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Written by beatos3

James was half-asleep sitting in his Living room. It was late in the night but caliber was still up watching a typical horror movie like he always does but who knew that this night would the end and the start of his dreams.

The volume was up a little to high but James a little to drowsy notice, but not drowsy enough to not notice the knock on his door “ughh at three in the morning” he mumbled getting off the oh so comfy couch and stumbling towards the door unlocking it and opening it “CREEK~” there in the doorway stood Viviana his girlfriend “Uhh, babe the sun isn’t even up yet” he mumbled. “James. We need to talk. Like, now” she sounded mad like, really Really mad.

“So uh what’s up?” He said curiously. “Is there something you want to tell me James? Or are you just going to play dumb like always.” James’s ears perked up high but he’s pretty sure his body knows more than he does at this point. “First of all. Ouch, and second of all I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She sighed and grabbed her phone unlocking it and showing him a news story

FBA D-LEAGUE ROOKIE JAMES CALIBER SEEN KISSING HIS TRAINER AT A LOCAL BAR she scrolled down to show him picture of him with his trainer... another women.

She put the phone down and looked at him with disgust while he looked back with a pure ‘I just got caught oh sh%#’ face on. “Uhhh I can explain” “HOW could you do this to me?! I gave you my love and you go out and lie to my face!” She said as tears started to roll down her ocean blue cheek. “we are done you ASSHOLE” she started to get up “wait please! It won’t happen again!” He exclaimed but she was already out the door. Gone. He sat there dumbfounded his snout in his hands, trying to think what he could’ve done to make this all go away then out of know where his phone started ringing, he picked it up sighing at the sight of an unknown number “probably just AI” he said still choking on his words but he decided to answer it because what else could go wrong. He tapped the green button and put it up to his ear “hey kid we need you to come to the fba draft, we expect to see you there in style. good day” caliber mind was out the window, what the fuck just happened, Why isn’t he happy? This should be great but it just doesn’t rebound the fact that the most important part of his life just walked out the door, and is never coming back....

Featured Characters

James caliber Fba rookie. German Shepherd++ Viviana gallaraga James’s ex. dolphin ++unknown name James’s trainer. Fruit bat

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