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Devil's Lounge
Written by Shataivian

Tuesday, April 2nd. Seattle, Washington. Las Vegas vs. Seattle. The score at the end of the night: Las Vegas Wildcards 103, Seattle Summit 106.

Another loss in Seattle. At this point Lisa was used to it. Once the game was over Lisa scanned the stadium out of habit. After the last time she saw Jason, she was hoping that he wouldn’t be there. He was going to focus on his wife, after all. Coming here as if nothing changed would make things difficult.

She searched and searched but finally concluded that he was not there. She was relieved but at the same time a bit disappointed. Why? She made her way over to her father who was still staying with Lisa since her neck incident. He hugged and told her how proud he was of her before she ran off towards the locker room to get ready to meet up with Eric at the lounge.

There was a line around the corner of the new Devil’s Lounge of eager people wanting to get in. The Lounge had just had its grand opening the day before after its previous version as a pub had closed at the beginning of the year. No longer the Devil’s Den, the Devil’s Lounge was officially a laid-back place to chill and drink. Eric met Lisa and David at the door and ushered them both in, but not before the two men gave each other a welcoming hug.

“Dave! What do ya think,” Eric asked, gesturing to the sign above the door.

“I like the evil olives,” David laughed, pointing out the martini glass that had olives with devil horns.

Once inside, Eric asked if either wanted a drink. Lisa, as usual, said no, and David had a glass of a local stout. The place was dimly lit with red lighting everywhere. The walls were decorated with velvet drapes. There was a second floor with more seating and a balcony overlooking the bar. Once the three of them were situated, Eric miraculously got himself up on top of the bar and held a microphone to his mouth.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,” Eric shouted. “I’m so glad you are all here! Now, I know our grand opening was yesterday and all the great fun was supposed to be had then, but we’re devils! When do we ever follow the rules?!” The crowd cheered. “Tonight, I’ve got a real treat for you. My dearest friend from freaking childhood is here with us tonight. He also happens to be the owner of the joint! He’s here visiting with his daughter, who just so happens to play in the FBA, FYI,” he said from the side of his mouth. “But he’s a great man, a devoted entrepreneur and father, a great pain in my ass, and yes ladies, he’s single! I’d like you all to welcome my friend and yours, DAVID DUPONT!” The crowd applauded as David somewhat bashfully made his way on top of the bar beside Eric.

“You have any idea how unsanitary this is,” David teased. “But anyway, thank you. I’m so glad to see this place up and running, and with a vibe I’m totally digging. Now, I’m not one for speeches, and I know you all came here to drink, so I’ll make this quick. Since I’m in town I’d like to treat you all. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m damn good at mixing drinks. So, if everyone would please line up at the bar, I will make everyone here a personalized drink based off my interactions with you. And, of course, It’s on the house!” The crowd roared as David made his way off the bar and gestured for someone to wipe it down.

As the crowd lined up for their free drinks, Eric jogged over to Lisa who was sitting alone in a booth.

“Hey, hunny,” Eric called. Lisa waved back. “So, no Jason, huh?” Lisa kept her gaze forward. This prompted Eric to join Lisa in the booth. “What happened?”

“A whole lot of nothing,” Lisa finally spoke.

“Yeah? Well, I like him. I see him every so often. I know he cares about you.”

“Eric. Please, stop.”

“Uh-oh. That’s the problem, isn’t it?”

“Shouldn’t you be helping my dad,” Lisa redirected. David, however, was holding his own against the crowd, quickly turning out unique drinks and entertaining the guests at the same time.

“I think your dad’s got it,” Eric chuckled. “Okay. I won’t talk about it. Can I get you anything?” Lisa shook her head. “You wanna just sit here for a bit?” She nodded. With that, Eric gave her a hug and made his way behind the bar with David.

“Look at you go, man.” Eric was impressed with David’s skills and determined that he was the owner of so many lounges for a reason. It wasn’t long before everyone had a drink. “Once again, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for David DuPont!” The crowd roared again. “You know, I still have a hard time with that,” Eric spoke softly to David.

“With what,” David asked back as he cleaned some glasses.


“Really,” David sarcastically laughed. “Even though I’ve been a DuPont longer than anything?”

“Yeah, but it’s still weird to me,” Eric joked.

“Oh, you’re one to talk, ‘Johnson.’”

“Nope! I actually changed my name back to Janovski,” Eric said proudly.

“Oh? Patched things up with your parents, did you?” Eric nodded and laughed in response.

“What about you? You ever planning to change your name back,” Eric asked with his hands on his hips, mocking David.

“Well, unlike you, I didn’t change my name because I was mad and had a temper tantrum,” David jabbed back.

“Oh, but didn’t you?”

“I most certainly didn’t!” The two laughed at each other.

“What about her,” Eric gestured at Lisa, still sitting alone in the booth with the occasional fan asking for an autograph. “I keep almost slipping, plus she really wants to find Sandrine.”

“Yeah, but she always wants to find her. She goes through cycles. One moment it’s all she talks about, the next she’s on to something else. She’ll forget and move on.” Eric reached up to David’s shoulders and forced him to stand face to face with him.

“That can’t be good enough, Dave. She’s an adult now. An adult who knows how to travel, at that. And now-a-days people are so easy to find. One SnoutBook search and that could be it.”

“Listen,” David sighed. “I just started patching things up with her. One thing at a time.”

“Well, you better make it quick. ‘cause if she finds her before you tell her, I don’t know if I can save you from that.”

“I’ll be fine.” David quickly shifted his shoulder, forcing Eric’s hands off him. “Just let me handle it, okay? You just worry about not ‘slipping.’” Eric gave David a slow look of confirmation that also said, ‘don’t say I didn’t warn you.’ “It’s fine,” David continued. “Honestly, it’s not even that big a deal.”

“No? Then why haven’t you told her?” David stayed quiet.

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