his life he had real friends in the school team...he had had people who cared about him like Coach...his life was finally starting to turn into something he could be proud of, Now all of it was gone...Everything was ruined. It was then Marcus heard a loud bang and the gang member a wolf, who had dragged him to this part of the den, was shouting at him to get his head together, as the wolf turned to fire again the back of his head was blown out and Marcus was splattered with blood, instinctively he raised his gun but he was so shaken up...he couldn't fire let alone keep the gun steady. Finally as the DEA team trained their guns at him it all became to much for the poor Otter and he just turned off....Marcus had gone Catatonic. The DEA team realizing this lead him out of the Den and into one of their vans...he was the only Prisoner they had taken.

For the Next few hours the DEA tried to bring Marcus out of his Catatonic state with little success. The poor Otter would only mumble "i'm sorry coach" when ever they talked to him. It was only by luck that one agent had a son who went to the same Private school and had heard of "The Coach" So in order to make sure the DEA sent a agent to Coach's house. As soon as Coach opened the door the Agent said to him "I'm sorry to bother you at this hour sir but do you know this Otter?" the Agent held up a photo that had been taken of Marcus and as soon as Coach saw it he asked to be taken to him. Once Coach arrived he was taken in the room they use to watch interviews with prisoners. Coach was shocked to see his young Otter friend one so detached and his clothes splattered with dried blood. "He's been that way since we found him in the raid" The Agent said to the Badger. Coach still couldn't believe that this shell of an otter was his Energetic Basketball loving friend. "What's going to happen to him?" Coach asked while filling out a form giving the DEA Marcus' name. "He was involved with a notorious Drug gang, so he's likely looking at a prison sentence" "but He's never done anything wrong!" Coach stated "He delivered hard narcotics to the dealers!" Both were starting to raise their voices now. "I know what his Job was, and if you bothered to pay attention to things you would have realized that it was against his will!" Coach walked up to the Mirror/window and places his hand on it as he looked at the broken Otter in the other room. "He lost everything, His family, his home. He was eleven years old and he lived on the streets. The gang found him and forced him to join. We were working to make his life better...I love that a son." Coach turned to the Agent and saw he was getting through, "Can't you do anything for a victim?"

Soon after Marcus heard the Door to the interrogation room open and the Agent in charge walked in followed by Coach. Marcus' eyes widened and then he looked away before they saw his tears. the Agent looked at Coach and Whispered "Are you sure about this?" To which the Badger whispered back "He's Never lied to me" He sat opposite Marcus and said gently "Marcus? Agent Withers and I have come to decision regarding you." Marcus didn't look at Coach but it was obvious he was terrified. "But....I.....we....I thought we were friends?" Marcus whispered. Coach felt sorry for Marcus but this had to be done."Marcus, look at me" the Otter only shook his head "I can't" Coach reached across the table and placed his hands on Marcus' head firmly enough to keep a grip but gently enough to not hurt and made the otter look him in the eye "I will ask you three questions and you WILL answer them" Marcus nodded treas were brimming his eyes now which made it worse for Coach. "Marcus. Did you ever hurt anyfur?" Marcus blinked away the tears but they quickly returned with more building "No" he answered. Coach kept his Grip "Did you ever Take any Drugs?" Marcus' tears were flowing now and he was fighting back sobs "No...Never" And now it was time for the final question "Marcus. Did you ever want to Stop what the Gang were doing?" Now Marcus was on the edge as he looked Coach in the eyes and Said "YES!" then the tears truly started flowing as Marcus broke down and cried his eyes out. Coach let go of Marcus' head and hugged him tight. It took a few minutes but Coach managed to calm the weeping Otter down. Agent Withers sat down in the chair Coach had recently occupied and said "Marcus...We have a proposition for you. Let's not mince words you are in trouble but it has come to our attention that you were a unwilling participant. So....If you tell us everything you know about how the gang operated and their contacts and we will wipe the slate clean and...give you a full Scholarship at Coaches Private School." Marcus looked at Withers....he couldn't believe it, he truly couldn't "R..really?" Withers smiled and nodded "and not only that but You will also be handed over to a legal Guardian...but who? he said rubbing his chin in mock thought. Coach knew that was his Que "I'll do it" Marcus turned and looked at Coach and once again he teared up but this time it was with joy.

Over the next Few hours Marcus told Agent Withers everything he knew about the gangs dealings and he knew a lot. The information he supplied helped the DEA Bring down the gangs contacts and "business partners" and Marcus was given all that was promised. A clean slate, A roof to sleep under with his Guardian and a full Scholarship which Coach made certain it was for the Basketball team.

Four Years later Marcus Graduated with top mark in all classes and as the Schools Basketball teams Starting Shooting Guard. And aside from a few Part time male model shoots, he now waits for the FBA draft to begin to finally realize his dreams of playing for a professional FBA League team.

2013 Draft

After failing to be selected in the 2013 FBA Draft, the Texas Lone Stars bought out the contract of Reggie Coale (Dalmatian, G) in order to make room for Marcus. The otter was signed out of restricted free agency to a league minimum contract.


Marcus is now happily married. His Wife Mercedes Rosa Knight is a widely renowned Krav Maga instructor. She is now also carrying twins which are due to be born in April 2015.

Marcus and Mercedes are now the proud parents of beautiful and healthy Fraternal twins Martin and Alexa.