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Criminal Conversation
Written by Shataivian


From: Bronx, New York

To: Edmonton, Alberta

Date: 11/04/2019

Time: 1749 EST

Lisa: Hello?

David: Hey, sweetie!

L: Hey.

D: Hey, everything alright?

L: Yeah, why?

D: Uh, well, your voice, for one. And a dad can just tell. What’s going on?


L: A lot. I really don’t feel like going into it.

D: Is that why you didn’t call me?

L: Didn’t call you? For what?


L: Oh shit! What’s today?! Oh, Daddy. I’m so sorry.

D: [LAUGHING] It’s okay. I’m just teasing.

L: I meant to call you! Happy birthday!

D: Thank you, thank you.

L: So, what are you, like, 92 now?

D: 53, thank you, and still looking good.


D: Wow. Nothing? Okay. Talk to me. What’s going on?


D: Come on, sweetie. Don’t retreat. You can talk to me.


D: Does it have something to do with Jason, or something?


D: Uh oh. What happened this time?


D: If you need me to, I can go kick his ass. He seems like a guy who can benefit from a kick or two. [CHUCKLE]


D: Sweetie, talk to me. What’s going on?

L: I’m being sued.

D: Whoa! Wait, what?! Who’s suing you?! For what?! Is it Jason?!


D: Are you kidding me? Where does he live?

L: Daddy.

D: No. Where does he live? This kid wants to cause trouble for my baby girl? Uh uh. I’mma kick his ass.

L: Daddy, it’s not him.

D: Then who’s suing you?

L: [SIGH] His wife. Or, ex-wife. I don’t even know anymore.

D: For what?

L: For “interfering with and damaging” her marriage.

D: In what way?!

L: Well… she says he and I were… She’s suing for “Criminal Conversation,” is what it’s called.

D: Uh uh. No. She would need proof. Have you spoken to Jason about this? Does he know?

L: No. I was told not to talk to him. I don’t know if he knows.

D: Good. And even still, she would need to present proof.

L: [SIGH] She might have it. She was… very explicit with her details in the complaint that came with the summons.

D: No, she could be trying to scare you. You don’t know for sure if she has actual proof. Like, actual physical proof.

L: Dad, I don’t know what to do.

D: Hunny, stay calm. She doesn’t really have a chance anyway with that kind of claim.

L: She doesn’t have a chance? I got the summons. Sounds like she has a chance to me.

D: Listen. She can’t sue for Criminal Conversation. Most states have abolished this.

L: Wait, really?

D: [SIGH] She’ll try to finagle it into an Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress claim, though.

L: A-a what?

D: What you need to do is get all your dates and facts straight. It’ll help being in the FBA since they have you on such a restrained schedule. [SIGH] You may have to bring Jason in if it comes down to it. Though, you’ll have to make sure he’s on your side and not hers…

L: Dad, wait. Slow down. Are you sure you know what you’re talking about? I need to take this very seriously.

D: Trust me. I’m sure... Just stay in contact with your attorney. Did she have the baby yet?

L: Y-yeah. Back in September.

D: So, she’s looking for cash and support. Did we ever find out if it was Jason’s baby or not?

L: Y-yeah. He said it wasn’t his.

D: That doesn’t make any sense. Why would she be suing for adultery if she’s the one who had a child with someone outside her marriage?

L: Could it be a bluff?

D: That’s a lot of work and a lot of money for a bluff. Either way, treat it like it’s real and get all your stuff straightened out.


D: Listen to me, baby girl. It’s going to be okay. You’re smart, and you’re tough. She’s just mad and freaking out right now.

L: Just, like, why, you know? I was in the middle of practice when the sheriff busted in and gave me the summons. I was so embarrassed.

D: Hunny, chances are you’re not the only one in the FBA who’s been sued, okay. It’s time to toughen up. Let her know she can’t phase you.

L: Okay…

D: I’mma get a plane and come out to see you, okay? Would that make you feel better?

L: N-no. I’ve got Damario here with me.

D: Oh, good. You’re still talking with him? I’m glad.

L: [CHUCKLE] Yeah. Well, I’m more than talking with him.

D: Oh? Is that so? Having some “conversations” with him, are we?

L: [LAUGH] Dad! Stop!

D: [LAUGH] I’m glad. He’s a great guy. He’ll definitely take care of you.

L: Yeah. He’s been really great.

D: Since we’re on the topic, what do you think of him? He really impressed me.

L: Rio’s been… [SIGH] Let’s just say I’ve tripped and am about to hit the ground, hard.

D: Aww. You’re falling for him. That’s cute.

L: Okay, okay.

D: Good. I really trust that guy. Anyway.

L: Yeah.

D: Keep me posted, okay? You’ll get through this.

L: Yeah.

D: Get mad.

L: Oh, I’m mad.

D: Good. Now kick her ass.

L: [CUCKLE] Yeah. Yeah. You know what? Yeah.

D: That-a-girl. You’ve got this.

L: Yeah. Okay.

D: Alright. I’ll talk to you later, okay?

L: Okay. Love you, Daddy.

D: Love you too, sweetheart. Bye, sweetie.

L: Bye, Daddy.


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