Montana Howlers

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Montana Howlers
2018-2019 Montana Howlers season
Montana Howlers logo
Conference Western
Division Mountain
Founded 1968
History Montana Howlers (1968-present)
Arena Treasure State Area (aka "Predators Playground")
City Billings, MT
Team colors Dark Blue, White and Black


Owner(s) Jacques Chatneuve
RL Primary Contact Patrick Coyote
RL Secondary Contact MartineauQC
General manager Oluwale "Wale" Adegbemiro (male African leopard)
Head coach Franklin O'Neill (male Scottish Fold cat)
Assistant coach Andy Raine (male black bear)
Lead trainer Josep Soler (male Spanish ibex)
Championships 9
Division titles 1

The Montana Howlers are a professional basketball team based in Billings, Montana. They play in the Mountain Division of the Western Conference in the Furry Basketball Association (FBA).

Franchise History

1968-72: Early Years

1972-78: First Trophy, and the Three-Peat

1978-90: Building of a Legacy

1990-2000: The Dark Ages

2000-13: The Shane Rufus Era

2013-14: Rebuilding Gone Wrong

2014-15: Back to Square One

After the disappointing results of last season, Art Sadowski was promoted to the general manager position from his former position of scouting director at the Howlers. His course of action was to part with most of the players still left in the club, and bring in a mix of players from various teams, including Bobby-Rae Brine (Stingray, G), Omar Pink (Saluki, F), Sanford Teeson (Raccoon, G), and Wescot Yobia (Binturong, F/C). The draft was a successful one for the Howlers, as they managed to draft a Top 24 candidate with each of their picks. However, Sadowski controversially traded their fourth pick Baltasár Torrealba y Toboso (Aldabra Giant Tortoise, C/F) to the Mayors for their first round pick Hiroyuki Matsuura (Shrike, C/F) on draft night; this was mainly seen as a move to establish a "core" of Underwood College graduates in the team. The Irish Franklin O'Neill (male Scottish Fold cat) was later hired as the new head coach for the team, and Andy Raine (Black Bear, F) was hired as the assistant coach.

2015-16: Roster Shake-Ups

2016-17: So Close, Yet So Far

2017-18: End of an Era

2018-19: New Management, New Players

Current Roster

Montana Howlers Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 771.jpg
PID 347.jpg
PID 20.jpg
PID 757.jpg
PID 986.jpg
86 Ren Inoue (Tosa Inu, G) 12 Kresta Renstill (Silver Fox, G) 5 Albert Jon Middendorff (Kodiak Bear, F/G) 34 LaShawn Grandon (Badger, F) 5 Freddy Varnagy (Coati, C/F)
Guard Guard Center Swingfur Swingfur
PID 921.jpg
PID 806.jpg
PID 1074.jpg
PID 770.jpg
PID 620.jpg
21 Doug Dawson (Barbary Lion, G) 7 Christian Ashbury (Peacock Mantis Shrimp, G) 59 Reagan St. Croix (Polar Bear, C) 42 Regulus Lowenthal (Gryphon, F/G) 15 Vincent Maraundi (Caracal, G/F)
Reserves Deep Reserves
Forward Center Center Center '
PID 1019.jpg
PID 23.jpg
PID 173.jpg
PID 0.jpg
00 Mathias Locke (Kangaroo, F) 61 Pierre Caro (Fossa, C) 2 Alejandro Salazar (Prawn, C) 45 Dirk Von Stryker (German Giant Rabbit, C)
Head Coach Use Only:

2018-2019 Budget for Total
Buyout Available
Montana Howlers 85.0 71.5 0.0 +13.5

Montana Howlers Team Contracts
Name 19 20 21 22 23
Ren Inoue 10.0 11.0 12.0
Kresta Renstill 18.0 18.5 19.0 19.5
Albert Jon Middendorff 7.0 7.0
LaShawn Grandon 8.0 9.0 10.0
Freddy Varnagy 3.0
Doug Dawson 5.0 5.0 6.0
Christian Ashbury 2.0
Reagan St. Croix 3.0 3.0
Regulus Lowenthal 3.5 4.0
Vincent Maraundi 6.0
Mathias Locke 1.5 1.5
Pierre Caro 1.5
Alejandro Salazar 2.0
Dirk Von Stryker 1.0