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Cloricia “Tex” Teixeira: To Start a New 9
Written by Wolfnumber9

February 21, 2019: The Broken Couple part 1

“Hey Tex! Have you seen my jacket?!” Asked Teresa as she was packing her bag in the bedroom.

“No!” Cloricia yelled back. “Did you check the bathroom?! There’s a few dirty clothes in there!”

“Alright.” Teresa said as she walked to the bathroom. The whole apartment was messy, but Cloricia sweared that she knew where everything was. Teresa didn’t believe at first, but then she found her jacket. It seemed that this time, her girlfriend knew what she was talking about. With that thought, Tesea just stood there with a happy smile. The idea that after all these years, she is finally with the person she loves. A better story couldn’t have been written...although, Teresa glanced at the mirror on her way out of the room and the sight of herself stopped her in her tracks. The weight she gained throughout their short relationship was...still something Teresa came to terms with. Teresa was never skinny, nor in shape, but this was first to she was…plump and big. She didn’t tell anyone her weight, not even Cloricia, but the number 253 was still burned in her mind.

“It’s okay girl.” Teresa said to herself. “Just a little extra fluff, that’s’re still getting your exercise, you’ve just been...partying a lot...but, it’s okay, just remember what papa said: ‘When you love make sure they do anything for you...and you do the same for them...even though that thing makes

“Hey, you find that jacket?” Asked Cloricia as she walked into the room.

“Uh, yep. Right here. Thanks.” Answered Teresa.

“Cool.” Said Cloricia as she walked over to her and kissed her while rubbing her stomach. “I’m all done packing and ready to go. Hey, since the airport food sucks, you wanna stop by that coffee shop and get some of that cake you like?”

Cloricia made a big grin and patted her lover’s stomach. Teresa was still too full from the big breakfast they went out to eat earlier in the day. But, seeing Cloricia look at her the way she did and seeing the happiness in her eyes, Teresa just exhaled and said:

“Sounds great. I’m starving.”

Cloricia laughed and said: “Well I’m gonna make sure my baby has everything she wants and more. I’m all done packing. I’m gonna put my bags in the car and you can come down when you ready.”

“Alright, I’ll see you…” Teresa was interrupted by a kiss from Cloricia.

“I love you.” Cloricia said afterwards.

“Love you too.” Teresa answered back. Cloricia then walked out of the bathroom and screamed:

“Wooo! All-Star 2019! Here we come!”

Teresa heard the door shut and glanced at the mirror again. She then immediately shook her head and continued getting her stuff together.

“Damn girl, you’re gonna actually make me want to go to the gym now.” She said to herself. “...Love my butt though...I’ll keep all this up for the butt.” She chuckled and zipped up her suitcases.

Within a few minutes, Teresa rolled her two bags to the front door. Cloricia’s father was sitting down on the couch as she walked by.

“Okay Mr. Teixeira.” Said Teresa getting herself together. “We won’t be gone for long, you gonna be okay by yourself? Tex told me to tell you to please don’t trash the place and remember to take your pills.”

“Did she also tell you to turn into a whale?” He said back to Teresa.

Teresa just frowned and said: “Hilarious. You should tell that at bars, anyway…”

“So how big are you now, huh?”

Teresa paused and glared at the old coyote.

“None of your business.” She answered.

“And you’re just gonna let Tex act like this? Partying, drinking and all that?”

“Let her what? Be happy for once? Then yea, she can play basketball, go party, and I can be as big as a house for all I care.”

“Please tell me you’re not this stupid! You have to see what’s going on here Teresa!”

“Oh! Don’t sit there bullshitting me, like you know Tex! Like you actually give a damn about her mental health and shit!”

“She might be happy now, sure! But it’s not gonna last long. She doesn’t want to accept reality, so she’s gonna get real high before she gets real, real low, but you can snap her out of it.”

“I think after the stunt you pulled last Christmas, that was proof enough that you don’t know what your fucking talking about! Tex is my problem now and she’s doing just fine!”

“You know that’s not true! She’s been losing herself by the second and she won’t listen to anything I say!”

“Because you fucking ripped her heart out! When I saw Tex give that necklace to you, I could see it in her face that she had hope! Hope that finally we can come together like we used to! To be a family again and you tore that away from her! So who knows Tex better now you son of a bitch?!”

The room fell silent. Teresa was breathing hard after screaming so loud. Finally she fixed herself and grabbed her suitcases and said:

“Go ahead and try to act like a fucking dumbass in this apartment. I already told the neighbors to call the police if they hear something.”

With that, Teresa slammed the door shut, locked it, and left. Once she got to the car, she put her bags in the back seat and sat down in the passenger seat.

“Hey, that kinda took a while. You alright Chica?” Asked Cloricia.

Teresa just looked dead at Cloricia’s eyes and said: “Do you think I’m fat?”

“What?” Cloricia said with anger. “Fuck no. You look great. Who called you fat? I’ll freakin’ kick their ass and…”

Cloricia’s sentence was stopped as Teresa grabbed her and kissed her passionately. After a few minutes, the stopped to stare at each other.

“...You wanna do it in the car.” Asked Cloricia with a big smile.

“Cake first, then sex.” Answered Teresa.

Cloricia then started the car and said: “Oh eres tan caliente.”

“Solo maneja el coche, sexy.” Teresa answered back seductively.

Cloricia turned up the radio and the two drove off.

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