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Cloricia "Tex" Teixeira: To Start a New 8
Written by Wolfnumber9

January 17th 2019: Eat, love, play, and eat

“Alright folks, that’s the end of the video, I want to thank the lovely Cloricia for helping us out and showing us some dribble moves, anything you want to say before we sign off?”

“Oh yea...I got something. To all those people in the comment section showing some love, I appreciate ya, thank you all, and to those saying: “Oh, my career is over” or “Oh, why did you get this bum in your videos”. I’m here to say that I have had a fun career, I have had amazing teammates, and I am enjoying life right now, so thanks to all the negative people giving me positive energy, haha!”

“Okay, well said Tex. If you liked this video, join the gold squad by subscribing and liking this video and look out for my next workout tape featuring Tex and yours truly. Peace out gold squad!”

Frank, the lemur, turns off the camera and says we’re finished. We all clapped and went over to drink some water. I honestly thought ewetube was stupid, but this was a lot of fun. Max and I recorded a good bit of videos when I had the time. We played horse, went through drills, did these weird challenges, and even started working on Max’s training video. He’s pretty excited about it, but the real hero is Teresa. She’s been working her tail off to get this camp back in order and hopefully we’ll have a sponsor to work the financial crap. I don’t know, business is her thing and I love her for that and much more.

“Hey Tex?” Max said as I was getting my stuff together.

“What’s up?”

“Just want to give you this, you know for helping me out and stuff.” He then hands me and envelope. Paying me already? Kinda early...still gonna take it though.

“Ah, thanks Max.”

“Oh and congrats for you and your agent over there. Should’ve known you two would hit it off.”

I casually looked over at Teresa sitting on the bench. She was talking on the phone and drinking a milkshake, as usual. Sugar addict.

“Yea...finally going on our first date too. Now that we have the break.”

“Going out to dinner?”

“Yea, that fancy italian place. It’s like...20 minutes from here?”

“Ah, right. Frank and I love that place. I recommend the spicy salad, Frank can’t handle the spice at all.”

“Ha! Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Oh Tex? Um...quick question though?”


“Um...Don’t take this the wrong way Teresa...pregnant?”

“....PFFFFFFFFFT! The fuck?! No! She’s not pregnant.” I couldn’t hold back laughter. I’ll admit, Teresa may have...added some weight in her….mid section, but she didn’t look pregnant!

“Oh! Oh, my bad then Tex. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“Nah, it’s cool. Haha. Nah, she’s just my lovable, chubby, Teresa…and we are not having any cubs, hehe.”

“Noted...Alright, I’m gonna get out of this awkward conversation and head over to Frank to edit the video, hehe. See you next time?”

“Later Max.”

I still chuckled as I walked over to Teresa. She had just finished her phone call, and her milkshake, hehe. She wore some nice jeans that we bought a few weeks ago, but my mind was more interested in this large jacket she was wearing. Silly.

“Hey sweet thang!” I shouted. I could tell it startled her a little.

“Hey Tex! You guys done?”

“Yea, we finally finished those dribbling move tutorials or whatever he calls them. What were you up to here?”

“I just got a call back from someone with some great news...buuuuut, you’re just gonna have to wait til’ dinner.”

“Oh, you fucking tease.”

“What, this is the first time on a date with someone I actually love, not some creep that I picked up from the sreat. I gotta make it entertaining.”

“Okay, I can understand that...kinda...but I’m more interested in this snow coat right here. It’s pretty warm in this gym.”

“, I just...really love it ya know?”

“Mmhmm, open it up. You suck at lying.”

“Ugh, okay…” As if for some great reveal, she unzips the jacket and popping out is the usual. Teresa now has a pair of very full and very big breast that are to die for, but I think she was more embarrassed that the shirt she was wearing was no longer large enough to cover her cute belly. It rode up as far as her belly button. “We, uh...might need to go shopping again.” She said.

“Aw, now that’s adorable.” I said as I...well, I basically undressed her with my eyes.

“I’m serious chica. Look. I couldn’t even button my jeans...It’s kinda embarrassing.”

I quickly noticed that Teresa was pretty embarrassed. That won’t do at all. She was embarrassed of people seeing her belly right? So, like a good girlfriend, I took off my shirt so that I was only in my sports bra.

“Ah, there. Feel better now?”

“What the...what are you doing?”

“Now no one is looking at you and your cute little belly.”

“Yea, but Tex…”

“Come on, let’s go to the car.”

I confidently got my bags and started walking out of the gym and to ever furry that looked at me, I just winked at them and kept walking. Teresa followed next to me and we giggled all the way out the door.

“Tex!...Chica, are you crazy?!”

“Nope, I’m comfortable and don’t give a shit. And neither should you baby.”

“But Tex, it’s freakin’ 30 degrees!”

“I know!...I’m comfortable, but I’m still about to high tail it to this damn car, hehe!”

Our fast paced walking quickly turned to running. We ran to the car and quickly closed the door.

“Oooooo, crap it’s cold!”

“Well you did it, stupid!”

“Let me start this damn car...jeez, I hope you learned you lesson?”

“What? That you might be crazy enough to just walk outside ass naked?”

“No!” I then took her jacket away and patted her belly. “The lesson is that who cares what others think. Are you happy?!”

“Um...well yea.”

I kissed her on her soft lips before I started the car. I then looked at her in the eyes and said: “Are you happy?”


“Then be happy baby. You’re still beautiful and sexy in my eyes okay?”

“Thanks Tex...I guess I needed that.”

“Good...wanna hit the donut shop? I’ll get your favorite dozen.”

“Uh, Tex are you sure donuts are the best idea?”

“So you don’t want donuts?”

“....I didn’t say that...I just asked if you thought it was a good idea.”

“No, it’s a bad idea.”


“We should probably get carrots and ice cubes for you to eat.”

“Chica! You better get my freakin’ donuts! You already talked them up!”

“Okay my chubby baby, haha. We’re almost there.”

“I hate you.”

“You love me.”

So we went to the drive thru, I ordered her usual favorite, a dozen cream and sprinkle donuts, and gave her the box.

“Okay, I’m only gonna eat one and save the rest.” Said Teresa. Then she ate one and said: “...Okay, two.”

“Eat as many as your heart desires.”

“Why do they even have a donut shop so close to the gym?”

“I dunno. Maybe so they can tempt furries like you and me.”

“You don’t eat any!”

“Yea, but I know they make you happy. So, they got me too.”

We laughed and talked all the way home. Teresa finished the donuts as usual and we arrived home in no time. We were both excited for our first date. Like, we have hung out a lot in the past, but this was our first time as a couple. To make it even more special, we both picked out dresses that neither of us could see until this special night. I don’t normally...Okay, I don’t ever wear dresses but I picked a nice green dress. No sleeves, kinda cheap looking, but I felt like a frickin’ princess so I bought it. What, I can be girly sometimes? Oh yea, and my dad was trying to talk to me or whatever, but I didn’t hear an “I’m sorry” so I just gave him a can of beer and ignored him. Anyway, back to the date! I had finished getting my dress all done until finally Teresa said she was done. I was so excited to see what she had choose...and she did not disappoint. Teresa came out of the room wearing a smooth and sexy black dress that sparkled very slightly, but just enough. It hugged her curves very well, her round ass and cute belly sticking out so much it should be a crime. Mmmm, and her breast, the outfit really showed some cleavage. The whole dress was!

“Well?” She started. “How do I look?”

I was speechless. All I could do was stare at hear and hold back my tears. I was dating this woman!

“I know, I know, it’s pretty tight.” She said as rubbed her sweet stomach and hips at the same time. God, she didn’t know what she was doing to me! “I just...hope that I can make 212 pounds look good...please say something, I already had a damn workout just trying to get this dress on and…”

I ran to her and grabbed her towards me, her soft belly up against me, her ass too big for my hands, and her lips pressed against mine. This was honestly, the best relationship I ever had.

“You…!” I said. Teresa blushed and looked away shyly.

“You look amazing too Tex.” She said.

“Well...I guess...let’s go on our date.”

“You don’t know how long I’ve always wanted to do still love me right?...even if I’m so bi…”

“I’ll always love you Teresa.”

“...Okay...I love you too...I’m ready...and hungry, let’s go!”

Once we got to the restaurant, we were both pretty overwhelmed by its, well, fanciness. We were two coyotes from Holyoak, this was already something way over our league, but damn it we didn’t put these dresses on for nothing.

“Jeez Tex. Look at this place. Look at this menu.” Said Teresa as we sat down.

“Yea...where’s the spicy...Ah! There it is, spicy salad. What are you gonna get baby?”

“The pasta looks good. Oooooh, and the desserts. Damn Tex, are you sure about the prices here?”

I was about to answer her question until the waiter came and interrupted me.

“Good evening.” He started. “My name is Miguel and I will be your waiter. Can I start you off with a drink madam?”

“Why certainly my good man!” I said with my best possible British accent. “I will have your finest bottle of wine and tell the chef to make his finest spicy salad alright old chap?!”

Teresa laughed as I kept scaring the poor guy and getting louder. “Tex! Stop! Haha!, I’ll have the pasta with Italian sausage.”

With that, the waiter left and we just laughed that whole scene off.

“Tex! What the hell was that?”

“What’s wrong ma lady? Don’t thou..know that...I don’t know where I’m going with this.”

“Clearly, but it’s nice seeing you happy.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?...I’m with you and...and I’m just done being so depressed about everything.” I then held her hand and said: “let’s just focus on staying happy together...Okay?...and I’m sorry that my dad keeps ruining everything.”

“Please...Tex we’ve known each other since middle school. Your dad is no problem…but, Uh, have you talked to him at all?”

“What? No. Why would I?”

“Well, it’s just...he thinks that...”

“Ooooo! Yes! Drinks are here! Now we can party!”

“Um...but yea Tex, you should really…”

“Mmm! Hey, remember that time we broke into that liquor store as a dare? Haha! We were so scared that we actually just left money on the counter when we snuck out.”

“Oh yea! Right...I...I remember that.”

“Mmm, good wine…I’m glad we finally went on an official date, like, oh my gosh, this is the best...and we haven’t even eaten yet….I love you.”

“Love you too Tex.” She said as she took a sip of her water.

Soon the food came and the whole date was just us talking about dumb shit we did in the past. When I was younger, Teresa was the closest thing to a sister to me. I lost count of how many times she would sneak into my house any we’d hang out all day. Teresa just understands me. Her parents never cared about her and they would not even care where she went. She would always end up with me. I sometimes feel bad when we went our separate ways in college. Funny how we almost both flunked out too. I guess we were meant to be together all along. Oh wait!

“Hey, Teresa.” I asked as I finished my salad. “I almost forgot you sneaky little thing. What’s the good news?”

“Oh, shit! You’re right.” She swallowed some pasta and continued to talk. “Okay, well...oh, I’m just gonna say it! We got a sponsor! Well, kinda but...the Robert Greenberg Foundation said they got in touch with Max and Max told them about our camp and, and, and they want to meet with you in person!”

“Holy shit!...Holy shit! Teresa, you rock!”

“Mmhmm, you know how I do!”

“We’re gonna get our camp back?...oh my gosh, we gotta...we gotta celebrate! Teresa, baby, any dessert you want, it’s yours. Just name it!”

“Hehe, nah I mean….well...that double fudge cake does look good so…”

“Done! Hey Waiter!” I called. The poor soul walked back to the table, already looking so tired of us. “Hey, let me get a full double fudge cake know what? Make that two full cakes! Double the double fudge!...and another drink please.”

Teresa and the waiter both looked equally surprised. Then the waiter spoke up and said: “Um...are you sure you want all that cake?”

“Did I stutter?” I said while giggling a little. “Go on. I swear there is a good tip coming your way.”

The waiter nodded and left to go fetch the food. Teresa still looked shocked.

“Tex! I was gonna say I wanted a slice! Not two whole cakes!” Said Teresa.

“Here, let’s make it a game… you think I can finish another bottle before you finish two cakes? I know you’re still hungry. You barely ate the pasta.”

“Tex, don’t you know I had a gambling problem...besides you would so loose.”

“Is that so?...alright, fine. Didn’t know your tail was stuck between your legs….chicken.”

“Bitch! You are so on!”

“That’s my girlfriend! Haha!”

Within no time, the waiter brought out these two big cakes and another bottle of wine. We looked at each other and both had the same devious smile. It was so on! So I poured my drink and Teresa took no time to dig into the first cake. She was really chewing fast and already finished a good quarter of it.

“Whoa! Easy there girl!” I said. “Damn, it’s not a race. Did you even taste it?”

“Yep.” She said as she took another bite. “It taste like victory.”

To be honest, I wasn’t even trying to win, but watching Teresa tear into that cake was so...alluring. I just sat back and watched as she continued to eat. We used to do stupid competitions like this all the time, and I’ll admit, Teresa would usually win, but in this gamble, we are both winners. Finally, she finished the first cake and laid back in her seat, revealing her now bloated stomach. It stuck out so much as her dress could barely hold it down.

“Daaaaaaaang! You go girl!...alright, first cake done.”

“Phew...Tex...I take it back. You win...oh my...gosh… I’m so full.”

“Would it help if I did this?” I took both of my hands and gently started to rub her stomach. It felt so soft and yet it was so stuffed. Teresa’s moans were a bit happier when I started. She relaxed in her chair even more and sighed.

“Ugh...I can’t believe I did that.” She said. “God, this is embarrassing...look at my stomach I…” her sentence was interrupted by a cute burp. Man, I don’t know why I loved this but...I did. I just want her big and cuddly and soft and all mine forever. Is that so bad?

“Hehe, man Teresa, you look like your pregnant.” I said.

“I am pregnant.” She said with a slight chuckle. “With cake.”

“Haha! Well...then I guess the baby wants more cake.”

“Oh god...Tex, I’m already so full I don’t…”

“Ooooooorrrrrr...I might just finish my drink and win the bet.”

“Ugh...I hate’re lucky...the cake is good….Ugh, Tex I don’t even think I can sit up…”

“It’s cool, I can feed you baby. All you have to do is sit back and swallow.”


“Yes, I know that sounded dirty and I don’t care. No open wide.”


I then took a good fork full of cake and waved it in front of her. She shook her and smiled at first, but quickly ate the whole piece in one bite. We continued this system for a while. I kept cutting pieces of cake and she kept eating them. She said she was full before, but she just kept taking bite after bite so calmly. I think we were just...connected at that moment. Like she knew what I wanted and was happy to keep eating. I lost track of everything around me...and we kept going...and going...I wanted her big….did she know that?...and we still...kept...going...bite after bite...until…

“Mmm! Wait!.” She said as she swallowed another piece. “Is that...a hole in my dress?”

I quickly snapped out of the trance I was in and I looked at her belly, which I swear grew much more the last time I saw it, and on top of her tight stomach was a little hole.

“Oh shit.” I said. “It’s small though, don’t worry.”

“Uuuuugh...My claws must’ve ripped the dress when I put it much cake left?”

“Hehe, you’re doing good, we got half a cake left.”

“Mmmmm...Tex help me sit up...Oh gosh, I think I’m done baby.”

“Alright, come on chubby baby.”

We both laughed some more and I grabbed both of her hands to pull her up. My baby was full...and heavy, but we were laughing the whole time so things were all good...well...until we both heard that sound….RIP!....We both just stared at each other with our mouths wide open. I could tell we were both thinking the same thing. In unison, we both looked down at Teresa’s dress. And there it was. All the cake we stuffed in her big ol belly forced her dress to rip open and let her stuffed ball of fur poke right out. All of her stomach was showing. I quickly looked back at Teresa and say the sheer embarrassment in eyes.

“Okay, okay. Let’s not panic.” I said softly.

“Oh my fucking God Tex! I’m so fat I ripped my damn dress?! Oh my god!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. We can go home and we can fix it or whatever. Hey! Check please!”

“Oooooh man! This dress was expensive! And now this big ass beach ball in my stomach ripped it!”

She was upset. I could tell and I couldn’t let her be embarrassed like this. I had to think of something! Anything! I panicked and just quickly grabbed the rest of the cake and...The idea that popped in my head...I don’t where it came from, but I did it. I put the whole piece of cake on top of my head. It went all over my hair, all on my face, and slowly all on my dress. And then finally, the waiter came.

“’s the check.”

“Why thank you!” I said already embracing that I already made a huge fool of myself. “You know what? This place is really amazing. Great food, great service...You’ll get a good review from us, for sure!” I then took the bill, put more than enough money in it and stood up. “Now, if you excuse me...uh, I must take my pregnant wife home...I think she deserves a good night's rest.”

I walked over to help Teresa up. She was pretty heavy and she leaned against me and held up her great big belly as we slowly walked out the restaurant.

“Oh Tex…” Said Teresa. “Not too fast...I…” out of nowhere, Teresa just did this super loud belch...the room was silent...we walked faster.

Once we finally made it home, I immediately led Teresa to our bedroom. She quickly laid down on the bed and just rubbed her belly and moaned. I then sat down next to her and helped her rub our furry mountain of love over here.

“Your...pregnant wife?...really?” Said Teresa

“I don’t know...I panicked.”

We both kinda chuckled at that for a while. Then we just kept rubbing her stomach. Finally, Teresa took a deep breath in and spoke.


“Yea baby?” I answered.

“I’m fat.”

“What? Chica, come on. It’s not that…”

“Cloricia! I’m fat! Just say it!” She said loudly, but also playfully.


“I’m the same height as you and over 200 pounds, today alone I ate a ton of waffles, some pizza, a milkshake, a dozen donuts, some pasta and almost two whole cakes, and I can’t fit my fat ass in the jeans we bought weeks ago or this...this fat belly in this dress I bought a month ago!...Just say it! Your girlfriend is fat!”

“ girlfriend is fat…”

“Alright, that we got that covered, let’s talk about why I’m fat, hmm?”

“Um...because you like food?” I’ll admit, I was still pretty drunk.

“Hehe, I like food that YOU get me and of course I eat it you cake spoil me Tex.” She then patted her belly with both hands. It was so tight and full that it didn’t even move. It was like...solid as a rock. “And this is the result.”

“So...I should stop getting you food?”

“No Tex it’s….at the restaurant...when you force fed me that cake...well, I guess it’s not forcing if I still ate it want me big don’t you?”

“Uh….what do you mean?”

“Cloricia, let’s stop kidding ourselves. I know you too well...and I know when you want something...really want me big, right?”



“I don’t know!...I don’t know, I just...think it’s sexy when I can just...hug you and hold you and you’re just so soft and warm and you never leave me and I never want to let you go.”

“Aww...Cloricia.” Teresa then tried to sit up, but that cake stuffed belly wasn’t helping at all. She then laid back down and said: “Phew...Okay, forget that, um Tex...look...You want a big girlfriend? I’ll be your big girlfriend, okay? I’ll be as big as you want to be...I mean, you already feed me enough right?”


“But you gotta promise me two things.”

“Okay. Anything baby.”

“First, you need to stop embarrassing yourself for me. I do appreciate it but...I’ll be smarter about my weight and you just...just don’t go outside naked or drop cake on your head anymore okay?...I can accept who I am now...I am what you want me to be and as long as I have that, then I’m happy. Okay?”

“Okay, deal...what was the second thing?”

“Oh yea...please don’t have me so big that I can’t fit my ass through the door, hehe. I still need to be your agent so...just please be sure to stop me if I get too”

“Deal! I promise I...I won’t let that happen...I love you too much.”

“Good...Okay...we’re know that cake was reeeeeeeaaaaaally good though.”

I then kissed her belly and said: “Yea, I bet that place has officially banned us now.”

“Heh, wouldn’t be the first time we were banned from somewhere.”

“Oh yea...well that old arcade sucked anyway.”

“You’re a crazy bitch you know that?”

“’re a fat bitch, you know that?”

“Yea, but I’m your fat bitch. You’re stuck with me now. Do something about it.”

I laughed, then leaned close to her and said: “Why don’t I take off this dress something about it.”

“Mmmm, you sure you can handle all of me?”

“Yea...I’m pretty sure you taste like cake right now.”

We told more corny jokes until I finally freed my bloated lover out of her now two piece dress and she helped me out of my cake disaster of a dress. I hugged her tight, held her close, kissed her lovingly and...well, I think you know what we did next….I love my life.

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