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Hearts and Biscuits 2
Written by Wolfnumber9

February 19th, 2019: A little birdie

Tia did her usual stroll down to her favorite sandwich shop before practice. This time though, she had a set of rules given to her by her agent. No autographs or long conversations with fans. Just get her sandwich, pay, and get out...well, that was the plan anyway. So, Tia walked inside the shop and said:

“Hey Sal! I’m here for my regular!”

The other patrons either waved at Tia or continued eating their sandwiches. Tia became a pretty common thing now in the restaurant. Still not bothering to get a car and enjoying waving to people all throughout Maine. What she wanted now though, was her usual sandwich, but it still hadn’t arrived.

“Hello? Sal?” Tia called out again.

Suddenly, Someone came to Tia’s aid. It was a very tall Steller’s jay bird wearing the shop’s hat and a green shirt, although the shirt seemed a bit too small for her tall frame. She walked to the cashier with haste and said:

“Right! Sorry, special order for a miss TT! I got that right here for….uh…” The bird paused once she looked up and got a glance of Tia.

“’re Tia Terra.” She said.

“Yea. Hi.” Tia said with a small wave.

“You’re Tia Terra.”

“I am...yes.”

“You’re Tia Terra! Oh my god! Oh my god! You’re Tia Terra! You play on the Tides! Oh my god! I am like your biggest fan! Ever since you played at Vanderbarn and got drafted and I spent so much time watching your games! Oh my god! You’re Tia Terra!”

“, yep. I’m Tia. What’s your name?”

“My name? name? What is my name?...OH RIGHT!, my, my name’s Willadeene Reed. I’m 7’4”, just like you! I try so hard to play just like you!”

“Oh. Okay. Do you play your school team?”

“Well uh...I’m planning to play with Maine Interspecies University...but I kinda need to make money for college I am.”

“Oh, well I wish you luck Willadeene. Nice name too. Where ya from?”

“I’m from Texas! Round rock to be exact! I’m here, and you’re here, oh my god! You’re Tia Terra! AAAAAH!”

“Okay….right. Nice to meet ya...can I have my sandwich please?”

“OH! Right! Sorry! Here ya go! Nice and fresh!”

“Thanks. It was nice meeting ya. Bye.” Tia says as she walks out.

“Bye Miss Terra, I mean Tia! I mean, unless you like being called Miss I mean, I know you’re not married or nothing and...and...and she’s gone….wow, I just met Tia Terra.”

“Hey Reed.” Sal called out, but Willadeene was too distracted by her own thoughts.

“Reeeed! Hey Reed!”

“Huh? Oh! The toasted sandwich! I’ll get that right aw, WHOA!”

Willadeene quickly ran to the toaster but suddenly tripped and brought two bags of bread down with her. The loud crash caught everyone in the shop’s attention and brought Sal to put his face in his paws.

“Uh...I can fix this.” Said Willadeene.

“Reed just...stop running in the shop.” Sal said as he got the sandwich out.

Featured Characters

Tia Terra

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