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Cloricia "Tex" Teixeira: To Start a New 11
Written by Wolfnumber9

March 24th 2019: I’m proud of you.

I knocked on the door before I walked into my dad’s room. It was night time, the room was dark, and the only light he had on was the TV light. Still, after almost a month out of the hospital, he wasn’t good. When we picked him up from the hospital, the doctor said he overdosed on something. He was unconscious...but they brought him back. I’m still mad at him. Is that wrong for me to say? To be mad at this old coyote that was hooked up to all these different machines and can do nothing but lay in bed all day?...It was hard seeing him like this. Most of my teammates said I was real quiet these past few weeks...the team is doing good and I’m happy, it’s just...I went in the room and sat next to him. I had a plate with a sandwich on it and his afternoon pills. He slowly turned his head and looked at me.

“Papa?” I called to him. “Hey, papa? I got you some dinner here. Teresa made it. It’s nice and soft so you can chew it with..”

I looked down on the floor. I just remembered what this idiot has been doing these past few days as I saw a few of his pills on the floor and some under the bed. He’s not taking his medicine again.

“, What the fuck?” I said as I placed the sandwich down on the nightstand. He then looked away from me and looked at the TV.

“Hello?!” I yelled. “Dad! Are you taking your pills?!”

“I think…” he uttered in his week voice. “I think it’s coming…”

“What?! What is coming?! You’ve been saying that for the past month now and I’m sick of it! All my life dad! All my life I have to keep watching after you like you’re the child here! And I’m getting sick of it! Take the goddamn pills! Nothing is coming! What...are you expecting mom or some shit?! Well guess what?! She’s not coming back! You drove her away long ago with your stupid…!” I stopped...a single tear fell down his face. I just sat back and sighed.

“I’m sorry…” I said. “Papa, please...just take you pills. We are trying to help you. We love you, okay?”

He still didn’t look at me. He just stared at the TV some more. Barely even blinked.

“Dad, what are you even watching?” I asked.

“You.” He said.

I was very confused and just threw my hands on my face. He’s freaking lost it. Hell, maybe I have too. I just don’t know what to do anymore. But then, the TV spoke.

“And a big change for the Mayors this game is that due to injuries, bench player Cloricia Teixeira will be in the starting line up against the Moonshiners.”

“Wait…” I said as I looked at the TV. It was an FBA of my FBA games.

“Wait.” I continued. “Papa? Is this the…”

“My favorite game.” He said. “I watched it...I recorded it...put it on a CD.” He then slowly scooted over a little and placed his paw on the bed. “Will you...will you watch it with me?”

I was stunned. He...he actually watched this game. My best game. I looked at him and still couldn’t believe it. The man who went back and forth in saying he loved me and saying that I would never be anything actually had a recording of my best game.

“Yes.” I Said.

At that moment I looked right in his eyes and he looked at mine. We shared a smile. I walked over to the bed and sat next to him. He held my hand and looked back at the TV with that same smile. The game was exactly how I remembered it. It was tough, scary, and fantastic all at the same time. Wendy, Josh, and I were on a roll and my dad and I had the best talks during the whole thing. He kept asking me questions about how I felt, what was I thinking, and I answered them all. He was so...just interested in it. We even laughed together at some of the plays. We even saw my clutch shot that tied the game up and sent us into overtime. I still watched it in awe, but my dad said something I never would’ve expected. He simply said: “You were born to take that shot.” Soon, the video ended with the final words: “And there you have it folks! The Huntsville Mayors were able to take the victory over the Tennessee Moonshiners with a big help from Cloricia, tonight’s player of the game!” And it ended. The screen just paused at a picture of me celebrating with the crowd. My dad and I sat silent on the bed after that. I honestly didn’t know what to say at that point. Honestly, I was still surprised he had even watched the game, let alone recorded it. Then, he spoke.

“You have your mother’s smile.” He said. All I did was look at him and smile. “Tell me please...What were you thinking about after that game?”

“Honestly…” I began. “I never told anyone this but...I was thinking of you and mom...I just had this image in my head of you two just looking at me...smiling.”

“I think I know why…”

“You do…?”

He took a deep breath and spoke. “When you were 7. The divorce was final. Your mom was gone. It was just us...I had lost another job and we were in danger of losing the house again...I then remembered promised me something. You said you were going to be a big FBA legend. That you were gonna make so much money and be so famous that you were gonna pay all the bills and...and…”

“And I was gonna bring mom back.” I Said. It hit me. All this time, all the crazy bullshit I did, all the work I’ve done, it was actually that promise I made that was keeping me going.

“It was all my fault.” My dad continued. “I was so wrapped up in my failures that I did nothing to help you reach your goal...all I did was make it worse, make you worry...I was just trying to be the provider that your mother wanted me to be...the provider I promised...that I’d promised I’d be for her...for you.” He then held my hand tighter and put another hand on my shoulder. “ little angel, I’m so sorry...I’m sorry for the way I acted, the way I treated you, and I know this was all my fault and I don’t blame you for being mad at me, but before it’s too late...before it’s too late I want you to know...that I’m proud of you. I’m proud of what you have done, I’m proud of what you have become, and I’m proud to call you my daughter...always remember that you, Cloricia, are the strongest one out of all of us, and I know you will do great things in your future...”

He...actually said it. He really said it. After all the cursing and drinking and the court case and the necklace and the hospital...he really said. He said...he was proud of me. Everything in my life, every fucking thing I did...was for this moment...and he actually gave it to me. I couldn’t hold back my tears as I laid down on his lap and cried. I kept trying to say thank you and I love you But the emotions were too much for me. I could barely speak, but, as if he somehow understood me, he said:

“I love you too...Promise me that you won’t make the same mistakes I did...take care of Teresa...and be sure you are willing to sacrifice everything for her...something I failed to do.”

“I promise dad…”

“That’s my little angel…”

March 25, 2019

He died in his sleep...I woke up early with my alarm and stared at his lifeless body for what seemed like forever. I had...I didn’t know what else to do...So I laid back down on his lap, crying and holding his hand tight. Teresa came in and...I told her to just leave me...I couldn’t leave him...Teresa understood and sat down on the other side of the bed. After a while, I looked up at Teresa and said:

“He said he was proud of me…”

“I know baby.” Teresa answered.

“Ya know,” I continued. “I always said I didn’t want to be anything like him. All I could think about was all the terrible and stupid things he did and I just hate him for it...but I never stopped to think that maybe...maybe he hated himself much more...he killed himself because he couldn’t live with himself…”

“Don’t do that Tex.” Teresa interrupted. “Don’t look at him like that. You will never forgive yourself. Think of the great things he did. Think of all the fun we had together, that’s what we have to do, cause...cause if all we do is look at the bad, we’re just gonna all end up at the same bad place…See him for what he wanted to be Tex. Remember him as your dad...cause he was my dad too.”

“....I miss him Teresa.”

“I miss him too.”

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