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A catalogue of 'furryized' information to avoid copyright


Name Real Life Counterpart Notes
Andrill Android Pun on "mandrill"
Behemoth Energy Monster Energy
Bleats by Dr. Bray Beats by Dr. Dre
Budweasel Budweiser
Bunflop Dunlop Premiere tennis balls
Cheval No. 5 Chanel No. 5
Hyenaken Heineken Beer for people who have lost all their taste buds
Infuriade Gatorade
Meaties Wheaties Breakfast cereal for carnivores
Meow Drops Mio
oPad iPad
oPhone iPhone
oPod iPod
Pawtene Fur Conditioner Pantene
Preen Shampoo Prell Shampoo
Pupsi Pepsi
Rudder Budder Nutter Butter
Skitters Skittles
Snappers Snickers
Wrenheiser Sennheiser Audio company
Lambian Ambien Sleep Aid
Pandaade Powerade Koala Cola's rival to Pupsi's Infuriade
Koala Cola Coca Cola

Celebrities and Music

Name Real Life Counterpart Gender Species Notes
Alice in Chirrs Alice in Chains
Anne Bearell Anne Burrell Female Ursine
Justin Beaver Justin Bieber Male Beaver
Bearnie Burns Burnie Burns Male Brown Bear co-founder of Rooster Tooth
Bleatwood Buck Fleetwood Mac Goat
David Boweasel David Bowie Male Weasel 1/11/16 RIP StarWeasel
The Caracaldashians The Kardashians Caracal
Leopard Cohen Leonard Cohen Male Leopard
Crazy Jester Crew/Insane Clown Possums Insane Clown Posse
Russell Crow Russell Crowe Male Crow
Daft Skunk Daft Punk
London Doubletree Paris Hilton Female
Wolfgang Duck Wolfgang Puck Male Goose
Guy Fierretriever Guy Fieri Male Golden Retriever
Fleezer Weezer
Billy Foal Billy Joel Male Palomino
Froghat Foghat
Donahue Frump Donald Trump Male Mole Owner of the Albany Alphas
Fuse Muse
Girvana Nirvana
Great Big Seal Great Big Sea
Christopher Hawken Christopher Walken Male Hawk
Hedgehog Shrub Porcupine Tree
Henn and Sheller Penn and Teller Male and Male Chicken and Turtle
Harry Houndini Harry Houdini Male Vizsla
Billie Howliday Billie Holiday Female Brown Labrador
Jay-Zebra Jay-Z Male Zebra
Elkin John Elton John Male Elk
Ke$har-pei Ke$ha Female Shar-pei
Carole Kingfisher Carole King Female Belted Kingfisher
Lady BaaBaa Lady Gaga Female Sheep
Adam Lamb Adam Lambert Male Sheep
Dick Lark Dick Clark Male Lark
Dolphin Lundgren Dolph Lundgren Male Orca
Freddie Mercurat Freddie Mercury Male Rat
No Ducks No Doubt
Amanda Palmeerkat Amanda Palmer Female Meerkat
Serendipity's Garden Destiny's Child Bee
William Shorthair William Shatner Male Cat
Richard Simians Richard Simmons Male
Soundpasture Soundgarden
Charlie Spaniels Charlie Daniels Male Cocker Spaniel
Bruce Springsteed Bruce Springsteen Male Clydesdale
Swan Stefani Gwen Stefani Female Swan
Rod-ent Stewart Rod Stewart Male Rat
Taylor Swiftfox Taylor Swift Female Swift Fox
Alex Trhebok Alex Trebek Male Rhebok
Pat Servjak Pat Sajak Male Serval
Savanna White Vanna White Female Gazelle
Muttley Crüe Motley Crüe Males Canids
Impala Rickman Alan Rickman Male Impala 1/14/16 RIP
Judas Sphynx Judas Priest
Snoop Woof Snoop Dogg Male Grey Wolf
Wiz Koala Wiz Khalifa Male Koala
Bruno Markhor Bruno Mars Male Markhor
The Cruel Seagull The Cruel Sea
River Otter Band Little River Band
Pride Blood Royal Blood Lion
Fugeels Fugees Eel
K. Diddy P. Diddy Male Chimp
Skylar Grey-Wolf Skylar Grey Female Grey Wolf
David Fynch David Lynch Male Finch
Marlion Brando Marlon Brando Male Lion
Squirrelex Skrillex Male Squirrel
Ru'Starr RuPaul Male Rooster Host of Ru'Starr's Drag Race
Smashmaw Smashmouth
Johnny Cougar John Mellencamp Male Cougar Reference to Mellencamp's real life former stage name
Audrey Actius Audrey Luna Female Luna Moth

Media and Websites

Name Real Life Counterpart Notes
EweTube YouTube
Fleacher Report Bleacher Report
FMZ TMZ Largely considered sensationalism and trash reporting
FSPN or F-SPIN ESPN Stands for Furry Sports (International) Network
FurFlix NetFlix
The Last Of Furs The Last Of Us
RDSA RDS Réseau des sports animal (TFSN affiliate)
Resident Weevil Resident Evil
Sky Skype
Snoutbook Facebook
Swine Vine Posts of six-second video clips
TFSN TSN Stands for The Furry Sports Network (Canada's FSPN)
Tweeter Twitter Used interchangeably in practice
Warriors of the Depths (WotD) Defenders of the Ancients (DotA) It's super cereal.
World of Furcraft World of Warcraft
The Barking Dead The Walking Dead
Grand Theft Otter Grand Theft Auto
The Ostrich Awards The Academy Awards (Oscar) For achievements in Furrywood filmmaking


Name Real Life Counterpart Notes Logo
Calico Industries Coleco
Cuga Puma Athletic apparel company Image on center
Furriott / Marriotter Marriott
Nestin Westin
Lops Topps Trading cards
Nontetsu Nintendo
OMEN Technologies Apple or Microsoft OmenTech Industries
Padz Nike Athletic footwear and footcare Image on center
Platyplastics Specializes in niche products for uncommon species
Rooster Tooth Rooster Teeth
Snowfall Entertainment Blizzard Entertainment Video Game Company
Stocker Industries Brother Industries Electronics
Upper Duck Upper Deck Trading cards
Swyft Lyft Ride Sharing
Tuber Uber Ride Sharing
Canidas Adidas Athletic clothing and shoe company Image on center
Fedegu Express Federal Express Overnight delivery company

Athletic Apparel

Name Real Life Counterpart Notes Logo
Cuga Puma Image on center
Padz Nike Image on center
Springbok Reebok Image on center
Canidas Adidas Image on center
Air Healey Air Jordan Image on center
Under Armadillo Under Armour Image on center
Newt Balance New Balance Image on center
Aspics Asics 50px
Meowjestic Majestic Image on center
Dalmadora Diadora Image on center
Gisborne Canterbury Image on center
FSC ISC Image on center
Greymuzzle Sportswear Classic Sportswear Image on center
Dragon On Cotton On Image on center
X Claws X Blades Image on center


Name Real Life Counterpart Notes
Abercrombie and Finch Abercrombie and Fitch
Den Depot Home Depot
Pawmark Hallmark
Steerbucks Starbucks
WallahMart WalMart
Harris Trotter Harris Teeter Supermarket
Doggie Donuts Dunkin' Donuts
Tim Hooton's Tim Horton's


Name Real Life Counterpart Notes
Agouti Audi
Aston Marlin Aston Martin
Catillac Cadillac
Chevrelet Chevrolet
Codsworth Cosworth Furmula One engine manufacturer and former tuner company for Furd
Conda Honda
Foalden Holden
Furrari Ferrari
Furd Ford
Hyendai Hyundai
Lambboarghini Lamborghini
Horsche Porsche
Purrcedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz
Reynault Renault Pun on French car manufacturer Renault and the name for a male Fox "Reynard"
Subawoo Subaru
Tetra Tesla Electric carmaker founded by billionaire inventor/entrepreneur Elon Muskrat, name is play on the term "tetrapod"
Coyota Toyota
Vulpeswagen Volkswagen


Name Real Life Counterpart Location Notes
Badger King Burger King Nationwide Fast food
The Black Oak Pub Baltimore, MD Pub & brewery owned by Eldred Darragh's family
Butz Utz Hanover, PA Snack company
Gus' Gas and Grub Wichita, KS Truck stop and diner
Herdee's Hardee's Nationwide Fast food
Herd Rock Cafe Hard Rock Cafe International Restauraunt chain
High Noon Diner Little Pigs BBQ Williamsburg, VA Local diner
The Homely Hound Coyote Ugly Saloon Nationwide Chain of bars
Manny's Sports Bar and Grill Williamsburg, VA Local restaurant, doubles as unofficial Minutemen museum
The Oily Bastards Nashville, TN Opened by Paul Teronura and Barry Carpenter post-retirement
Ol' Smokey's BBQ Hut Nationwide National chain of BBQ fast food owned by Macon Waldrop
The Salt Lick The Salt Lick Austin, TX Exists in real life
Schuck's Black's Lockhart, TX Eli Schuck's family barbecue business, since 1932.
Shrimp Bucket Florida Local chain owned by Lily Rose's family
Waffle Grouse Waffle House Southern/East Coast Chain Diner fare


Name Real Life Counterpart Notes
Fressen Essen German city; it's funny in German, trust me
Habitat for Herbivores Habitat for Humanity
Karmic Kreations Tattoo parlor in Montreal, QC. Julian Cross-Kiraly's past workplace
Sups for Pups Charity providing meals to disadvantaged and at-risk youth
YKCA YMCA Youth Health organization and community centers