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Dominoes Epilogue
Written by Shataivian

Jason came meandering down the hall from Lisa’s bedroom into the kitchen. There he was greeted by Lisa’s father who was already up drinking a hot cup of coffee. David asked him if Lisa was still sleeping and Jason informed David that he let her sleep in. It seemed like she needed it after everything that had been happening to her. The two men made small talk. Jason spoke about his residency at the hospital in Seattle, and his plans to be a neurological surgeon. David spoke of his lounges and his plans for expansion. Eventually David brought the conversation to what happened the night before. It was what he was more interested in hearing about.

“So. Are you two together now,” David asked Jason referencing the fact the Jason rushed into Lisa’s room the previous night. Jason slowly nodded.

“I’ve got some stuff I gotta take care of first but, basically, the answer will be yes.”

“So, I should get used to your face then, huh?” The two laughed. “So, you’re going to divorce your wife, eh? And what is your reason for that?” David was testing him. He had told him the night before that if Jason was planning to divorce his wife, it would have to be because of his wife and no one else.

“She cheated on me,” Jason simply said. “That’s that.”

“And cheating’s an automatic no-no, huh?” Jason nodded. “Are you sure? There is no way you two can fixed things? It’s just one and done?” Jason nodded again. David sighed. “I was afraid of that.” Jason’s ears twitched. “I’ve learned a lot about you yesterday, Jason.” David made his way towards the coffee pot to pour himself a second cup. “Let me ask you something. Is there a chance, even if is miniscule, that child can be yours?”

“It’s not my child,” Jason insisted.

“No, no, no. Forget who I am for a second. Drop your ego, and really, seriously consider it. Because if it ends up being true, it would be wise to have a game plan.” Jason relented with a sigh and took his time to think.

“There… maaaaay be a small chance. The dates sorta line up but it’s nothing I’d place my bets on.”

“That doesn’t make it impossible. Let me ask you something else. Have you ever caught her cheating on you?” Jason’s ears turned back, and his breath got caught in his throat.

“She is cheating on me.”

“Have. You. Seen. Her,” David persisted. Jason would not answer. “So that’s a no. So! There is a small chance this baby is yours and you’ve never actually witnessed your wife cheating on you. Do you have any proof?” Jason did not answer. “So, no.” David made his way towards the fridge and leaned against it. “Like I said, I learned a lot about you yesterday. You’re spontaneous. You believe the lies that come to you so much that they become ‘truth.’ You’re easy to anger. And you like to find the easy way out. I was able to see all this just from our little chat yesterday. I am not surprised that it’s the case here.”

“No. Stop it right now. I love Lisa, and-“

“Oh, I have no doubt of that,” David interrupted. “But tell me, what reason would your wife have to cheat on you? Were you two fighting?”

“She’s… just been promiscuous like that. That’s it!” Jason sounded as though he was trying to find the answer himself.

“’Promiscuous?!’ Jason, my boy, if that’s the only reason you can come up with then I know for a fact that she’s not cheating on you,” David laugh. “No one cheats on their husband after only a few months of being married just to be ‘promiscuous.’ Besides,” David’s face went smug. “Judging by the skill you had with my daughter last night, she would have no reason to cheat on you.” Jason’s face was in shock at first, but then grew to anger as he locked eyes with David’s. David’s face, however, stayed smug. His eyes stayed on Jason’s as he spoke again. “Good morning, Lisa.” Lisa shuffled into the kitchen joining the men. She did not respond back. “So, do you have a better answer,” David continued.

“I’m done talking about this,” Jason angrily responded.

“Actually… I’d like to know the answer.” Lisa’s voice was soft. Her eyes were unfocused, but her face seemed stern. Jason just stammered in response. “I dated a guy like this. Melissa’s son. You know what he did? He was so sure that I was cheating on him that there was no way I could convince him otherwise.”

“Lisa, no. I’m not like Jake,” Jason defended.

“But you are. You don’t have any proof that she’s cheating on you but won’t believe her when she says she isn’t. And you know what Jake did after I pleaded with him, after I begged him to believe me?” Jason’s breathing started to grow heavy. He already knew the answer. “He fucked another girl. Right now the only difference between me and Sharice is that she didn’t get to watch.” Jason tried to pipe up to defend himself, but he was interrupted by David.

“Just admit it, son. The more you fight this the worse this becomes for you.”

“No! Enough! I know this all seems like I’m just pulling this out of thin air, but I’m not! She-“

“So, let’s say she IS cheating on you. Is it really the end of the world,” David asked.

“It is unforgivable,” Jason spoke through his teeth.

“Oh? So not even if she were to, say, believe in her heart that you were the one who cheated on her first,” David posed.

“I never cheated on her. I never would.”

“Yeaaah, but she thinks you are, so that means you are. And now she’s mad, flies all the way to, let’s say Las Vegas, and sleeps with her best friend. Still unforgivable?” Jason didn’t respond. “The only one we know for a fact who has cheated on someone… is you. Now… you think it would be fair if she just said, ‘one and done’ and didn’t hear what you had to say?” Everyone stayed quiet for a while. Jason was starting to realize how narrow his vision had been. He had done the very thing he accused his wife of doing. Even worse, he had no proof she even did what he was accusing her of. And Lisa. She had been caught in the crossfire because of him.

“I know you love my daughter,” David began again. “She knows it, too. But you can’t expect this to be easy. Life is fucking complicated. Divorcing my wife… was the hardest decision I had ever made, but I didn’t do it for another woman. I didn’t even do it for Lisa. You need to find out your reason. You need to KNOW your reason… or… you need to be a goddamn husband and be there for your fucking wife.” And as soon as David said that, Lisa looked into Jason’s eyes. It was spelled out for them right there. Even though Jason had promised her the previous night that they’d be together, that he’d leave his wife for her, that everything will be better from now on, she was able to see with clarity that her relationship with Jason would never happen. How could it now?

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