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Consider It
Written by Shataivian

Monday, April 22nd. Seattle, Washington. Las Vegas vs. Seattle. The score at the end of the night: Las Vegas Wildcards 133, Seattle Summit 127.

A win! An away game with Seattle came up a win! Lisa ran and hugged her team and coach. She’d been keeping track of every Seattle away game and felt proud to finally win a game on their turf. But none of that excitement compared to seeing that her uncle had finally attended one of her games. She shouted his name with the same intensity she had throughout the game.

“Congrats, baby girl,” Eric cheered with his arms wide open, waiting to embrace Lisa. She nearly leapt into his arms and held him tight.

“I’m glad you came,” She said into his shoulder, barely able to keep her balance due to his short stature. “And we won!”

“That’s right! A little bitter-sweet, but I’ll gladly take a loss for you,” Eric chuckled. Lisa stood up straight, a huge grin still on her face.

“So, what do you have-” Lisa’s smile dropped. Behind Eric was Jason, still sitting in his seat, head lowered.

“I have some things I gotta take care of tonight,” Eric continued without missing a beat. “But, um.” Her uncle sighed. “Listen, Jason asked me to come with him. Said he figured you wouldn’t come over here if it was only him.”

“This was the only reason you came to my game,” she asked, annoyedly.

“C’mon. He just wanted to talk to you.” Jason slowly stood to his feet, then just as slowly raised his head to look Lisa in the eyes.

“Listen. I just. I wanted to make sure things were okay between us.” Jason’s voice was hushed.

“There is no ‘us,’” Lisa snapped back.

“You’re still my friend. And as your friend, I’m supposed to be there for you. Even when I fuck up.” Jason made his way closer to Lisa and took her hands. “I am very sorry about everything. This all sucks, and I hate what it’s done to you.”

“I’ll live.” Lisa stood stiff.

“I, uh, sorta got the gist of what happened,” Eric chimed in. “Look, none of us are perfect, but this guy.” He grabbed Jason’s arm and lightly shook it. “This guy right here is a good guy. I know how tough things are on ya, Lis. I don’t want you to lose something that’s actually worth wild,” he incorrectly said. “I wouldn’t be doing this if I thought this guy was a scumbag.”

“No one’s saying that.” Lisa sucked her teeth. “Listen, I gotta go shower off.”

“I wasn’t going to stay long,” Jason spoke up quickly. “I wanted to say it to your face. I wanted to tell you I’m still here for you no matter what.” Jason slowly started to break down. “I know you’re heart is broken, and-“

“Broken!” Lisa laughed. “Dude, I’m SO over you! I just don’t like being made a fool is all.” This caused Jason to take a literal step back. “Besides, I’ve got someone else I’ve got my eye on, so don’t you try and flatter yourself. You wanna make things better, then BE better.” Jason had nothing to say in return. His mouth just hung open as he gazed over at Eric who only shrugged back. “Got it?!” Jason nodded. “Good. I gotta get outa here. Don’t need people listening in on this.”

“There,“ Jason spoke up again. “There was something else. We kinda touched on it before. I was hoping to see you this summer. For training, I mean! I, uh, thought it, you know, would be helpful if you, like, you know.” Eric nudged Jason to get on with it. “Boxing! I thought. You know how I always said I would teach you? I figured this would be great since it can help with your footwork and timing and all that stuff for basketball.” Lisa just looked him up and down. “Will you consider it?” Lisa thought for a moment.

Without saying anything more to Jason, she turned to her uncle and hugged him. “I gotta get going,” she whispered into his ear.

“Come on. Give him a chance,” Eric whispered back. Lisa looked up over Eric’s shoulder at Jason, who was still hoping for an answer. “And you should talk to your dad,” Eric continued. “He may be the one guy who’d understand.” Lisa slowly nodded then pulled out of the hug. She stood tall and with purpose.

“I’ll. I’ll consider it,” Lisa finally answered Jason. That was that. She didn’t need to say anything more. She turned around and started for the locker room. She jogged as quickly as she could, careful not to jog too fast, but not too slow either. It had to look perfect. She was in control. This wouldn’t faze her. It had to look absolutely perfect. She finally made it to the door. Her breathing was heavy yet raspy, and her vision was blurred. She’d consider it.

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