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A Gentle Reminder
Written by Blades and MartineauQC

Ash merely sighed, packing up his duffle bag. Should've been winnable in his eye but...why couldn't they just get it done on the road? Though not a boil over in anger today...he just seemed out of it.

While on the other hand, François Martineau was in high spirit this evening. Pulling a big performance after a sub par season in the eyes of many experts, he felt relieved that he was able to pull through. The doggo was getting dressed again after he put on a thankful tweet was he was soon on his way to head out The Arena, after the usual Post press talk.

Ash kept mostly quiet around the press. Another game that was 'Nothing to write home about' in his mind...Nothing terrible either but, in the end what was left to say? Just another game.

When all was set and done, François saluted his teammates as he headed to the backstage area where typically teams cross each other's on their way out, either from personal cars or team buses.

Ash was of course among the Tides, duffle bag slung over his shoulder. He seemed to be engaged in a little mindless small talk with his teammates. As he walked he accidentily bumped into Francois. "What the..." looking up to the dog "Oh...sorry dude."

François blinked. "Oh hey Bonsoir Ash" He said, as friendly and courteous a french-canadian can be. "Good game tonight."

Ash sighed a bit in relief, with Francois' reaction "Thanks dude...personally though felt a little more like my C game than my A game..." his North Carolinan drawl still notable present in his tone.

"Still with the good old chip on the shoulder huh?" Francois mused, as he would lean along the corridor's wall.

"A bit yeah....more just...bein' true to thine own self as Shakespeare put it. Don't wanna get too comfy and just start coastin' along an' all."

"Well with everything that been happening recently you been doing everything but being soft." He replied.

Ash sighed "Well never had too much a choice in life with that. Not that i'm 'bouta read my biography to ya, they seemed ta' spell it all out on my draft night."

"Hmm..draft...seems like a while a had mine, even if it been like a couple of years..." Francois reflected. You landed at the right place. It was nice seeing Lance again, after what went on in the Olympics.."

"I...I don't even wanna remember that game..." Ash seeming viseraly uncomfortable over the mention of that match. "However...much as I am a 'Make your own luck' type, Gettin' drafted to Bangor after meetin' Lance did feel like the stars and sky linin' up for me."

"Good things comes to those who waits. I am thankful if my journey thus far. I be forever thankful of Texas and Edmonton. Still feel surreal I'm at that point of my career right now."

"Guess for me it's like...i've had so many close scrapes can I really afford to wait? I know how quickly life can just well...pull the curtain on ya. I might not even have that time for all I know."

Francois pauses. "Ash, seems to me you got everything you deserved after all you went through."

"I" Ash taking a minute "Maybe you're right...I just don't wanna get complacent. Especially with everythin' behind this season...I...I can barely remember when I felt more of an...what's the word...Onus to it all."

"You a FBA player, drafted in one hell of a team, on his way to be a great one, with people that cares for you, like an sweet adorable lil sister." He smiled. "You got nothing else to fight Ash. You won. You made it." The doggo pats the raccoon on his shoulder.

"Maybe not nothin' to fight totally though. No one gets the Healey without a fight. But...I...I think I see what you're gettin' at. Look at the good things I got." Ash finally cutting a bit of a smile.

"See? I mean a healey we all fight for it it's all.part of our career. But for the rest..You need to let those past grudges already surmounted them."

Ash was quiet for a good couple minutes. "I...maybe...just maybe you're right...I guess it's like I have all these good things and just...didn't want let anyone or anything takin' that away from me. Ya go through life losin' so much, you just don't wanna let go."

"Hey sometimes it takes alot to get where we want, But it can take just as much to see we already there." Francois smile, happy to be the one giving some young inspiring stars some advice.

"I...wouldn't a' thought of it like that. Guess I keep gettin' caught up in the mind of it's still the street life. And...from there's to here's so far so...guess I should be proud."

François looked into his bag, then pulled a special Kevin Malka bobblehead from the evening promo. "Here, for your sister."

Ash's eyes lit up "Thanks! She's gonna love this i'm sure!"

Francois nods as he about to part ways. "It's a pleasure. Take care of yourself Ash, puis bonne soirée"

"I' my best. Promise Francois. Best of luck this season..."

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