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Hearts and Biscuits 3
Written by Wolfnumber9 and Illarouge

All-Star Week was over. Some wins, some losses, mostly the latter for the occupants of one room. Margo hit the button for their floor. She felt pretty done after the long week. She had a resurgence in supporting Tia through her game, but overall, done. She seemed to have let some of her defeat get to her, as she wore it heavily on her expression. Her ears had a rare droop to them.

The opossum swayed side to side right next to her. Her excitement to see the rabbit family was clearly visible, but she also was happy to be by Margo’s side.

The rabbit looked at her partner, chuckling. "What're you so bouncy about?"

“Me? I just played in the all-star game, and I have cute bunny by my side who I’m gonna spend the whole night with, and I’m gonna meet her family, and it’s gonna be great, and I think we’ll all have a...” Tia then took a moment to breathe. “But yea, I’m just excited is all.”

Margo managed a smirk. "Well, a quick shower, and you'll get to meet them for dinner." The doors of the elevator opened. They headed for the room. "So, I should probably warn you about my siblings."

“Why? They sound like a hoot! Everything you told me about them seems fine.”

"Sure, they're fine, but they're not normal. And numerous. Have you really processed how many people you're about to meet?"

Tia started looking up at the ceiling and counting on her fingers. She then looked at Margo and said, “Uh, like six maybe?”

"Oh my god." She produced their key and opened the door. "Not six. Sixteen."

“Oh yea...Wait, did you say sixteen?”

"I did. Should be seventeen, but Beatrice is a bitch, so she won’t come." The venom was short-lived. She looked at Tia over her shoulder. "Plus my auntie and grandma. They're normal, though."

Tia still had her face stuck in shock but glanced at Margo for comfort. Her smile soon came back. “Well, if they’re like you, then I’m sure we’ll get along. I’ll just tell them all the neat stuff we do together.”

Margo paused mid-pulling her shirt over her head. "Please don't include all the neat stuff."

Tia giggled and took off her sweatpants and shirt. “You mean like when we went behind the Barby’s and…” She giggled some more and threw her sweaty bra at Margo’s face.

"Ah!" And over the bed she went, feet sticking up over the mattress. She sighed. "Yeah, you'll get along with them just fine."

Tia laughs and sticks out her tongue. She dug her muzzle in her armpit. “You think I really stink?”

Bam, return bra in the face. "You tell me, numb nuts."

Tia and Margo rolled up to The Whole Kitchen, a family-style restaurant with all sorts of homey food. It was one of the few places that could take a party that big. Margo let her head roll back once they were there. "Nancy just texted me. They're all inside already. I'm surprised no one's started a fire yet."

Tia studied the restaurant closely. “I remember one of my cousins lit his shoe on fire at Thanksgiving and...” Tia shook her head. “Wait, no. Focus, Tia! Okay. I’m ready. This’ll be fun! Right?”

"That's the plan." They got out and headed for the entrance. Inside, Margo mentioned that she'd reserved the banquet room, so the host led them to the double doors, still closed. Margo sighed. "You ready?"

Tia then held Margo’s hand and nodded yes. “Ready.”

The jackrabbit smiled. She reached out and pushed the door open with her free hand. Once it was open, a horde of hares raised their hands and cheered. Two of the taller bunnies held up a crudely drawn sign that read, 'Congrats on Getting Laid!' An elderly hare swatted at them, and the two bunnies laughed along with the rest of them. They scattered, and the sign disappeared among them. Margo looked like she was ready to die.

Tia awkwardly waved at every hare she could see. She the leaned over to Margo. “I think they know we have sex, but I won’t tell if you don’t.” Tia continued to wave.

The supposedly quiet comment caused a fresh roar of laughter. Margo looked at the opossum. "Tia, these ears aren't for show!" She tugged on her long, stiff ears before laughing a bit.

A bunny smaller than average popped her head up from the back. "Well, what's her name?!"

Tia looked towards Margo blushed with her mouth wide open. “Oh yea.” She looked shy to everyone, but she didn’t let the laughter stop her. Laughter was good. “Hey ya’ll!” She said with her usual perkiness. “My names Tia.”

They all chanted her name as a few approached to shake her hand. After about a dozen, the matriarch made her way through the swarm. The squat bunny looked Tia up and down, assessing her, sizing her up, and the like. The hares calmed down. "You're a biggun', just like our Margo."

“Yea, I get that a lot.” Tia said with a slight giggle. “Um, pleasure to meet you, ma’am.” She reached her hand out for a handshake as she did for all the other members of the family. She had hoped she was being polite and not embarrassing poor Margo.

The grandma looked at Tia's hand. She held her arms out and managed a hug near her waist. "Wilma," she let her know, but before Tia had a chance to process it, the horde beset upon her as they offered their own hugs and shoulder pats.

“Oh, well, hi, hello there, oh my, hehe. Aww, well.”

Margo was too busy chuckling at the onslaught of attention Tia got. She seemed adaptable to the familial chaos. Soon, they started retreating to their seats. It didn't get much quieter, but the cacophony was more manageable. The two sat near Wilma and some of the older siblings.

Tia squeezed into her seat and got as comfortable as possible. She then glanced around and said: “It’s real nice meeting all of you. So, what’s on the menu?”

One of the older hares handed her a menu. "They bring out big ol' plates of entrees and sides," she said, Margo nodding along.

“Sounds like a good meal. As long as the bring some good bread.” Tia said with excitement.

A burly bunny next to her playfully elbowed her. "They don't got bread like we make it." Every started descending into their own conversations, but Tia kept getting glances. "So, what are you to my sister?"

“Oh, I guess she’s my girlfri...” Tia froze and looked at Margo nervously. “My,” Her eyes beaming right at Margo for help.

Even Margo's eyes were on the marsupial. Everyone leaned in, goading her for a response. Margo had the same smirk as everyone.

Tia was too nervous to say a word. She could feel everyone’s eyes on her and Margo. An answer had to be said sooner or later, now or never. This had to be done. It was time. Tia gazed right into Margo’s eyes and said: “...I’m her girlfriend.” The phrase was said with a little uncertainty, but with enough force to make the room go silent for a couple seconds.

The siblings collected to play up the awkward silence. Another roll of laughter washed over the duo as they saw little wrong, no controversy. Even Margo put her hand on Tia's shoulder and gave her a supportive squeeze.

Tia joined in the laughter and grabbed a drink of water. “Ya’ll are a hoot! Thanks for having me! Hehe!”

A hare closer to Margo's age leaned across the table to get closer to Tia. "Yo, name's Tanya. Watch out for Margo here. She's a bit of a player."

"Please," Margo chuckled. "How many kids you have yet?”

Several large baskets of bread were brought up and set between every few people, and Tanya threw one at Margo. She caught it and took a bite.

Tia chuckled and said: “Nice to meet ya! Yea, I know. We’re both players. She’s in Pittsburgh, while I’m in Maine. I miss her a lot, but it’s always fun playing against her. OOO! Bread!” Tia excitedly grabbed two bread rolls. “So, are you her cousin?”

Tanya chuckled. "Nah, that's not what I meant by player." She sat back down. "We're all brothers and sisters. Ponca don't have 'cousins' like you think."

“Oh, well, hi, Tanya. I bet Margo is a fun sister.” Tia she quickly ate both rolls of bread and grabbed another.

"Margo thinks too much," boomed the brother next to Tia. "She's always in her damn head."

"Shut the fuck up, Zeek." She reached over and slugged him in the shoulder, making him laugh.

Tia laughed. “Hey! That’s just like me and Margo. She does that punching thing, and I tackle hug her, so anyway, yea. Margo can be in her head all she wants. I like her head. Hehe, and her ears.”

Nancy smirked as she chowed down on the bread. "Yeah, I bet you do," saying something that sounded congratulatory in Ponca. "So where you from, Tia?"

Tia finished her fourth roll of bread. “A small house in Smyrna, Tennessee. I used to live there with my Mama. I’m just a Tennessee girl, hehe.”

The small hum of chatter seemed focused on Tia. "Don't get much Tennessee girls down in Oklahoma," Tanya said, the siblings nodding along. "Ever do much streetball?"

Fifth roll of bread, and Tia kept the conversation going. “Not really. When I was younger, mama told me if I built my own hoop then I could play basketball. It took a really long time, but I finished it. That was the only hoop I played on until high school.” Tia grabbed her sixth roll and almost finished the basket. “Margo told me that she did some streetball though. It sounds real fun.”

Ezekiel boomed again, "We should find a basket after dinner, see what this western girl can do!" A few of the hares chimed in and nodded, a few abstaining.

Tia smiled at the comment. “I like to dunk and block shots. Oh, and I get a lot of rebounds. Margo’s shots are hard to block though. She really battles out there.”

Margo scoffed. "Now if I could only make the shots." More murmurs.

The food began to roll in, and the attention turned to eating, even more celebrating. The family began to fill their plates, mostly vegetables, but there were plenty of meat dishes being passed around. The siblings even helped Tia load up her plate with their 'suggestions,' meaning dropping food in front of her.

Tia had her plate full with an array food from everyone else plates. She looked at Margo and shrugged. “Maybe I shouldn’t have started with all that bread, hehe. It does look good though. What are you eating?”

Margo's plate was already full. She paused. She laughed. "What am I not eating?"

“Hehe, just like those buffets we go to!” Tia talks with everyone at the table. “Let me tell ya, this girl is hard to beat. She always out eats me, but I can still finish the bread faster, hehe.” Tia then digs in to mixed vegetables on her plate.

“Out eats ya, huh?” one of the teenage bunnies yelled. A piece of bread sailed through the air from Wilma and hit her square between the eyes, making everyone laugh.

A few of them nodded. "She can out eat anyone," someone called. They continued to laugh and talk. As they did, Wilma kept looking at Tia with a smile on her face.

Tia continued to eat through her food until she noticed Wilma’s gaze. Feeling it would be polite, she smiled back and waved. She fluffed her hair a bit to make it look less messy.

From where she was seating, Wilma didn't see the success of her trying to adjust her hair, simply looking at the ball of frizz dating her granddaughter. She snickered and returned to her food.

The meal continued without much other fanfare, the many hares casting amused glances at Tia and making jokes, occasionally whispering things in English and Ponca.

The rest of the dinner was quite the party, and by the end of it, Tia easily saw herself as one of the family. Soon, after many laughs and a whole lot of food, the couple retreated back to their hotel room full, tired and with a bit of alcohol in them. Tia was a bit giggly and leaned on Margo during the whole walk back to the room.

“Ya know...I think that went well,” Tia said.

Margo, never one for drinking, acted as the prop stand for the tipsy Tia. "Yeah, I'd say pretty good."

“Do you think they liked me? Did I do good?” Tia’s tail began to whip behind her and accidentally knocked over a lamp in the hallway. “Uh oh, bad tail. Don’t do that,” she said while pointing at it.

"Well, I think you impressed Zeek and Tan with how much beer you put away." She managed to get out her key card and swipe them in. She flipped on the lights and led Tia to the bed. She lowered her down carefully.

“Mmm, Yea, but it was a dare. I almost won.” Tia was still pretty giggly and rolled around in the bed. “I just have so much fun with you, and you’re my girlfriend now, and...” Tia was interrupted by her phone vibrating on the night stand. “Ah! Oh my phone.” Tia reached over and grabbed it, but once she saw who was calling, her silliness was replaced with a fear.

Margo retreated to the kitchenette to get the possum a glass of water. She looked toward the bed, couldn't quite see Tia's face. "You gonna take that?"

“Shhhh, no wait!’’s my Mama,” she said with a shaky voice. “Oh no, no no no no no. I forgot to call her.”

The hare raised an eyebrow. She wasn't sure what to make of it. She set the glass down. "Well, she's calling, ain't she? Go ahead."

“But I can’t! She told me...she told me that if I date anyone I would get punished! And I didn’t tell her about you, and we just met the family, and I had all that beer and...” Tia kept frantically over explaining her worries until the phone stopped buzzing. It was only a matter of seconds until the buzzing started again. “Margo! What do I do?!”

Margo moved to walk away, but she had to pause. She turned back. "The hell you mean, get punished? You're a grown ass woman." She looked down at the phone, still buzzing. “Answer the damn phone.”

Tia thought of those words for a while. “I’m...I’m a grown woman? I’m a grown woman,” she said to herself. “I don’t know what the punishment is. She didn’t say.”

The hare looked more disturbed with each passing second. "She can't punish your grown ass self. Or is this about something else?"

“She can’t punish me?” Tia was very lost but was slowly starting to understand. Her fear was becoming less and less as she thought it through. “I’m a grown woman.” With that she answered the phone and the Veronica’s wrath was unleashed.

“Tia Terra! Do you have any goddamn idea how long I’ve been calling you! I expected an answer as soon as you were done with that game! But no! You had me calling and calling like a fucking bill collector! What the hell were you doing?!”

Tia was shaking with fear but was able to utter one sentence.

“I was with my girlfriend.”

Silence. Until Veronica answered with a threatening tone.

“What...the fuck did you say?”

The conversation was loud enough anyone around would have heard. Unfortunately, the only one around was Margo. She reached out and snatched the phone from Tia's ear. "She said she's with her fucking girlfriend, goddamn it. Now who the fuck is this?" She knew who the fuck it was.

“Excuse me?” Veronica snapped back. “I’m her goddamn ass kicking mother that’s who! Now put her back on the phone!”

Margo smirked for her own pleasure. "Now why would I go and do a fool thing like that when she looks terrified of talking to her mother, hmm?"

“Put my baby girl on the phone now, or I’ll shove my boot so far up your ass!”

"That I'll be tasting leather. Yeah. Try a little harder, sweetheart. I live on the rez, cunt-sucking bitch." She hit the call end button.

Tia sat on the bed, mouth wide open in shock. The phone buzzed again, and Tia just stared back at Margo.

She stared at the phone for a while. Her grip tightened around the device. "Do you like this phone?"

Tia shook her head no with her same surprised face. "M...My agent gave me a spare phone..."

Margo pursed her lips and nodded. Her eyes looked wild right quick. She reared her arm back and chucked the phone into the kitchenette. It smashed against the tile floor, the pieces bouncing and hitting the cabinets. Margo's shoulders heaved as she struggled to catch her breath.

Tia stood up from the bed, her gaze locked on to the shattered phone on the ground. She still couldn’t believe everything that had just happened. Something she would have never done in her wildest dreams was hang up on mother. And Margo helped her do this, and it didn’t feel wrong to her. “She...she can’t punish me?” Tia said with a shaky voice.

Margo snapped her head to the possum. "Are you fucking kidding me?" She approached Tia, still having a few inches on her. "You're a goddamn adult. What the hell do you think that means?" She was riled more than Tia ever had seen.

Tia looked at Margo, then looked at the phone again. “She can’t punish me. I’m an adult.” Tia slowly got her glow back as her excitement came back. “I can do what I want? I can do what I want. I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!” Tia looked around the room with her hands shaking and quickly turned around to Margo. She ran over to her and grabbed her arms much tighter than usual. “I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!!!” She yelled even louder then she forced that rabbit close for a kiss.

Margo caught her, hand to Tia's forehead. The fire hadn't left her eyes. She pushed Tia back. "Are you ashamed of me?" she said in plain speech, more a statement than a question.

“What? No! No no no no, I love you Margo! I swear! I just...I never went against my mama, not ever. But when I met you, I didn’t care about the rules. I don’t care about no stupid rules! I love you Margo!” Tia was still high with excitement. She felt like she finally did the right thing for once. She felt happy and free, happy that finally following her heart was led to something good.

The hare seemed in between emotions, unsure of where she should be grounded. She took a few deep breaths. Her jaw hurt from clenching. "Wait, what'd you say?"

“I don’t care about the rules. Everyone keeps telling me what I can’t do. Don’t eat this, don’t do that. Don’t date no one. But you’re right. I’m an adult! I can do what I want! I want to do stuff! I want to do a lot of stuff! And I’m going do a lot of stuff with you! ‘Cause I don’t care about no stupid rules!”

"No no no no. You used the L word."

“The...the L word?” Tia was at a bit lost on how to feel in this moment. Too many emotions were whirling around in her head. “What L word?”

Margo laughed, starting to come down from the high of anger. "You said you loved me, you fuckin' dork."

Tia smiled and said: “Well...I do love you...I fucking love you!”

The hare felt perplexed. She thought to that girl on the reservation, wondering if this felt the same, and she wasn't sure. She felt guilty, off rez, running around with other girls and still feeling unable to say the thing that would make someone else smile. She felt selfish. She tried not to show any of this. "Wow," was all she managed.

Tia kept going in her excitement. “I can fucking curse now! I don’t have to be afraid of my fucking mama! You make me fucking happy! You crushed my fucking phone which was fucking awesome! I FUCKING LOVE YOU MARGO WARRIOR!” She began to spin around happily and scream. “I LOVE MARGO WARRIOR! AND I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE FUCKING THINKS! I LOVE HER!” Feeling too dizzy, Tia fell to the floor and landed right on her butt. She laughed and swayed side to side as she rested on the floor.

Margo yelped as Tia went down. She quickly knelt but saw what she assumed would happen: this would be a foggy memory later. She figured those words were for someone else, even though they had her name attached to them. She put a hand on Tia's. "I'm not sure what to hope for, but I hope this is a new step for you."

Tia held the rabbit’s hand tight. “Yes. As long as all those steps are going to you. I finally get it. I know I don’t get much but...but you make me happier than anyone. You helped me stand up to mama. You treat me the best and show me that I can do what I want. And I want you Margo. I love you.”

She looked at Tia for a long time. She wasn't sure what to say, much less to a drunk Tennessee girl. She used her other hand to ruffle the possum's hair. "I'm not really worth that kind of effort, but I'll work on that."

Tia then stumbled to get up but managed to at least get on her hands and knees. Her hair covered most of face and she simply said in a soft voice: “Thank you...”

Margo pulled the opposum into a long hug. It seemed best, but she soon found herself kissing her partner. That felt even better. Her mind felt cloudy from the anger. Tia? She was clear as day.

Tia kissed her back and rest her head on Margo’s shoulder. She tried to utter something else but was complete murmuring at this point. Soon, Margo could feel Tia’s full weight and heard her small snores a from the giant bush that was her hair.

The hare nuzzled her a bit. She managed to prop herself up on her knees, carrying Tia along with her. She got the possum to nestle into bed, where Margo covered her up with the sheets. She stood back up, her mind full of bees. She looked at the smashed phone on the floor. Her ears lowered. She still felt that lingering annoyance at the whole situation. She stood there for a long time. Once she was sure Tia was asleep, she picked up her card key and left the hotel room. She needed to clear her head.

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