Niko McNamara

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Niko McNamara
(Meerkat, F/G)
Flag us.png
No. 24 – Edmonton Totems
Position Swingfur
Species Meerkat ( Herpestidae )
Gender Male
The Prophet
Personal information
Born Louisville, KY
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)
Listed weight 190 lb (86 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
School University of Bardstown
FBA draft 2015 / Round: 1 / Pick: 17th overall
Selected by the Seattle Summit
Pro playing career 2015–present
Career history
2015-2019 Seattle Summit
2019-present Edmonton Totems
Contract information
Contract year 2019
2020 Salary $5 million
2021 Salary $7 million
2022 Salary $8 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Unknown
(OOC) Creator Nickelnick24
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Niko McNamara (Mac-nuh-mare-uh) was an early child, born two months before he was due, and for a moment there they thought he had died after being brought into the world. After a minute of silence, the newborn got air, and made up for that silence with nonstop screaming for a month. They feared he was going to be challenged in life due to his birth, but it seemed it gave him no restraints. He was active as a child, and loved soccer from the start. He played with his brother who was five years ahead of him. He learned from him how to be a goalie, and he was skilled at his level due to his brother being older and kicking hard than most kids in his own league as a striker.

Niko started late when it comes to his love of basketball. He started at the age of sixteen, and even then he was merely flirting with the premise of playing. It was due to the fact that he was still attached to soccer, the sport he was building a career for, but was tragically ended when he had a collision with a striker as a goalie. Dislocating knee, he was told he could never play a sport as rough as soccer again. That's when he learned basketball.

During his sophomore year he tried out for the basketball team, and with a little help from his brother, he developed a jumper. He needed to have one because he didn't want to risk dislocating his knee once more. The cause for his extreme efficiency in shooting was due to his father making his basketball goal. When he was young he had been given one, but the rim had broken off, and his father made a new one. With his little experience in metal working, he crafted a rim several inches smaller than the actual rims used in official leagues. His son learned to shoot into a small rim, and now that he had a place with a significantly bigger opening, Niko was spraying home every chance he could get. At first it was unclear whether he would turn into anything, but all was settled when he knocked down a game winning three during his Junior year, securing his spot in the line-up with his impressive speed and sharpshooting.

What also helped him form as a player was daily competition with his old brother, who was closer to the seven foot marker than his younger brother. He had to learn to shoot over the behemoth, quick releases with high arcs, rainbow shots that looked beautiful going down. Due to his brother having the same injury from the exact same accident, except he was the striker, he too had turned to basketball, but that was soon ended when he experienced racism and hostility from the crowds and couldn't handle the vicious nature of the crowds. Now his little brother was pushed by him to be the best he could be, wanting him to succeed in what he desired because he couldn't handle the atmosphere. His brother never hated him for it, and in the end the boy thanked him for pushing him.

The boy never understood that he could go to college for these skills of his, but found several scholarships to rather low end schools. To pursue his new dream of playing in the FBA, he went to the best school that was interested in him. Most of the schools overlooked him due to the rising stars that he had to fight for spotlight with at high school such as Lorraine Schafer. Now that Niko was in college, he grew exponentially, getting more from puberty than anyone thought. He got to his now height, and found that he could finally do what he dreamed of: Dunking.

Even though he could now dunk, he was never really into that sort of play because of the danger of injury, yet he still loved to do it from time to time. When he did decide to dunk, it wasn't something simple, he would add a bit of flair to it. People wanted a show, and when he felt like he was inclined, he would give one. However, He worked constantly on his shooting, knowing that floor spacing was definitely a key for games. His freshman season he saw little time on the court, but sophomore year he really got time to display his effectiveness. With his help, the team went on to compete in the tourney, and lost after pushing into the sweet sixteen. The next year he found himself in a dilemma that would tarnish his record and school's name. Two of their key big men were using steroids, and this allowed them to go on a school record for most wins in a season. The one who reported the young men to the association was none other than Niko himself. It was publicly known that he did this as well, losing all favor on campus even though he wasn't the one to use the drugs, and losing time in rotation. It was all due to him being the whistle blower, and the team felt betrayed, but Niko couldn't just stand by and watch his team when while they cheated the system. After suspensions dished out to the two players, he found himself alone. Ostracized from the community and classmates, Niko laid low from everyone to let things blow over.

After many months of laying low, it seemed everyone had forgotten of his intervention in the mess, and once more he was leading the team to the postseason. It seemed God had given him his wish of being back on the team and was finding success. He had really formed as a senior, a premier shooter in the league, and not only his offense was on par. He was a deadly stripper, knocking balls out of hands like no tomorrow. He had the reflexes, the eyes to see when he could take a whack at the ball. He set the school record for most steals for a career, and the most for a single game, setting it at 13 for the school, and earning a double double with points and steals.