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Cloricia "Tex" Teixeira: To Start a New 12
Written by Wolfnumber9

April 24, 2019: To Start a New Life

Today was honestly a real busy day. Teresa and I started it off by eating at Lenny’s because we are trash and want a trashy breakfast. Teresa has been eating healthier too, she’s been doing real good. She even lost some weight...does it show? No, but she’s fine. I love her no matter what size she is. After breakfast, we finally got to talk to this girl named Maggie. She’s the head of this program that’s gonna help us open the camp this summer. I remember her asking me why I wanted to open the camp so bad and the question really affected me. In a good way though, it’s just...I really didn’t have an answer a couple years back, but now it just felt like everything in my life was just so clear. I told her that basketball has done so much for me and it was something that kept me out of the trouble that was going on in these streets. When things are their worst for me, basketball was my outlet. I just like to share my love for the game with others and love seeing people reach their goals. That’s why I want this camp.

Long story short, we got approved and we needed to start employing people immediately, but that was a problem for another day. Today we had to do something else, something I didn’t know how I would really react to. With my father’s passing, I was left with our old house in Holyoke. So, we had to decide what we we’re going to do with, but we just had to go visit it again even though it might be our last visit.

When we arrived, Teresa and I got out and stood in front of this disaster home we grew up in. The paint was worn out, the grass in the front yard was patchy, one window was still broken, the only thing that was in good shape was the small metal fence surrounding the house.

“’s just like I remembered it.” Said Teresa.

“You think the cockroaches are still there?” I asked. “You know my dad was to lazy to finally kill them.”

Teresa and I just laughed and then we kissed and then we finally entered this old house. The floor creaked a lot when we entered, but looking inside, the house was not that big of a mess. It really had all of our old stuff. The furniture, the pictures, papa’s TV, all of it. I don’t think I need to mention that a bunch of memories were racing through my head and I bet the same was happening for Teresa.

“Hey Tex! Come look!” Said Teresa. I couldn’t find her at first, but then I figured she was probably in my old room. I walked in to see her staring at the corner of the room. “Look what I found, hehe.”

I looked past all my stupid posters to see a craving on the wall. Looks like I did it with a knife...why the fuck would I...anyway, I read the carving out loud.

“Fuck school. Do drugs. By Tex and Tes.” I read.

“Jeez, we thought we were so bad ass.” Said Teresa.

“What do you mean ‘thought’? We were totally rad.”

“Tex, please, I already feel old enough, hehe.”

We chuckled some more and then sat on the bed together. The bed creaked and moaned like it was going to break. I smirked at Teresa.

“Yea Yea, I’m a big girl now, whatever.” She said laughing.

“You’re sexy baby. Don’t let anyone tell you different...besides, we can really break this bed later, haha!”

We shared another laugh and she leaned on me and I held her tight. Then, I felt the seriousness of the situation and I could sense that Teresa did too.

“Tex, What are we gonna do with this place?” Said Teresa.

I sat there and really thought for a moment. We can’t live here. Too far from Plymouth and plus I might not even be here next year...but then it hit me. A feeling that I never really thought I would feel ever. Just the feeling of clarity that I was searching for for years finally came through.

“Let’s sell it.” I said.

“...are you sure? Look at all this stuff Tex? We can just throw it away.” Said Teresa

“We can...Teresa it’s just time to let go. To move on to something better, start a new.”

“To start a new what?”

“To start a new life...Teresa, I’m going to retire from the FBA.”

“Wait, What?”

“ I said, I want to start something new. I still love the game, but playing is just, not really what drives me anymore.”

“Wow Tex, um, are you sure?”

“Yea, I’m sure.”

“So...What are you gonna do next season?”

“Would it be a crazy idea if I said ‘be a coach’?”

“Ooooooh, So you want to boss people around? Typical Tex.”

“Oh shut up. Hehe.”

“So, the great Cloricia is what does her sexy agent do then, huh?”

“Well...she could be my wife.”

“...wait...are you…”

I then got off the bed and went down on one knee in front of Teresa. She covered her muzzle with both hands in shock and I saw her eyes water. I began to speak.

“Teresa, have always been there for me. When times were good or bad, I always went to you for help, for comfort, or just to have a good time. With all the dumb boys I was with, it always just felt wrong, like something was missing. All this time, that something was you. And of all the crazy and stupid things we did in this house, how about the last crazy thing we do is agree to spend the rest of our lives together.”

In the back of my pocket, I pulled out the ring I’ve been hiding from her for weeks now. I was nervous to finally say these words, but nothing felt more right in my we go:

“Teresa Rodriguez...will you marry me?”

“YES! YES! A MILLION TIMES YES!” She screamed.

We kissed and then I placed the ring on her finger...ya know, it was kinda funny how years and years ago we sat in this room and gossiped and imagined what our weddings would be like. All leading up to this I guess. Like a perfect end to a story.

“Oh my gosh!” Teresa screamed. “We’re actually married! Holy shit Cloricia! I love you so much!”

“I love you too! Oooh, babe, we’re gonna have the best wedding!”

“And get our own house!”

“And we’ll go where ever we want! Do whatever we want!”

“And we’ll have a baby, and be mothers!”

“And we’ll…” I paused after I realized what Teresa just said. “Wait what?”

“...shit, did I say that out loud?”

“You want to have a baby?”

“You know what? Fuck it. day, I want to have a child of our own. I know the doctors are gonna have to do that probing shit to me and I already am trying to lose weight cause I know pregnancy is just gonna fatten me up again and I know kids are expensive and…”

“No…” I interrupted. “I’ll make sure of it.”

“Wait what?...Okay, we’ve been saying that too much.” Said Teresa.

“Hehe, Yea, I...I will get pregnant or adopt or do anything...for us…now I’m not doing it now and probably not next year day, I’ll do that for you.”

“Aw Tex, you don’t have to if…”

“No, no. Teresa you have done so much for me. Let me do this. I promise, I will do it one day.”

“...You promise.”

“I promise. Love you Chica.”

“Love you too Tex.”

We were going to go in for another kiss, but Teresa’s phone rang and she quickly grabbed it out of her pocket.

“Teresa, baby, can you please ignore that? We’re kinda having a moment here.”

“Yes, I know, sorry it’s just...the people at the office said that we should be aware that the other number on your dad’s will might call us. I didn’t think they would but…”

“Wait, The will? Teresa, the only other number on the will was…”

I suddenly realized why she wanted to answer the phone. Teresa just smiled and gave the phone to me. I was stunned and didn’t know what to say, but I answered the phone just so I wouldn’t miss the call.

“H...hello?” I answered.

“Hi, um…” A female voice answered. “Could I...could I speak to Cloricia Teixeira please?”


“Hi little angel.”


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