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Agent of Opportunity: Shifting Priorities
Written by FadedForest and HerrWozzeck

Lukasz observed the hall outside the visitor’s locker room, noting the lack of reporters. Perhaps they were more interested in Dakota ending their losing streak, rather than the road team that lost. Regardless, he stepped into the locker room. His foot tapped as he scanned the room, most the Arctics’ players were already gone.

And then, after a second, he saw Ruqayya sitting off in the far corner. She spoke in hushed words to Kilisimasi, the large Huon tree kangaroo leaning on the locker. Kilisimasi patted her shoulder gently, offering some hushed words to her. The hedgehog blinked once; after a second, though, her eyes widened. Perhaps realizing that the meaning of the blink would be lost on the tree kangaroo, she nodded instead. The tree kangaroo smiled, before closing his locker door and draping his gym bag over his shoulders. Some more words were exchanged between the two, and then the larger man turned, walking away from the scene.

Lukasz watched him go, before he stepped towards Ruqayya. “You seemed lost on that court.”

Ruqayya jolted, looking up at Lukasz. She then bowed her head, pulling her hijab closer. “I was…” She shook her head, standing up and walking to the agent. “Still so unused to all of this. It is… chaos, everywhere.”

“Here I figured you’d have gotten used to it by now,” Lukasz replied.

“So much travel…” Ruqayya frowned at Lukasz. “You did not tell me there was so much travel.”

“Well… you’ll get used to it, Ruqayya,” he said. “Either way, you had a rough performance on the court. I expect you to correct that.”

Ruqayya frowned, looking up at Lukasz. “Is that all you came to do?” she asked. “My… my coach says that.”

“Not quite,” said Lukasz. “But I did want to tell you I will be a while. Meet with Abdul Hadi outside of the locker rooms.”

Ruqayya’s frown deepened. “Limaada?” she asked.

“I have some business to attend to,” said Lukasz. “And unfortunately, it may require me to stay away for a while.” Lukasz nodded. “Anyway, I wanted to ensure you were adjusting. I haven’t had a chance to talk in a long while. I hope everything is alright.”

Ruqayya sighed. “I am… tired,” she said. “Still not used to travel.”

“Well, you do have it rougher than some,” said Lukasz. “But again, you’ll get used to it.” He then patted Ruqayya on the shoulder. “I will see you at dinner, Ruqayya.”

The hedgehog blinked once as Lukasz turned around. As he walked out of the locker room, though, the dormouse could not help but feel her glare fix itself on his back.

Lukasz navigated the winding corridors of Sofawolf Stadium, Ruqayya was only a faint thought in his mind right now. The hedgehog could handle a few reporters on her way out, most only had a vague interest in her anyway, without him. Right now, he had far more important things to worry about.

The crowd of reporters tipped him off. They could only be one camping out one place, the Biker’s locker room. He joined the group of reporters, blending in while scanning between the reporters for his target.

Finally, he caught a glimpse of the weasel, he had stood up and was heading away from the reporters.

It was just the opportunity he needed.

Lukasz needed to intercept Matthew while he was alone. Technically this area was restricted to media and Dakota personal, but that had never stopped Lukasz. The worst they would do is escort him out, but this business had far more reward than that minor risk.

He broke away from the group and followed Matthew around the corner. He quickened his pace, attempting to close the gap between the two, only for Matthew push open a door and enter a room.

Lukasz went to follow, only to stop upon seeing the lettering on the door ‘Trainer’s Room.’ Now that was a roadblock. The dormouse could only stare at the offending door, as even media personnel were restricted from going in there. If he tried to entered he would be immediately thrown out and this trip would be for naught.

He thus leaned back, planting his back against the nearby wall as he waited by the door.

Multiple furs came and went. He ignored them and they mostly ignored him, or only gave a passing glance. After about fifty minutes, the weasel emerged, a towel draped over his shoulder and popping his neck. The dormouse followed Matthew with his gaze, still propped against the wall.

“Strange habit, for a young player to go straight for the trainer’s room and for so long right after the game,” Lukasz began as the weasel drew close.

Matthew came to a stop a few feet from Lukasz, he gazed down towards the dormouse. “Not really,” he said, pausing before continuing. “I find it strange more don’t, it’s worth the time to protect your body.”

“Well, some do not share the ambition and foresight others can share,” Lukasz replied. He watched the minute changes in Matthew’s expression, his eyes squinted, and a slight raise in his brow. Good, the weasel was curious. Lukasz smirked and pushed off of the wall. “I think you are likely wondering what I am doing here.”

The weasel glanced over his suit, looking for a media badge, “Obviously you aren’t a reporter…so what does that make you?” He asked.

“Someone who might be able to aid you.” Lukasz stepped forward. “I am Lukasz Abrahamovicz. I’m an agent, you see.”

Matthew assessed the dormouse in front of him before speaking again. “I haven’t heard of you, and I would know if you represent any of my teammates. Just how did you get back here?”

“Well, one of my clients played opposite you tonight,” he said. “You probably would not know her very well, but she will become known in time. After all, I did bring her here from Lebanon, when hardly anyone had heard of her.” Lukasz nodded. “You may not quite know me yet, but I have plenty of experience in the EFBL, and I do know how to get things done.”

The weasel crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. “And just what can you ‘get done’ that will aid me?” Matthew asked.

“Well, I wish to offer you my services,” Lukasz answered. “I hear you are going into a contract renegotiation next offseason, yes?”

“Correct, my rookie contract expires in June,” Matthew replied.

“Then I can negotiate any new contract that comes your way, find you a good team,” said Lukasz. “After all, you do show some star-making potential, I think. You showed as much on the court tonight.”

Matthew stared at him, in silent thought. His paw went up to his chin as he thought out loud. “I will need someone to oversee contract negotiations...” He muttered, though not soft enough for Lukasz to hear. A small frown settled on his muzzle. “But I’m not looking for someone who’s just gonna pat my back, or ride my coattails. I want someone who’s gonna fight for me.”

“And you will indeed get that,” said Lukasz. “I fought to get a poor girl with no professional experience into this league, I believe you can “make a good bet” that I will fight for you.” He paused, glancing to the side. “That is how the Americans say it, yes?”

The weasel nodded, “Yet it is a pretty big bet for me to make. I’ll be twenty-four this free agency. At best I’ll have two or three contract negotiations in my career.”

“Then you best make a good choice, yes?” Lukasz asked. He then produced his card. “Here is my contact information. I can forward you a contract for my services promptly, if you wish.”

Matthew extended his paw and grasped the card. He scanned over it before replying. “I will think about it...and get back to you.”

“Excellent.” He then bowed his head. “I look forward to hearing back from you, Mr. Silvius.”

Matthew watched the dormouse walk around the corner. With the dormouse no longer in sight, he began walking back to the locker room. At least until he came across trash bin. He stopped and reached towards it, ready to throw the card out...only to pause inches from the opening. He pulled his paw back and looked once again at the card in his palm, “...Lukasz, huh,” he muttered.

He twirled the card between his fingers, deep in thought. Deciding to head back, he slid the card into his pocket for later.

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