Nina Lime

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Nina Lime
(Wolf, G/F)
Nina Lime.jpg
photo by Foxenawolf
No. 7 – Retired
Position Swingfur
Species Wolf ( Canidae )
Gender Female
The Sublime
Personal information
Born (1989-06-06) June 6, 1989 (age 30)
Manchester, NH
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Listed weight 191 lb (87 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
High school Central High School
College New York University
FBA draft 2011 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1st overall
Selected by the Huntsville Mayors
Pro playing career 2011–present
Career history
2011-2013 Huntsville Mayors
2013-2018 Plymouth Taproots
Career highlights and awards
Contract information
Contract year 2013
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Murina Beaubonique (female black rat)
(OOC) Creator Jadedfox
(OOC) Actor Jadedfox
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Nina Lime is a female wolf swingfur currently playing for the Plymouth Taproots.


When Nina Lime was growing up in New Hampshire, she always wanted to be a star… just not the type of star you’d expect a college basketball great to want to be.

She wanted to be an actress.

Nina was acting from as early as the age of five; she didn’t even discover basketball until she was 11, while playing with some friends at a local court. It was there that she was discovered by her future high school coach; he worked with her and encouraged her to start playing the sport. All through junior and senior high school she began to excel and show just how stunning a player she could be.

In her junior year in high school, Nina led her school to a state championship, and was an All-American her senior year, with a back to back championship. Her success on court had her feeling that basketball was her future, not acting, so she appilled for a scholarship with the University of Connecticuit. When the school's coaches observed her workouts, she was told she was too slow to play at a college level.

Heartbroken, she fell back on her other love and applied to New York University. She started her college career without even attempting basketball with registration as a Musical Theatre major. This worked out well for her image in New York; she began to show up more in the theatre scene. Some even showed interest in her for a modeling career, but the white wolf was more interested in stage than the runway.

Her hiatus from basketball was short-lived, as her name had reached the coach of the Bobcats. The NYU coach, who had brought his scrappy team up in FCAA Division II, was looking for someone to push his team to the next level. When he discovered Nina was attending, he all but demanded she try out for the team.

The white wolf was brought on as starting point guard, and almost immediately started garnering national attention. Not only was she an amazing talent with her voice, and looks on stage, but she was a natural talent on the court. She’d also focused on her on court speed, remembering the snub from UConn.

By now she’d earned a full ride at NYU, and rumor was that they were being elevated to the Big East Conference in Division I for her junior year. Knowing this, UConn tried to offer a transfer to her based on her previous interest. The Huskies coach was under pressure after letting such a talent get away to what would soon be a conference rival. Lime was surprised and shocked at the renewed interest from her first choice, but turned them down. She insisted that she wanted to finish her major in musical theatre which wasn’t offered at UConn.

NYU did an amazing job finishing 3rd in the Big East in Nina's junior season, and moved on to the Big Dance, only to be destroyed by UConn in the second round. The match, the analysts observed, was far too personal for a new rivalry and a simple snub (or two). It inncluded some rather direct taunting at Nina by UConn players.

The defeat made Nina push harder for her senior year, and with some extra help from some younger players, the Bobcats managed second in the Big East. They lost out, again, to UConn, as it seemed the Huskies had both the Bobcats and Lime’s numbers. However, a #2 in the Big East, with their only two losses coming to the Huskies that earned them a #4 seed in the FCAA tourney. UConn as the #1 in the opposite bracket. If they were to play again, there was only one way to do it, for the national championship.

Personality wise, Nina is a leader, it’s her court, and she’s the alpha wolf. She’s good at barking out orders, but is an amazing team player as her assists show. She’s just as happy to pass off for an open shot as to drive into the rim. Her numbers from the woods are strong enough where she’s a kind of frightening point. Her numbers seem to fit more of a center, but she simply doesn’t have the size to elbow it out in the paint.

She’s been accused by rivals of being a diva, but if you ask her coaches and teammates, they’ll say that’s not the case. Lime has an intense drive for success, and it sometimes comes out harshly. But she’s the first to stop and help a downed teammate up, and she cares about the whole team. She has said in practice, “It’s not up to the star alone to make the winning production, it’s the whole ensemble. Stealing the spotlight can ruin the timing of the show.”

The biggest downside to Lime is her love of the stage. She was so busy with shows by her senior year that both rehersals and practices were having to be scheduled so she can attend both. She is quite often distracted during coaching sessions, and more than once has been caught repeating lines while dribbling on the court. But come game time, it’s showtime, curtains up, lights are on, and she’s all about putting on the best performance possible, including making sure her support looks as good as possible.

Lime’s also very concerned about her looks. Any minor blemish on her face causes her to freak out and is almost unusable until she’s convinced the problem is minor and can be amended later. Off the court and stage, when you can find the work-a-holic away from both, she’s all about fun, and loves to attend whatever parties she can. Even then, with her singing voice, she’s likely to start performing for the group. She’s best described as never off.

Her Nicknames coming from her love of stage “Limelight” and her phenomenal presence and numbers on court from her junior and senior years in school “the sublime” She’ll need to be shown how to relax and enjoy life, instead of working all the time.