Robyn Moonnay

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Robyn Moonnay
(Bongo, F)
PAC Robyn Moonay.jpg
No. 31 – Free Agent
Position Forward
Species Bongo ( Bovidae )
Gender Female
Cash; Silver Dollar; Cha-Ching; Money Shot
Personal information
Born Albany, GA
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Listed weight 197 lb (89 kg)
Shoots Left
Career information
School Florida Everglade
FBA draft 2015 / Round: 2 / Pick: 26th overall
Selected by the Lorain Firestorm
Pro playing career 2015–present
Career history
2015-2017 Lorain Firestorm
2019-present Bangor Tides
Contract information
Contract year 2015
2020 Salary $1 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Unknown
(OOC) Creator Akkarri
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Even as a calf, Robyn was noted for her athleticism and love of sports at school, often trying any new school yard game or sport when she could, and always working to be the best. But that was only the half of it. At home she would often play with the neighborhood kids, constantly working to be stronger, faster, and better than everyone. Some of this was due to inspiration from her grandfather who had played Tennis professionally back in his prime, as well as her mother who was a high school and college track star. Thus she had plenty of inspiration even within her own family to be the best athlete she could be. As such, she was frequently one of the first picked to participate in sports and games at school, or at the local basketball court. Eventually as she neared middle school, she started to settle into her two sport loves: Track and Basketball.

Once in high school, Robyn immediately tried out and was accepted to participate in both the track and basketball teams. She was noted as one of their best hurdles and mid distance runners, and an exceptional Small Forward for their varsity basketball team. With the support of her athletic mother and grandfather, as she continued to improve in both her speed and skill, eventually becoming one of her team's best players. Even so, she worked hard to balance her time between studies and a part time job at a comic books store, getting familiar with all sorts of comics, as well as various board games that they often sold and held tournaments for. Even as such, she did participate in those as a unique challenge for herself, never really winning compared to the hard core players, but still, she was proud of what she was able to do even there as a hobby. But with her dedication to the sport and her natural athletic abilities she was able to be noticed by Florida Everglade and managed to land a partial athletic scholarship for their basketball program to help supplement what she and her parents were able to pay to send her to college.

While at Florida Everglade, she took up a major in Interior Design while she started working to play even harder and further with some of the best athletes attending Florida Everglade. There she showed off her unique combination of speed and aggressiveness on the court and was slowly making herself a force to be reckoned with on the Everglade lineup. On the side, she was also noted as one of the better Game / Dungeon Masters in the dorms, often holding her own little tournaments, or her own weekly gaming nights with other students as a way to relax. That was beyond just her impressive collection of games she had collected of everything including various card games, table top games, to full pen and paper games. But by the time Junior year and Senior year were approaching, some of that had slowly become less a part of her time due to the demands of the final classes, their homework, and the long days of practice and extra practices that the coaches had been putting several of them through, as they tried to groom them into a championship bound team. As such, in her final two years, they did make a surprise division title, and a good run to the championship in her senior year. As she approached graduation, she was gaining notice by the various team and media scouts for her energy, aggressiveness, and speed on the court, and eventually was approached about her interest in the upcoming draft. After some time thinking about it, it might be a way to show her grandfather that the makings of champs was still in the family and soon she was more than happy to accept the chance to be put into the pool for the 2015 FBA Draft. So with the future in mind, will we be hearing her favorite swish catch phrase of 'Making it rain,' come into use in the FBA?


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