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Getting Noticed
Written by Kumori

It was the evening after ASW line ups were announced. Kyler had been told that he was going to ASW, but the coach didn't give him much in terms of specifics, probably not wanting to overwhelm the rookie. Kyler then got a phone call, caller ID of Vincent Vos, his agent.

Kyler answered the phone, “Would I be correct in assuming this has to do with ASW?”

Vincent responded, “Yeah, not sure how much you know though”

“I was only told I was going, not given much in terms of specifics.”

“I see... some coaches do not to not make players feel overwhelmed. Anyways, if you want specifics... You made the rookie challenge, although not quite as a starter.”

Kyler sighed a bit, “Let me guess, Zack and Berty beat me out for SG and SF right? Part of the problem of the top 3 picks of the conference all being the same position.”

“If you could see me I would be nodding. However you are the 6th fur which might as well be a start. But there's more, you are only one of three rookies to be selected for multiple events. And even better you are the sole rookie to be selected for the 3-point contest! Your skill from range has shown very well.”

“So I'm in two events then? I figured rookie challenge was a given but the 3-point contest as well? I can see why coach didn't want to tell me. A lot would be worked up over that.”

“Isn't that the truth? But hey don't let it effect your playing okay? We don't want the ego to be a problem and have it ruin your career.”

“Hey you know me better than that Vincent, and I assume you will be there when they happen right?”

“Very much so, go fox power!!!”

Featured Characters

Kyler Inari Vincent Vos