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Cloricia “Tex” Teixeira: To Start a New 7
Written by Wolfnumber9

December 24-25, 2016: I deserve to be happy.

It’s christmas eve. I don’t even remember that last time I was really this excited for christmas, but this really felt great when it finally came. Having my best friend and my dad under one roof hasn’t happened in like...20 years...back when mom was still around. Before the divorce...I remember she used to bake cookies and cook this really nice ham that we all ate up...even with her gone, it was still exciting to have something close to that...and I bought the perfect gift for both Teresa and my dad. I know my luck is usually pretty shitty, but this is going to be a good christmas this year...I’ll make sure of it. Having thought about all that in the ride home, I quickly got my two presents and rushed to my apartment. I don’t why I’m rushing anyway...the sight is always the same, beer bottles on the ground, Teresa eating something she shouldn’t, and a big mess that I have to clean up. I opened the door and to my wasn’t that bad. I walked in on Teresa cleaning the place up and a small christmas tree that was lit up in the corner of the living room...that was our only christmas decoration...we had candy and stuff decorated on the wall...I think we all know what happened to them. Serves me right for letting Teresa decorate.

“Hey big butt!” I said as I opened the door.

“Hey! I thought you said I lost weight!” Teresa yelled back. To be honest, she really did. I guess I would make a pretty good trainer. I got her from 195 to 178 pounds in a couple months. She was still pretty chubby though, her clothes still didn’t really fit the way they used to, but I didn’t really care though, I wanted her to feel comfortable and all...that’s why I kicked her on the butt.

“Still got a fat ass though.” I said.

“And you still have big mouth, but I guess that’s not going away either.” She said right back. We both laughed.

“ where’s the big grump anyway?” I said.

“Probably by that bar a few blocks down.” Teresa answered. “He was already making enough of a mess so I gave him 30 bucks to get out for a while.”

“How long ago was that?”

“...about 15 minutes ago.”

“Okay. He’ll be gone for like 2 and a half hours then. Let’s set everything up.”

“Alright, I got dinner the way, how do you know that?”

“It’s my long enough with him and you’ll see he has a pattern every day, but today, we finally get to break that pattern with…”

My speech stopped as soon as I spotted this huge basket of cookies on the kitchen counter. The basket was all wrapped in plastic with a big red bow on top and just filled with cookies. I quickly looked at Teresa with disappointment...all she did in return was smile.

“Teresa?” I started the interrogation.


“What is that?”

“Uh...a gift.”

“From who?”

“From Max…he wanted to give us a some gifts...aaaaaand I asked for cookies...he gave you money.”

“He already pays me...wait how much did he give me?”


“8,000?!...What the?...what?”

“Yea. Apparently you helped his channel grow A LOT. I guess you’re really funny or something.”

“Holy shit...I gotta call him tomorrow.”

“Does that mean I can have the cookies now?!”

“What? No! Of course not! You’re still on a diet girl...jeez, how many cookies are in there anyway?”


“ counted?”


“You...have a problem.”

With dinner finally being done and the sun going down, the living room was only lit up by our cheap ass christmas tree. For dinner we had rice and tacos. We had ham too, but Teresa burned it. We also tried to make our own cookies...but I burned them...Teresa wasn’t too happy with that one, especially since I was hiding her ‘gift’ away from her. Anyway, after we almost burned down our apartment twice, we were finally graced with the presence of my father loudly slamming the door open. I took a look at him as he slowly stumbled into the living room.

“Hey dad. See, 2 and a half hours, just like I said.” I said with pride.

“Tex, it was 3 hours…”

“Eh, close enough. Feeling the christmas spirit yet papa?”

He didn’t answer. He just did his usually grunts and started to walking towards his room. I rushed in front of him as quickly as I could.

“Whoa! Whoa, papa? Come on, it’s christmas eve...We gotta open our first gifts.”

“Tex.” Oh wow, he speaks. “Tex, not now.”

“Come on papa? When’s the last time we have really been all together like this? It was our tradition?”

“We are not all together and the tradition is dead...just move on and move out of my way.”

“Wow...harsh. But maybe my gift will change your mind?”


“Just open the freakin’ gift!”

“...Fine. Okay.”

With little enthusiasm and not even bothering to say thank you or anything, my father took the present and quickly unwrapped. What was left was a box and to not cause anymore suspense, or to just be a dick, he opened the box and pulled out what was inside….then he froze. I knew what I had bought for him was going to surprise him, but it literally had him frozen in place. Teresa and I both stared as my dad held up a silver necklace with a purple diamond.

“You like it?” I said to break the silence.

“ looks just like…”

“Just like mom’s necklace right? That’s what I thought too...I’ve been saving it for the right time to give it to you….I don’t know, it’s’s like when I saw it...everything made sense again. I knew who I was and who I wanted to be...So….I just hoped that….maybe you can have it and…”

My speech was stopped when my dad walked towards the window with the necklace in his hand.

“Dad?....Hey, where you going?”

He didn’t answer. Just continued to walk. It took me a while, but after he opened the window up...I knew what he was about to do….I tired to run after him, but it was too late…,in one quick motion, he clenched the necklace tight in his fist and threw the necklace out the window. I pushed him hard and said:

“What the fuck! What the hell is wrong with you!”

“You had no right to bring up the past like you know what happened!” He shouted.

“Oh! Oh I know exactly what happened you son of a bitch!”

“Really now?”

“Yes! Your dumbass always had to be the one in control! Oh, don’t buy this honey! Oh, don’t worry about working honey! Meanwhile, we couldn’t see that you were running us in the fucking ground!”

“I worked my ass off for both of you! I came home every night! Every fucking night! Tired as hell while you’re fucking mother bitched to me the whole time about useless shit!”

“Don’t you dare call her that!”

“Remember that she left me! This...this, this angel you think your mother is, it’s not true! You don’t know Tex!”

“ know what?....I finally understand now.”

“What?! You finally see the bitch your mother was?!”

“It’s’s fucking you! You’re the reason I’m never happy! You’re the reason I’m never satisfied! Every time something good in my life happens, you have to fuck up somehow, making me save your ass, or...or, even better, you tell me constantly that I’m just shit! That what I do doesn’t matter! I get it now! This is why mom doesn’t fucking loved you! I went through depression! I couldn’t finish college! I barely made it the FBA! I had to take those stupid pills! It was all because of you!”


“No! No, I’m done! Done with feeling for you! Done trying to make you feel better! I just want you out of my life! You’re lucky I still let you live here, but I don’t care if you just sit your fat ass on the couch and drink yourself to death!”

“If you want to talk about fat, then look at you girlfriend over there.”

I punched him. Right in the fucking muzzle with so much force that feel to the ground. I continued to shout at him.

“I deserve happiness! You hear me?! I have worked so long for it and goddammit I deserve it! I don’t need my low-life, deadbeat, alcoholic father to keep fucking things up for me! So go crawl back to your filth because I am just...just fucking done being in a pit of despair with you! I choose to live! And I don’t give a shit what you do, just leave me the hell alone!”

The room fell silent...until finally the asshole got up and began walking to his room. Once he was out of sight...I could feel the tears running down my face. Fuck him….All my life I just wanted to be happy, to be proud of myself….well that fucking starts now. Right fucking now. As I stood there in thought, Teresa hugged me from behind. I know she was doing it to try to calm me down...but I couldn’t calm down. Something about that hug sparked something in me...right in my heart...the feelings I felt at that very moment were too strong...but I didn’t fight it, I didn’t want to fight it anymore...because it made me feel happy. With a quick turn, I faced Teresa, hugged her back and then kissed her. I held that kiss so long and passionate that I felt….it felt….good. My hands slowly went down to her waist and I let the kiss go as we both looked at each other. Following my heart, the only words I could say was:

“I love you.”

Teresa’s eyes widened. Her hands shaking on my shoulders. Did I make a mistake? Was I wrong? Was this all a mistake? She then finally answered back with:

“I love you too…”

The came back...strong. Without hesitation, I forced her clothes off and did the same with mine. We then rushed in my room and….and made love….sweet, happy love.

The next morning couldn’t have been more perfect. The sun was shining on a beautiful Christmas morning and I was making eggs and pancakes...a lot of pancakes. Eating sugar is what makes Teresa happy...she deserves to be happy too...and it’s Christmas right? Fuck the diet, let her live. My tail began to wag just thinking about the look on her face and it wagged even harder when I heard her wake up. I ran to her and kissed her and said:

“Morning girl!”

“Whoa.” She said in surprise. “’re cooking eggs?”

“Yep! And you’re just in time because it’s finally done.”

I moved Teresa to her seat, I have to admit that I was really falling for her figure. All soft and full...if that’s what she wanted to be...then why stop her, right? She sat down and I gave her the plate of food.

“Whoa.” She said. “That’s for me?”

“Yep! You got eggs and ten pancakes with syrup!”


“Yea, you love pancakes right?”

“Well, yea I do but…”

“Oh wait! It’s Christmas! Your gift!” I quickly rushed over to the tree and grabbed her gift. I handed it to her and waited for her to open it. The wait was unbearable, but she finally opened the box and revealed the sparkling star necklace with a star jewel on it.

“Oh my god...Tex…”

“One thing I always wanted was to feel like a superstar. Win a championship, break a record, whatever...I may never get that...but you have really helped me these past couple years so...your the superstar in my life...and my girlfriend.”

“Holy….thank you...thank you so much.”

“Oh, and one more thing!”

“Aww, Tex, you really don’t have to…”

She froze as soon as I put her basket of cookies on the table. Opened and ready to be eaten.

“Merry Christmas!”

“I can have my cookies?”

“Of course! They’re yours any way. Here, have one.” I put a cookie right in her mouth. She ate it of course.

“But...but my diet…”

“Who cares. If you want to diet, you can, if you don’t, then don’t. Here, have another.”

“Really?...Cloricia, you feeling alri…” I gave her another one and said:

“Are you kidding? I feel fantastic! I feel happy! Here, have another! I have a great job, I have a great team, and I have an amazing girlfriend that I can give cookies too. Another?”

“ long as you're happy, I’m…” I interrupted her with another cookie and said:

“Shhhh, Hey. Of course I’m happy. I just want to make sure you’re happy...and full, really full, hehe. So you do what you want and eat what you want, okay? I’m going to call all my teammates and wish them all a happy holiday!” I then held the back of her head and kissed her tightly. “Mmm, kisses tastes so sweet...I love you.”

“I love you too.” She said back. And with that…I knew that I finally accomplished what I said I was going to. This Christmas was great!

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