Story:Cloricia “Tex” Teixeira: To Start a New 10

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Cloricia “Tex” Teixeira: To Start a New 10
Written by Wolfnumber9

February 26-27, 2019: The Broken Couple part 2

“, I dare” It was really hard to speak. How much did I drink? Where are we again? Oh right, in the hotel room playing truth or dare. Hehe, she’s not wearing any pants...Wait where is my shirt? Where is my bra?

“Wait...why am I topless?” I asked.

“Jeez Tex, Okay, for the last time. You dared me to take my pants off first. Then I dared you to take your bra off and you had the crazy idea of throwing your shirt, and bra, out the window.” Said Teresa laughing a little. She didn’t sound drunk...I think I’m drunk. Hehe, oh yea, I did do that. I bet some perv has my bra now.

“Okay, okay. Truth or dare.” I asked.

“Dare Tex. For the hundredth time.” Teresa Said.

“I Uh, I dare you to go to prom with me, hehe….no one went to prom with me. But if I bring you I can finally shove it in Derek’s fucking face for leaving me and I’ll be like: ‘Hey ass hole who said I had no curves, I don’t need you! I got something you’ll never have! I got a curvy girlfriend with a fat ass, ha!”

“...Okay, how about I kiss you instead.”

“Mmhmm, yes please.”

Teresa leaned towards me and kissed me softly, but I wasn’t having that shit. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her close until she fell on top of me. We finished the kiss and we both laughed.

“Now that’s a kiss.” I said.

“You’re drunk.” She said.


“Okay, your turn.” She said as she rolled off me. “Oof! Phew! Okay, truth or dare.”


“ a place you always wanted to go.”

I looked at her and I don’t know why but I just started giggling uncontrollably. Like I honestly couldn’t talk for a while.

“What?” Teresa Asked. “What is it?”

“In your underwear.” I said a we both busted out laughing. I’m so funny...Wait a minute.

“Wait a minute...bitch what is that?” I asked

“What? My salad?” Teresa Asked back.

“Salad? Bitch you a rabbit now? Oh no, nope. Time to get some real food in here. I can’t have my girlfriend starve.”

“Tex, really, I’m full. I don’t need anymore food.”

“Uh huh, right.” I said as I quickly got the hotel phone. “Hey! Can I have like the biggest burger meal ya got and like...the biggest cake ya got!”

“Tex! Wait! No!” Teresa said as she tried to get up...hehe, she’s too big now, getting up is hard. Am I still on the phone?

“Yep, that’s what I want! Thank you!” I said as I hung up the phone. Tex finally got up to me and tried to grab the phone, but I hugged her before she could.

“I have a dare.” I said.

“No.” Teresa Said. “Tex, don’t you dare.”

“I dare you to eat all that food.”

“Tex, look at me! Are you serious right now?!”

“Teresa, who cares?! You’re my baby now and I want you to have fun! See, look at me! I’m having fun!”

Teresa just looked at me like a disappointed mother. Well, she didn’t say no!

After some more stories and jokes, we heard the knocks on the door. I ran to it and opened it up. They had that small rolling table thing and I took it right from him.

“Thank you sir!” I said and closed the door. Why did he look at me like that? Oh yea, I’m not wearing a shirt. I rolled the table and said: “Ooooooh Teresa!”

“Oh no.” She said.

“I got your, WHOA!...Phew, hehe, I almost fell there...I got your dare!”

I lifted both plate covers and saw what was probably the biggest burger with cheese I ever saw right next to a nice full strawberry cake. I sat Teresa down and we began. We started with the burger. Bite after bite she slowly dug into it. I cheered her on sitting right next to her. She was smiling at me so I knew she loved it. I love her so much...Wait, my glass is empty! I gotta find more! Keep the fun going! We are having fun! We are…

“Wait...what’s on the TV?” I asked.

Teresa swallowed a bite. Half the burger was gone and she said: “The all-star game baby. That’s just the recording of it playing again.”

“The all-star game...all star...well why wasn’t I in it?!”

“Um...well they um.”

“No, you know what?! That’s not fair!”

“Tex, calm down.”

“No! No! I’m done being calm! I should be there! I worked hard enough! I was a player of the game once! I always get rejected from everything! BUT I’M GOOD ENOUGH!”

Teresa grabbed me and said: “Cloricia! It’s okay! It’s okay. You’re still a great player. A great person.”


I kissed her. I took off her shirt.

“Fuck me!” I said.

“Tex Wait!”


The room was spinning. Everything was so blurry room was spinning Teresa TV all star room was spinning throw up room everywhere room was spinning every all star loser room was spinning….black.

Next morning

“ head?”

“’re awake.” Said a voice. It was probably Teresa.

“That...dream.” I said. I then looked around and tried to get my vision steady. “Wait...the room?”

“I cleaned it. All of it.” Teresa answered.

I stood up slowly. My head was fricken’ pounding with pain. I looked at Teresa. She was sitting on the couch eating the cake. I slowly got up and sat next to her and said:

“You’re eating the cake?”

“Well, I already ate the burger, and the fries, so...fuck it, right?” Teresa said. She seemed really sad.

“Teresa I’m, I’m so sorry for…”

“Can I tell you something Tex?”

“Uh...yea, what?”

“You remember what I told you about my dad right?”

“Yea...he was a...Uh.”

“You can say it...a drug dealer.”


“Before he left, I spoke with him...I told him that I didn’t want him to leave, but he said that it was too risky. He knew that I loved you and he told me: ‘Just make sure she would do anything for you, and you do the same for her’.”


“Tex, I didn’t really like to eat all those sweets and junk I ate. I just did this, all of this, the eating, the weight gain...for you. I remember when we were in Seattle and you barely played and you were just so...quiet. I never saw you like that. So, I just...decided to completely ruin my figure, you had something else to focus on so...I just kept doing it. Man, your dad was right.”

“Wait, what did he say?”

“He said that you were trying to escape reality or some shit and that you were going to explode soon. And he was right...and I let it happen. I’m nothing but big, fat, idiot and I let you down.”

Teresa eyes began to water. I moved closer to her and sat next to her.

“Ya know...I had a dream.” I said.

“Yeah, I heard.” Teresa answered.

“It was a memory of my mom.” I Said. Teresa was stopped her eating and looked at me in surprise. I kept going. “She was actually waaaay bigger than you...yea, I had to be about 6 or something. I got in the car and gave her these two big bags of fast food and I had two ice cream cones to myself. I remember we would do that a lot. When things were hard, and they always were, she took me out for our ‘mother-daughter meals’. I’d tell her about school and even made the joke that she would eat all the kid who were mean to me at school. She always used to laugh at that and she would hug me so tight and never let go...just feeling her warmth...I just wanted that that I look back at it, I understand that my mom was eating the hard times away...probably to the point where she was killing herself...It seems that’s all my family does now. Find a way to destroy ourselves so the real pain that bothers us goes away.”


“I’m sorry Teresa...I tried to turn you into my mom...I’m sorry I ruined you like this, I know you love me and I love you too but...I’m just too broken right now.”

Teresa turned to me and hugged me so fast that it almost made me fall backwards.

“We’re both broken Tex.” She said with a shaky voice. “But that’s what makes this work, okay? We are the only ones that can fix each other. You gave me a second change in life when you picked me up from that bar years ago and I did not gain over 80 pounds for nothing! I did it for you because that’s what you needed and dammit I’d do it again.”

I hugged her back. “And I’ll do anything for you Okay?”

“You wanna do something for me? You give it your all on that court. Ever. Fucking. Game. You hear me?”

“Yea...I hear ya. I love you.”

“I love you too Cloricia.”

I then chuckled and said. “I was really fucked up last night was I?”

“Eh, I’ve done way worse. Waaaaay worse, hehe.”

“Yea, I’m still, does this mean you’re gonna lose some weight.”

“Well...judging by where your hands are right now, I’d say that’s a no.”

I took my hands off her butt and said: “Sorry.”

“It’s fine. I hate the gym, but I’m gonna start eating healthier and shit so, a few pounds will be gone. Just...please no more binge eating okay?”

“Hehe, deal.”

A loud ringing came out of nowhere. It was real annoying. Wait! My phone! Thankfully, Teresa already had it by her side. She handed it to me and I answered.

“Hello?” I Said.

“Hi, is this Clori...cloricaa..?”

“Cloricia Teixeira. Yes, speaking. What is it?”

“Well, this Doctor Francis from Plymouth medical. I’m here to tell you that your father Manuel Teixeira was brought here not too long ago and is not waking up. So…”

I hung up. No matter what happens in my life, I can’t run from the fucked up shit that is around me...I have to face it.

“Who was that?” Asked Teresa.

“We missed our flight didn’t we.” I asked.

“Yea, But I already got a new one.”

“Good, thank’s time to go home.”

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