Morgan McCarthy

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Morgan McCarthy
(Bighorn Sheep, C)
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Art by Pac
No. 28 – Arizona Whips
Position Center
Species Bighorn Sheep ( Bovidae )
Gender Male
Mount McCarthy
Personal information
Born Flagstaff, AZ
Nationality American
Listed height 7 ft 1 in (2.16 m)
Listed weight 306 lb (139 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
School Phoenix University
FBA draft 2015 / Round: 1 / Pick: 8th overall
Selected by the Arizona Whips
Pro playing career 2015–present
Career history
2015-present Arizona Whips
Career highlights and awards
  • FBA All-Star (2017)
  • FBA Rookie All-Star (2016)
Contract information
Contract year 2017
2020 Salary $8 million
2021 Salary $9 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Unknown
(OOC) Creator MountMcCarthy/Misharu
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Growing up in a middle class Irish-American family in Flagstaff, Morgan was surrounded by a fanaticism for sports. Morgan's father, an Irish immigrant, developed a love of basketball since coming to America, and Morgan seemed to adopt that same starry-eyed love of the sport. But it wasn't simply his father who enjoyed watching it: it was truly a family affair. Morgan's uncle on his mother side was a basketball coach in the local youth leagues, and he grew up in an environment saturated in this zeal. Watching basketball games with his whole family gathered around the TV are some of the fondest memories he has of his youth, and he looked up to the player of his favorite teams. He wanted to be like them, and he wanted to play basketball. It was this connection through his uncle that Morgan began to play basketball at a rather young age.

As a young child, Morgan was a very gregarious and outgoing young boy. Very sociable, he got along with the local neighborhood kids, as well as the other kids on the team, very easily. Morgan was a natural team player who loved the cooperative spirit of the game. Not only that, but he seemed to have a natural affinity for the sport. Being a larger child, he was physically very well suited to basketball. When his family noticed this talent, they began to encourage Morgan to pursue the sport more seriously. Morgan was very close to his family members and when he realized that playing basketball, the sport they loved so much would make them proud of him, he wanted to excel at the sport.

It was at this moment that Morgan began to approach basketball much more seriously. With his family's encouragement he continued to play in youth leagues, and then for his school's team in middle school, and then in high school. The higher in these leagues he reached, the more his family's hopes for him soared. As Morgan began to physically develop more and more, shooting up taller than almost all of his peers, a sort of self-consciousness began to develop about his body. He realized that being as tall and as heavy as he is could hurt someone if he wasn't careful, so he began to develop his skills toward his physical strengths and developed a more defensive play strategy, which made him perfect as a center. He used his body to his advantage and that way, if he was focusing on blocks and rebounds, he wouldn't have to become too physical with other players and everything would be perfect.

It was in high school that his serious professional talent began to manifest itself. While playing for his high school team, he helped the school's varsity become regional champions during both his junior and senior years. He wore these victories with pride, as they made his family and his community proud of him. At this point it began to become a community affair. It wasn't simply his own family and their relatives that were looking to him to be a talented player, but his friends and their families and the faculty that were hoping he'd go pro. He felt he had to do better, to live up to those hopes. What helped spur him on was the fact that basketball was a common bond between himself and those dear to him. He loved what the sport meant to him and the rush he got being on the court, and wanted that to continue, he wanted them to know their faith wasn't misplaced.

Fortunately, he was scouted during his rather stellar performance in high school and was offered a scholarship by Phoenix University to play for their team. He eagerly accepted the offer and started playing for the university. Here the pressure mounted even further, and it was a bit difficult at first adjusting to the increased play of the college league and the increased attention on him. Morgan did his best to adjust and hit his stride after initial difficulties. College proved to be a good thing for Morgan, as it introduced him, in a microcosm, to some of the expectations of the FBA. He finally got a bit of a taste of certain things, such as being in the public eye and the media, which would be facts of life as a professional player. He had to make the decision of whether or not he would actually pursue a serious career as a professional player.

The answer became a resounding yes. He loved the sport, it meant so much to him and his friends and family, he wanted to show that their efforts and their support culminated into something truly great. In addition, having developed his skills for so long, he had a real shot at doing well in the league. It was his dream to play for the FBA, a truly once in a lifetime opportunity, and he was going to take that chance if he had the skill to make it possible. Though it does mean he will have to deal with his somewhat star-struck nature when it comes to pro players. A defensive center with the physical build to match, he hopes to prove to his family and himself that he was worthy of their pride and hope in him. His biggest challenges going forward will be dealing with stress from the expectations of those around him, how it might affect his game, and the potential emotional consequences therein.