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Mikaylah Marley
(Albino Wolfbat, G)
JTigerclaw Mikaylah Marley.png
Photo by Pac
No. 4 – Free Agent
Position Guard
Species Albino Wolfbat ( Canidae/Pteropodidae )
Gender Female
Personal information
Born (1994-04-04) April 4, 1994 (age 26)
Galway, Ireland
Nationality Irish
Listed height 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)
Listed weight 180 lb (82 kg)
Shoots Left
Career information
School Connecticut Canid University
FBA draft 2014 / Round: 1 / Pick: 13th overall
Selected by the Williamsburg Minutemen
Pro playing career 2014–present
Career history
2014- Williamsburg Minutemen
Career highlights and awards
  • FBA Rookie All-Star (2015)
Contract information
Contract year 2014
2020 Salary $6 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Aida Manchester (female sooty albatross)
(OOC) Creator JTigerclaw
(OOC) Actor JTigerclaw
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Mikaylah Caoimhe Marley is a professional FBA basketball player playing for the Williamsburg Minutemen. Primarily a shooting guard, she was drafted 13th overall in the 2014 FBA Draft. She is currently dating fellow 2014 draftee and Minutemen teammate Rebecca McCloud.


Stats (averaged):

High School (Joseph O'Connell High [Dublin, Ireland: freshman-sophomore]) - 31.6 pts, 9.1 reb, 7.8 ast, 4 stl, 3 blk, 5.5 tpg, 2.5 TO, 53% fg, 48% 3pt, 75% ft

High School (Advanced Anthro Academy [Manhattan, NY: junior-senior]) - 28.4 pts, 6.9 reb, 6.1 ast, 3.3 stl, 2.1 blk, 4 tpg, 4.1 TO, 45% fg, 40% 3pt, 79% ft

College - freshman (Connecticut Canid University - 1 yr) - 25.5 pts, 5.7 reb, 5.5 ast, 3.1 stl, 1.4 blk, 3.6 tpg, 2.7 TO, 48% fg, 44% 3pt, 84% ft

The Albino Wolfbat: A Scientific Marvel

Mikaylah is a unique case of overwhelming unlikeliness. Her conception in itself was an oddity, given that her father was a bat and her mother was a timber wolf. Generally speaking, it is rare for healthy offspring to result from parents of differing biological orders (interordinal hybridization) but it is [in this world] possible. Not only is it surprising for Mikaylah's parents to have achieved conception at all, but given that her father's alleles (variables that control the traits of certain genes), are recessive when compared to her mother's dominant alleles, there was only a 1/4 chance that Mikaylah would show any physical appearance of being part bat at all. With most heterozygous hybrids (possessing two distinct alleles, one from each parent) the traits contained in the dominant allele (wolf) are more likely to overtake and mask the traits of the recessive allele (bat), except in cases where the recessive alleles line up perfectly or the dominant allele is not present in the gene. The extent to which those characteristics developed was even more impressive. Given the complexity of the genes which produce wings in bats and their recessive nature when mixed with more dominant genes of another (wingless) species, Mikaylah basically had to hit the genetic jackpot to develop natural sized, functional wings using the genes of just one parent (granted, they are not full-sized and cannot support her body weight in flight, but they are otherwise physically normal).

Even more surprising is the fact that Mikaylah is fully albino, despite her parents displaying none of the traits themselves. Her paternal great-grandfather was an albino bat, and there have been no albinos introduced to the family lineage before or since. No other known family members, not even ones descended from her great-grandfather, were visibly affected by the albinism genes. The albino alleles, which are quite recessive, were quietly and unnoticeably carried and passed on by the bat side of her family for two generations. Mikaylah's grandfather and father both carried the albino genes, but neither displayed any signs of albinism. Mikaylah is only the second known member of her family to fully exhibit the physical traits of albinism. It's also extremely rare that the albino genes would carry over to a child whose dominant form (in this case, wolf) did not originally possess them. Only a handful of albino wolves have ever been recorded, and it is probably safe to say there has never been another combination of wolf/bat that was fully albino and lived past infancy. The family believes, however, that there may be albino genes present in the mother from a distant ancestor (perhaps a non-wolf) as albinism alleles usually must be present in both parents (even in minuscule amounts) for a child to be born albino.

Medical History:

Mikaylah has oculocutaenous albinism, which results in a complete lack of melanin (pigment) in the eyes, skin and fur. As a result, she has had vision problems her entire life through adolescence, and doctors gave her a 50/50 chance of being completely blind before the age of 2. She has since had corrective surgery to assist with her foveal hypoplasia (affects focus) and astigmatism. She still has mild photophobia (sensitivity to light) and wears darkened sports glasses when she plays. She is fortunate enough to have 20/20 vision now through laser surgery, although lack of melanin in her irises make it essential to avoid prolonged exposure to any bright light. She also must wear 50sph sunscreen daily to avoid burning, even in low sunlight, as her skin cannot properly guard against UV rays. As a result, she commonly plays with 4 sports sleeves (2 arms, 2 legs) or full length Under Armour to save her from any unnecessary exposure.

Her "Lucky" nickname relates to many things. She is very lucky to be alive after being born 4 months premature and being raised in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for 6 whole months. During that time, her parents were cautioned that she may not survive due to complications from underdeveloped lungs and heart, and that if she did survive, she may be blind due to her albinism. Thankfully, she was able to be cared for constantly until her organs developed to be naturally strong enough to support her, and she now carries no lung or heart related deficiencies. Her vision was very poor as a child, but she wore extremely strong prescription glasses until she was old enough for corrective LASIK surgery (which she had at the age of 15, a risk due to her young age and continuing physical development). She has had other eye surgeries as a youth, including surgery to correct mild Amblyopia in her right eye at the age of 4, and surgery to correct foveal hypoplasia and increase visual acuity at 6. At the age of 18, right after graduation from high school, she underwent her final LASIK procedure to account for intentional undercorrection of her vision from her first procedure at 15, which was done to allow for more complete ocular development (maturation).

The procedures (controversial at such a young age) were approved for the then-15-year-old due to her professional athletic ambitions, and due to the fact she was already garnering national attention for her talents as a sophomore in high school. It also helped that her father was a well known neurosurgeon in Ireland and her mother a real estate agent (funding the surgeries was not an issue).

Growing Up:

Born in Galway, Ireland, at 5 she moved to Dublin with her parents because they had better hospitals with more advanced procedures for corrective eye surgeries as well as special care in general for the delicate cub. There also was a better job outlook for her professionally minded parents, and her father got a job within the hospital where Miklaylah received most of her treatment.

Sadly (but unsurprisingly) Mikaylah was teased relentlessly in grade school because of her albinism and for being a mixed breed (they also teased because of her bulky glasses and studious nature). Because of this, she never was very outgoing, and instead took the most pleasure in pursuing her own hobbies and crafts. Her favorite pastime, and one that would eventually garner her respect from even the most ill-natured of classmates, was basketball.

Basketball was always a passion for young Mikaylah. She loved watching FBA games (her favorite team was Plymouth due to the somewhat Irish-tinged aesthetic) and she aspired to become a professional basketball player. Her parents were in complete support of her goals as long as they did not interfere with her academic pursuits. They hired a trainer for her at the age of 8, and from then on, the cub had access to state-of-the-art indoor facilities (important for a cub so sensitive to sunlight) and training. She happily worked nonstop on ball-handling, shooting, and agility. Her favorite activity, like many young players, was shooting 3 pointers, and over time she became quite good at them. Due to constant training and practicing at all hours, Mikaylah became a world-class shooter by the age of 12, winning multiple age-based shooting competitions easily. She even won an all-ages shoot-out when she was 14, beating amateur adult athletes from all over Europe. Due to her training and dedication to her craft, she excelled in youth leagues and was accepted as a walk-on for her high school varsity basketball team her freshman year. It wasn't long before she was made captain of the team and college scouts (both national and international) were starting to stop by out of curiosity to watch the enigmatic albino athlete do her thing.

During her sophomore year at Joseph O'Connell High School in Dublin (one of the most renowned high schools for athletics and academics in Ireland) she averaged a national record for a high school student in points (35ppg) and treys (6 3pt/gm) and had games of 44, 50, 56 and even 70 points, despite games being played in 8 min quarters. Being the standout star of her team, her coach would at times permit her to shoot from 3 every trip down the court until she missed, and her highest scoring output saw her can 15 three-point baskets. She also would typically play the entire 32 min game due to her seemingly limitless energy. The competition was clearly below her in Ireland, and she easily won National High School Player of the Year as a sophomore, becoming the youngest to do so.

Moving To America:

One day during her Sophomore year, a gutsy American high school coach (Coach Johnny Smith, Scottish Terrier) hearing such high praises from talent scouts, flew to Dublin to watch Mikaylah play, and he was blown away by the girl's skills. He took her parents out to dinner after the game and offered to bring Mikaylah over to NYC to allow her to attend a gifted and talented high school in one of the most athletically competitive regions in the world. After a lot of discussions and time spent with Coach Smith, as well as a couple of sit-downs with their lawyer, Mikaylah's parents agreed to give the coach temporary guardianship of their daughter until the age of 18, allowing him to house her in his own apartment, bring her over to the US on a student visa, and enroll her in the high school where he coached, Advanced Anthro Academy in Manhattan. Her parents remained in Dublin to continue their professions and monitor their child's progress from afar, as well as offer financial and moral support.

Under Coach Smith's tutelage, Mikaylah's skills blossomed. Her scoring prowess carried over to the US (she averaged 28ppg, 6apg and 4 treys/gm) and her defense and basketball IQ greatly improved. Things like focus, will-power, work ethic and leadership skills were engrained in her from his training. She was challenged with guarding the opposing team's best perimeter player each game, which improved her quickness, footwork and timing for steals to near elite levels. In her senior year of high school, Mikaylah was invited to the High School All-American game and shined on a big stage for the first time nationally, finishing as runner-up for MVP honors (she did, however, win the High School All-Star Three-Point Shooting contest). She was also able to maintain a 3.5GPA while additionally training with the track team in the offseason. Mikaylah also formed a close bond with Coach Smith and began to view him as her second dad. He was extremely hard on her as far as discipline and training, yet he showed a great deal of compassion and a natural parenting sense. The two maintained a strong bond even after Mikaylah turned 18 and moved out to attend Connecticut Canid University in Cromwell, CT.

Trouble in Paradise and a Tragic Ending:

Inevitably over time, and due to the distance and time zone difference, the relationship between Mikaylah and her parents slowly dwindled. They never had a real falling out, but the obligations of school, basketball and life overtook Mikaylah's schedule, and her parents were left further and further out of the loop. This lead to a bit of resentment towards Coach Smith, the man Mikaylah's parents allowed to raise her for her last few teenage years, and questioning of that sacrifice that they made for their daughter's career.

At some point after Mikaylah moved out (and perhaps because she was still seen quite often in public with Coach Smith), rumors got to her parents that the coach had been having sexual relations with Mikaylah from the age of 16 on, while she was living with him in New York. The rumors were nasty and baseless, but the parental rage had set in. Mikaylah's father filed a statutory rape and molestation case against Coach Smith.

When news got out of one of the nation's brightest prep hoops prospects possibly being in an illegal intimate relationship with someone 30 years her elder, the national news media exploded. Suddenly, the paparazzi was in full swing, and the questions being lobbed at the collegiate athlete were no longer hoops based. She started getting negative attention, even hatemail, from moral detractors who condemned such a relationship. But there was no evidence proving such a relationship existed, and both Mikaylah and Coach Smith vehemently denied the rumors. Throughout it all, Mikaylah pushed the distractions and snide comments aside, using her iron will and focus skills gained from Coach's teachings to ignore the hullabaloo and continue excelling at basketball.

However, despite her continued excellence throughout her one and only year at CCU, it was possibly the worst year of Mikaylah's life. She completely denounced and shunned her father for creating this mess based on hollow allegations and insecurity, and her mother was reduced to a middleman, trying desperately not to take either side. Her relationship with Coach Smith, the only parental figure and mentor she still had, was still strong but now very strained. Yet through it all, Mikaylah was able to take her team to the Elite Eight, win AAC (Atlantic Anthro Conference) Player of the Year honors and be named to the FCAA College Basketball All-American First Team with averages of 25.5 points, 5.7 rebounds, 5.5 assists, and a conference leading 3.1 steals per game.

But the worst was yet to come. Mikaylah's father had a stroke hours before her Sweet Sixteen contest versus Two Points University. He was placed in critical condition, and the news got to her right before tip-off. Devastated, Mikaylah asked coach to take her out of the starting lineup, and she grieved in the locker room and shared an emotional phone conversation with her mother until halftime. She was able to pull it together for the second half though, as she stormed out more focused and hungry to win than ever, in honor of her father who had originally given so much for her to be successful. Her team down 12 at halftime, she spearheaded a comeback with a half-game performance line of 20 pts, 5 reb, 2 stl and 4 treys. Her final made shot was a tiebreaking floater in the paint with 3 seconds left. Despite the devastating events, she had taken her team to the Elite Eight. She broke down in the arms of her college coach after the game, and later with Coach Smith in the parking lot.

Mikaylah then hopped a plane to Ireland the next day to see her parents. She saw her father in the hospital for about an hour and was able to have a short, soul-clensing conversation, clearing the air of all the toxic feelings and making amends. Her father apologized for all the trouble he had caused, and gave Coach Smith his blessing to continue looking over his daughter. The two exchanged a tearful hug, and Mikaylah thanked him for everything he'd done for her and told him she loved him. Everything finally felt right for once, and despite her father's still weak physical state, things seemed to be looking up.

2 hours later, while Mikaylah and her mother were out having lunch, Mikaylah's father suffered complications from the first stroke and had a cerebral aneurysm. Doctors couldn't stop the bleeding and he passed away soon after, before Mikaylah and her mother could get back to the hospital.

Mikaylah tried to perform in the Elite Eight game days later against Pack Territory University (against her coach's advice), but despite her powers of concentration and determination, she couldn't make it through the whole game before breaking down. She played smatterings of minutes throughout the game, but could not find a rhythm, and her team was bounced from the tournament. In a showing of good sportsmanship, the entire Pack Territory University team received permission to meet Mikaylah outside her team locker room and offer their hugs and condolences after the game.

Despite all that has happened, Mikaylah is submitting her name into the 2014 FBA Draft. When addressed about her decision, she says (in a very pronounced Irish accent), "Dere's no reason ta stray from our initial goal dat we've worked so hard for, and for which Ma and Pa sacrificed so much. Ta quit now would be a complete tragedy and a slap in de face of dere effor's, and ta my dear Pa's memory. I owe it to em to reach for de stars."

The lawsuit against Coach Smith has been dropped.

She Got Game (Playing Style, Strengths, Weaknesses):

College - freshman (CCU) - 25.5 pts, 5.7 reb, 5.5 ast, 3.1 stl, 1.4 blk, 3.6 tpg, 2.7 TO, 48% fg, 44% 3pt, 84% ft

Mikaylah's a top-notch shooter and scorer, arguably the best pure shooter in her class. For someone who takes as many shots outside of 15 feet as she does, her percentages are outstanding. She holds the record for made and attempted 3pt FGs in her conference, and lead the FCAA in those categories this past season. As was mentioned, she won the High School All-Star Three-Point Shooting contest her senior year of high school and has won many shooting competitions in Ireland as a youth. Her left-pawed jump shot is wet as they come, and in other words, the girl can flat out stroke it from deep at nearly 4 3pt/gm and 44% from distance. She can shoot from anywhere, any angle, and her range is pretty much limitless. In fact, the further away she is, the better she shoots!

Inside the arc, she is still deadly, although she finds it more difficult to get shots in from the painted area amongst much larger players and with contact. She can slash to the hole on occasion, and she has mastered a good deal of "evasive" shots closer in, such as teardrops, floaters, fade-aways and double-pump lay-ups. But at 180 lbs and relatively frail, she is more suited to perimeter shooting (not to say she is a spot-up shooter exclusively. She can get a shot herself from anywhere, and does). If she does take the ball inside, she will either drop a floater or draw contact and go to the line, where she is an 84% free throw shooter. Otherwise, it's a quick 3 in transition, a quick 3 over a defender on a kick-out, a dribble-drive to a step back 2, or a stutterstep spin to a one-legged fadeaway. Her arsenal of offensive shot-getting tricks is quite impressive.

As for other areas of her game, she is an adequate rebounder with good instinct for the ball, and she is on the tall side for a lot of shooting guards (her natural position) which helps put her in better position for rebounds that bounce outside the restricted zone. Being able to play at small forward has its perks too, as her speed and length helps her on both sides of the ball. A flap of her wings may gain her an extra couple of inches if done immediately after launching off the ground. She has a high basketball IQ due to her years of training as a youth and from her time with Coach Smith, and she doesn't usually make a lot of mental mistakes. She makes good decisions with the ball and crisp, clean passes, never anything too fancy. Her court vision is good enough to let her see an open teammate across the court or spot a hole in the defense so she can hit a cutter with a bounce pass. Though she shoots a lot, she does share the ball as well, and a lot of her assists are a result of making that extra pass when the defense collapses on her. Her assist numbers are also probably a result of high usage rate on offense, as she either scored or made a pass that resulted in a score nearly 40% of the time.

Defensively, Mikaylah is a premiere perimeter defender. She can easily defend positions 1-3, and can act as an irritant to a 4 through sheer effort (and she uses her wings a lot to block vision). She has very quick feet and hands, and is adapt at observing her opponent's dribbling techniques and knowing when to stick her paw in and poke the ball away. That, plus her ability to read telegraphed passes while playing off the ballhandler, allows her to snatch passes out of the passing lane often. This talent lead to her leading the AAC in steals per game at 3.1 spg. She is a great tool for guarding ball-handlers, due to her length and tenacity, plus the ability to spread her wings out to block her opponent's court vision. She struggles with guarding stronger players though, and is a poor post defender. She's not quite as physical as other good perimeter defenders, but instead tries to use her speed and instinct to give her an advantage. Blocks tend to come in the flow of the game, either from behind the shooter, or because she uses her awareness to not bite on pump fakes. While she has a decent vertical (plus a couple inches with a good flap of her wings), she doesn't get many blocks from sheer verticality so much as she gets them sneakily, when the shooter does not know she's around or if she jumps faster than they expect.

She is also a very good ball-handler as well. She did play a little bit of point guard in the beginning of her high school career due to having a very sharp handle and passing skills, but she was moved to shooting guard to play to her shooting strengths better. Dribbling was her second favorite activity behind shooting when she was training growing up, so she knows a lot of "And-1" style dribbling techniques and can handle the rock ambidextrously. She is, however, unable to dribble with her wings, as they can do little more than flap and spread. That is a good thing though, as having that ability would have likely disqualified her from the draft under the 5-limb rule.

As far as temperament and intangibles go, one of Mikaylah's strongest assets is her focus. That is one thing drilled into her by Coach Smith and her college coach. She has the ability to focus and ignore distractions on the court, and she never gets into mind games or talks trash with her opponents. When she's out there, her focus in fully on the court and the task at hand. The hospitalization/passing of her father in college showed just how strong her focus can be, and also where her limits are. She is also a very strong leader, usually choosing to lead by example rather than words. Very professional on the court and rarely ever complains about calls, always coachable and holds herself and teammates accountable. It's very difficult to make her lose her cool in the midst of a game, though she will stand up for herself or her teammates without going overboard. She has exceptional stamina and seems to play at 100% energy all the time. She will likely need to learn to pace herself in order to withstand the rigors of the FBA schedule.

She does have a few weaknesses, however. One would be her weight and strength. She's not really one for the weightroom, choosing to add lean muscle mass through natural basketball activities like running, jumping, yoga and aerobics. She isn't strong enough to back down or match up with most players on a physical level, and she certainly isn't too comfortable in the paint (unless she's trying to get fouled). She tends to shy away from contact, and the one way to really get her off her game would be to get physical with her and try to overpower her off of her spots. Another thing is she does tend to put on the blinders sometimes if she gets hot from the field. While many times this results in exciting basketball and a lot of points scored, it does disrupt team basketball, and the coach will need to keep reminding her to move the ball. She is prone to heat checks (taking a bad shot after making a few to see if you're "feelin' it") and when she is having an off night, she can shoot her team out of the game instead of changing up the game plan and getting others some shots. Also, though she has very strong focus, that doesn't mean she is not emotional. She just can control it pretty well. However, it's true that she's an emotional person in general, and with enough diligent prodding (or pushing the right buttons) it can throw her off her game. This also proves to be the case off the court, where she tends to be a little oversensitive at times (since she's not in full focus mode). Some GMs still harbor concerns over her eyes (due to previous medical history) and injury-proneness (due to her perceived frailty, despite having no previous serious injuries), but these concerns lean towards overcautiousness and are not very viable currently. It also will be interesting to see if she can handle a non-starring role just as well as she's handled being the star throughout her career.

Strengths: Amazingly pure shooter, especially from deep. Great focus and leadership qualities. Talented perimeter defender with great quickness and instinct. Skilled ball-handler. High basketball IQ.

Weaknesses: Physical strength. Tends to shy from contact. Not as efficient scoring in the paint. Poor post defender. Heat checks and ISOs. Concerns over vision and frailty. Highly emotional.


Mikaylah has been described as a very sweet person, kind and caring. She would much rather make friends than enemies, and is a great sportsman. Super nice, almost to a fault. She does not do well in highly social situations and usually prefers the company of a few close friends or being alone. Shy at first until you get her out of her shell. She has a great sense of humor, occasionally dry and witty, sometimes silly, and loves making others laugh. Modest on the outside and doesn't like to brag, but secretly enjoys being "the best" and outshining others. A little oversensitive and emotional at times, which can make her moody occasionally. She has been known to be passive aggressive but never confrontational. Does genuinely enjoy seeing happiness in others, though not at her own expense. On the court, she is all business, and normally does not say two words during a game. Cool, calm and focused, she keeps her emotions at bay during the game and is highly competitive. She has very high expectations of herself and has a tendency to get down on herself if she isn't doing well. Still obviously very torn up over her father's recent passing, and likely will be for a long time. A very supportive teammate and an overall happy, cheery individual. Wants nothing more than to win and make her mother and Coach Smith proud, and to bring honor to her father's name. Knows how lucky she is to be healthy and playing basketball as an albino, and she tries to never take her opportunity for granted. Proud of her uniqueness and her heritage. She also has a soft spot for feral animals and loves children, despite the fact that as an interordinal hybrid she is sterile and cannot have kids. Hopes to adopt one day down the line.

Fun Facts:

-Sometimes gets called "Dracula" (specifically as a youth, meant as an insult), due to her vampire-like appearance, bat wings/fangs, and aversion to sunlight. She doesn't particularly enjoy that nickname. A certain few people can get away with calling her "Mickey" (Coach Smith is one of them) but she doesn't like being called that unless she is really close to the person. Another name she's been called is "Angel". Only her parents have ever called her that.

-Shoe size is Women's 14 (Men's 12.5) although she prefers not to wear shoes on hardwood. She will wear shoes for purposes of accessorizing, or for formal events.

-Lucky's lucky number is 4. She was born on 4/4/94. She also collects memorabilia relating to the four-leaf clover, a traditional Irish symbol and sign of good luck. She has worn the #4 on her jersey in every level of competition she's played at, from middle school on through college.

-Her favorite FBA player is Cheeto Wolfote, for his game, his career-long presence on the Taproots (her favorite team) and the fact he's the first hybrid she remembers watching as a pup. One of the things she's most looking forward to about being in the FBA is meeting her idol as well as some other players she's looked up to in her youth.

-Her middle name is Caoimhe. It is derived from Gaelic 'caomh' meaning "beautiful", "gentle", or "precious". The Irish pronunciation for the name is Kee-va.

-Her wings are more troublesome than they are helpful. Shopping for clothes is always problematic, and her jersey has to be specially fitted and tailored to allow for her wings to stick through. In college, her jersey was tailored with two vertical slits in the back for her wings to slip through, and the flaps at the bottom of the slit would be pulled together to close up under her wings using a little velcro. She's tried having them bound or turning and tucking them into her sides or against her back, but it's too uncomfortable to play an entire game with them in that position. She can only get maybe an inch or two of lift at most on the court, as they aren't big enough to support her body weight. They can also allow her to glide for an additional second sometimes, if flapped at just the right time. She has also started spreading them out when guarding on the perimeter, to make it more difficult for players to see the floor. For this reason, she is often used for guarding opposing point guards as well as inbounds passers to impede their court vision.

-As mentioned earlier, Mikaylah always plays with darkened sports glasses due to her photophobia (sensitivity to light), a result of lack of melanin in her eyes due to her albinism. She also plays with either 2 full armsleeves and 2 full legsleeves, or a long-sleeve Under Armour top under her jersey, to avoid overexposure to light (her pigmentless skin cannot deflect UV rays at all).

-She is very intelligent and did extremely well in school. Favorite subjects were biology, astronomy, algebra, writing and social history. Would probably have become a biological engineer if not for basketball. Says she would like to go back to college in between seasons and finish her degree for just that purpose.

-She describes herself as Protestant, though is not active in the religion.

-She DOES have an Irish accent, although it's not as hard to understand as it once was, due to living in America for 3 years. It's still fairly thick though.

-Has her tongue pierced. Mom freaked out when she saw her in the High School All-Star Game on TV and she stuck her tongue out on camera during the game. There was a very lengthy message on Mikaylah's voicemail after that game.

-Loves orange juice. Drinks it every single day. Gets grumpy if she wants orange juice and doesn't have any.

Likes: Orange juice, pop/dance music, traditional irish music, some rock music, sci-fi books/movies (Harry Potter, Star Wars), science (biology, astronomy, geology), dancing, yoga, running, slumber parties, shopping, pets/animals, children, winning and positive attention, volunteering, piercings, corned beef and cabbage (it's an Irish thing), collective four-leaf clover souvenirs, traveling, Olde English and Gaelic poetry/stories, strawberry shortcake, Pepsi

Dislikes: Losing, sunlight, bright indoor lights, camera flashes, comparisons to vampires, the Twilight saga, beets, crowded places, bars, poker, drugs, hypocrites, politics, bullies, "macho" attitudes, whiny attitudes, traffic, spiders (feral), snakes (feral), public speaking, rap music, country music, spicy food

Show Your Colours

Mikaylah participated in the Show Your Colours camp held in Hawaii, July 2014. The event was co-hosted by the Hawaii Kahunas and the Alaska Arctics.

During the tournament part of the event, 16 teams were formed comprising of draftees, D-League players, current players and former players. Mikaylah played on Team Six, also consisting of Adam Tevela, Sebastian Kosciusko, Kyle McLeod and Brent Challenger.

Team Six was eliminated in the 2nd round, but Mikaylah took home some individual recognition, including Top Offense Runner-Up in the tournament and #3 on "Wilmer's Top 5 Players" list.