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Being Cared For
Written by Blades

Home opener said, done and won for the Tides...Now Ash found himself laid down on his couch, hot pack around his neck. It was just a crick but getting hurt on the court always looks worse than it actually is. Now he had his family insisting he lay down and let them take care of him. Suzanne of course was sitting right next to him, keeping a constant vigil over him. She'd even brought some of her favorite plushies down to keep him company.

As Ash began to sit up he felt Suzanne gently try pushing him back down "No, no Ashley...please...just stay down, you're hurt." Her voice kind and sincere, somewhat begging even.

Ash sighed, seeming slightly miffed but relenting to his sister's request "Okay, okay Suzie...i'll stay down." Laying back down, head sinking into the pillow. It always drove him a bit off the wall, sitting around and doing nothing but if it kept Suzanne happy...he supposed it was worthwhile. "I'll be good...I promise."

Suzie smiled. "Good." giving him another pillow, fluffing it a bit. "Are ya comfy?"

Ash just sighed again with a smile. "Plenty comfy...thank you Suzie." giving her a pat on the head. "Did I tell you you're the world's best little sister?"

"You just did Ashley!"

"Oh yeah, silly me!" chuckling now. "I'm sure you'll have be back to perfect health in no time." playing along with her need to play doctor so to speak.

"Of course you'll be!" Suzie pulling a sucker from her bag. "And good patients get rewarded." offering it to her big brother.

Ash smiled taking the sucker. "Mmmm...strawberry. That's always a good one." smiling as he popped it in his mouth. "Could I get a sticker too?"

"Of course. Later though. For now though, you keep on resting..." Suzie climbing up onto the couch and pulling a blanket over him.

"Did the Tides' staff pay ya to make sure I didn't go stressin' my neck out?"

"No...I promise they didn't."

"Coulda had me fooled..." chuckling a bit. For Ash this was an odd thing, being cared for and watched over. So used to keeping watch over was oddly comforting to have this little role reversal. Even if it's just play pretend. One would see a genuine smile on his face as he drifted off for a little nap.

About an hour later...

Ash awoke to a knock at the front door. "Oh...that's gotta be Arex." starting to sit up.

"Ashley...please...please stay down."

"Please Suzie...just let me get the door. I promise i'll stay down the rest of the night." "Promise?" looking at him with pleading eyes.


"Okay Ashley...go on."

Ash now standing up and walking to the door, heat pack still around his neck. He smiled as he opened the door seeing Arex. His order from Soup Plantation in hand. " dude! Came through like always."

"Well...of course I did. Why would I not?" Arex answered with a smile, the okapi noticing the pack around Ash's neck. "Are you feeling any better?"

"Yeah...This is more a precaution than anything. I'll be good for practice tomorrow."

"That is good to hear." handing him the order.

"And...thank ya kindly for gettin' me this. Suzie'd about have my hide if I tried driving."

Arex seemed to wince a little bit at that remark.

"Oh...not serious at all, promise." Ash going to assuge the okapi. "Shoulda thought that one through a little..."

"It is you rest okay?"

"Don't worry...Suzanne'll make sure of that." chuckling lightly "See you tomorrow for practice!"

Arex smiled and nodded, walking back to his car.

In the meantime Ash headed back to his couch, sitting down ready to eat. Suzanne however was holding him to his promise. "Alright Ashley, lay back down!"

"Suzie, I gotta eat though..."

" promised..."

"How am I gonna eat this though?"

Suzanne thought for a minute, then eyes lighting up a bit. "I think I know...Also, I think you need a new heat pack..." feeling the pack on his neck. "I'll be right back, okay Ashley? Don't move!" scampering off to the kitchen quickly, returning with a fresh heat pack and a tray "Now...let's get you propped up and comfy." Wrapping the new pack around his neck.

Ash gave in to his sister's 'care' laying back down and resting his head down on the several pillows set down for him. Suzanne set the tray up and put his food on it. you can eat." smiling now.

The angle was a little awkward but not unworkable. After he'd finished eating, he looked to the cookie. White chocolate and macadamias, a real treat for him. However...he thought someone deserved a little something too. "Hey Suzie...get over here." Breaking the cookie in half and handing her a piece "For takin' such good care of your big brother..." Her eyes seemed to light up at the cookie, munching it happily. "Hey, how 'bout we put one of your favorite movies?"

"Really? You'd watch it with me."

"Of course...I am stuck on bedrest until practice tomorrow so, not like I got much else to do."

Suzie pulled the blanket back on Ash. "Good point Ashley." Rearranging the plushies she'd brought down for him in his arms.

"Again...sure the Tides' staff didn't pay you off to make sure I didn't do anything stupid?"


"Was gonna say....maybe they should." patting her head, ruffling her hair a bit. "You've done a good job keepin' me on bedrest for the night."

Suzie smiled happily. "I always be here for you brother. Now c'mon, we'll watch that movie." going over to the shelf by the tv, picking out her favorite flick.

Later that night...

Ash looked away from the screen as the movie got into the last act. He'd see Suzanne curled up at the other end of the couch, almost into a ball. He just smiled at the sight before him. Sleeping peacefully...This time however, he'd also get to sleep peacefully. Something he was still getting used to. "Like before...i'll always protect you protected me tonight." finally drifting off with a smile on his face.

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