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Aviators in Action (FCAA Round 1)
Written by Kyuji

The Northeast regon's top seed, Pinion State, found itself in a tense battle with sixteenth-seeded FurMass early Friday, and for a long stretch of time it looked as though they would be the second one seed to fall to a sixteen, with FurMass about to join Baltimore Bay as the most legendary of underdogs.

It took about thirty-three seconds late in the game for that dream to die.

Saphira Kelley (Blue Ocean Slug, G) scored 32 points, including a personal 9-0 run during a pivotal stretch in the final two minutes, and Pinion State avoided a disaster of epic proportions, beating FurMass by a final score of 101-94. Kelley also added ten assists and a steal, leading all scorers in the game. However, her unusually sloppy ball control (seven turnovers) led to several additional chances for FurMass to stay in the game.

With 1:20 remaining, FurMass had just scored to led 91-90. Kelley drained a three-pointer to put the Aviators back on top. She stole the inbounds pass and drained a second three, and following a missed three from FurMass, drove toward the hoop and finished a tough and-one shot from about seven feet. After rattling home the free throw, the clock stood at 47.6 seconds and Pinion State led 99-91. FurMass drained a quick three, and following a pair of free throws from Aviators small forward Kieran Langford, FurMass got the ball back for one last possession, missing two threes before the rebound was tipped out to Kelley. She dribbled out the clock, sealing the win.

"That was one of the most fun games I've played all season," Kelley said following the game. "And we've played six of the top sixteen seeds in this tourney. FurMass came to play and they gave us an amazing battle. Props to Gracelyn Walls (African Lion, G) for a tough matchup on the court." Pinion State plays defending national champion Winchester University on Sunday. In addition, following the completion of tonight's game, Pinion State is the only one-seed to advance to round two.

March Madness is in full swing, folks. We went from one 16 defeating a 1 in the over seventy years of the FCAA, to having three of them in one year. No team is a lock in any sense of the word anymore. Embrace the chaos.

-Arun Jamison, Snowhoot Media

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