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Hearts and Biscuits 4
Written by Wolfnumber9 and IllaRouge

May 3rd, 2019: I’m a big girl now.

“Hey Sal! Hey Willadeene!” Tia said as she walked into the shop. Sal and everyone greet the tall opossum as usual. Even a few young ones asked for a quick autographs. Tia was happy to sign them, but then her focus was drawn to Willadeene, who stood in the corner slowly sweeping the same spot over and over. Tia walked to her and said:

“Hey Willadeene.”

“Oh.” The bird finally looked up and faced Tia. “Hey, um...sorry I didn’t say hi.”

“It’s okay. everything okay?”

“Heh...oh ya know. Just my stupid bad luck getting in the way of things.”

“Oh. Um, we should uh...we should sit and talk.”

“Tia I don’t know if I…”

Willadeene was interrupted by Tia moving a table and two chairs to the bird and making her sit down. Tia sat down on the other end and leaned in close.

“Okay. Start!”

Willadeene stared at Tia for a moment, then her eyes began to water as she buried her face in her hands.

“Oh no.” Tia said. “Oh no no no. Crying is bad. there. Hush little birdy. It’s okay.”

“I’m sorry...I’m sorry, it’s just that they...the university kicked me out of the dorm!” Willadeene said with a shaky voice.

“Oh no. Why?”

“I was, I was, I was living with my roommate Tameeka and the found out I was living there for free, or what they call free! I tried to get my money in order but I can’t afford a dorm right now and I don’t have an apartment and I...I...don’t have anywhere to go!”

“Oh...well, just live with me.” Tia said.

“Wait...What?” Willadeene answered confused.

“Yea, here.” Tia then write down on a piece of napkin. “Here is my address and my phone number. Just come get your bag and you can stay with me. Okay?”

“Wait, Tia. I can’t ask you to…”

“Oh shoot, I have to go practice. Just come by tonight okay? And bring your stuff.”

“Tia, I...I mean thank you but…”

Tia quickly grabbed her stuff and her sandwich and walked out.

“Call me later!” She said as she walked out leaving the stellar jay speechless and confused.

“Did...did that just happen?”

It was a calm and cloudy night in Bangor and after a full day of practice, Tia was finally able to spend the rest of the night alone...well, alone with a very special person to her. Tia was ecstatic to once again spend a whole night with her girlfriend. Margo provided the most comfort out of anyone in her life and Tia finally felt free to do as she pleases. The night was spent raiding restaurants and a whole bunch of other silly antics, but it came to end once the two were walking their way back to Tia’s home.

"We're professional athletes. Why is eating too much an activity for us?" Margo chuckled as they strolled along the streets. She wore a relatively loose mauve evening suit, flapping open with bottoms with loose cuffs. She nudged the opossum.

“What? You dared me! And I dared you!...I’m so full though, hehe.” Tia laughed playfully leaning on the hare. She wore her usual old white shirt and basketball shorts. With all the money Tia gained in her career, she still wears her usual old raggedy clothes.

Margo looked down at herself. "When you said it was a date, I figured we'd both be dressed up." She ruffled Tia's hair. "Won't make that mistake again." She snickered, throwing her arm over Tia's shoulder.

“Hehe, sorry. I’m not really Uh...sure what to wear on a date...but you look real pretty though!” Tia said as she laughed and pulled up her basketball shorts.

The hare rubbed her cheek against Tia's. "This Native hick of a bunny'll learn ya." She smooched the opossum right by her temple.

The opossum kissed her cheek in response as the two finally reached her apartment. “Hey there's my house. Oh, you have to see my bed. My agent got it extra big so I can fit. Now we can fit together!” Tia then quickly dug in her pocket for her keys.

Margo walked up behind her. She rested her hands in her pockets. "I'm shaking with anticipation," her faux impressed voice cranked up.

Tia finally found the right key and unlocked the door. “There we go! Oh and um...sorry if it smells like burned food. I tried to cook something in the morning and didn’t really go too well.” She then slowly began to open the door.

The hare followed Tia in after. She let the door swing closed. She peered through the dark. "Where's the light?"

“Oh, sorry. Here we are. It was just over...” Then, in an instant, Tia froze right where she stood. She remained speechless as she realized someone was already in the house waiting for her. Tia could only utter one word. “Mama?” And there she stood, at just 5 feet tall, with short blonde hair and her usual menacing frown on her face. Her wardrobe looking quite similar to Tia’s instead with a pair of blue jeans. “Tia.” She uttered.

Margo was mildly in her head as the lights came up. The mild haze from her eyes adjusting obscured her vision, but she recognized a person, someone that wasn't supposed to be there. Her expression lit up. She reached for the nearest thing to her, a coat tree, and picked it up. She moved so quickly that she didn't hear their quiet exchange. Instinctively defensive, reacting to a stranger in Tia's home, she rushed at the elder possum.

“Tia I...HOLY!” Veronica quickly ducked and moved to the side. Being her height, she was able to quickly dodge the attack. “Shit!” She screamed. “What in the hell is wrong with you psycho son of a bitch!” “Margo Wait!” Tia yelled. “Wait, that’s my mama!”

She snapped her head to look at Tia, then back at apparently her mother. "Your mom?" She slammed the coat tree down. "The fuck you doing sitting here in the dark?" She walked away and into Tia's kitchen; she was still heated up from thinking someone had broken into the house. She started lobbing insults in Ponca just to make herself feel better.

“You don’t think her own mom has a key to her house?!” Veronica yelled back. “Mama, what are you doing here?” “I came to see you and apparently your deranged so called girlfriend!”

Margo shouted something Veronica wouldn't understand, but the venom was evident. "Sitting in the dark like some crazy ass bitch," then right back to the Ponca.

“Oh you ain’t seen crazy honey! I’ll tell ya what!” “Mama! Margo! Everybody please!” Tia shouted. “Please just... let’s just um...sit down I guess?”

Margo stayed out of sight in the kitchen. She folded her arms and leaned against the counter. "Tia, I should probably get a hotel."

“No!” Veronica shouted. “No, goddammit, this not how I wanted to do this.” Veronica took a deep breath and a finally spoke in a calmer tone. “Okay...what’s your name again? Margo?”

"Jesus." She stayed put. "Yeah. What about it?"

“Okay, look...Tia and Margo...I...I came here so I could apologize to you both.” Veronica Said. The words seemed very hard for her to utter.

Margo's ear twitched. She rolled her eyes as she pushed herself off of the counter. She walked back into the entranceway. She stood there, arms crossed again, waiting for her to continue.

“Look, I know I must’ve looked like...well like a crazy person on that there phone call all them months ago. To tell ya the truth, maybe that’s what I needed to hear. When it comes to my baby girl, I will fight whoever I need to fight to keep her safe, but...I shouldn’t have talked to you in that way. I barely even know you and I apologize.”

The hare looked Veronica up and down. She had all of the skepticism from her home life. "What is this? Why would I believe that?"

“Well mama...she has a point. I mean... I tried calling you and you never talked to me again.” Tia said. Veronica then sat down on a nearby chair and looked down on the floor. “Let’s just say...I talked to some people and...maybe...I was a bit too hard on you baby girl.” Tia was still in shock from the whole situation. Veronica continued. “Maybe I was too protective or something but...I just didn’t think it was a bad thing....are you scared of me baby girl?” “...uuuuuuuuuh.” That was all Tia could utter.

Margo wanted to jump back in with assertions and insults, but she saw the conflict Tia was going through. She nudged Tia to answer.

Tia felt the nudge and tried to utter something, but nothing came out. Only air. “Yea, well I guess that answered that question...look um...I, I don’t want our relationship to be like this Tia. Okay fine, I was hard on ya sometimes, but I still love you with all my heart and I will do anything for you baby’re a big girl do what you feel is right. Don’t be afraid no more. Okay?” Tia still couldn’t think of anything to say. Veronica then stood up and walked to Margo and said: “Well...shit I really didn’t think Tia would find someone taller but here you are...alright look, no one's saying we gotta be friends but I’ll admit that I started this off wrong...and I’m trying to be a clam adult here so...Margo do you love my daughter?”

Well shit, this was the thing she was worried about up to this point, and here this short, angry marsupial was putting it to her like it was no big deal. She narrowed her gaze; her ears drooped. She straightened herself out, putting one hand on her hip. "Yeah, I care about her. Shit, maybe love her. But I sure as shit won't sit around if someone's making her life hell."

Veronica chuckled a bit then said: “Well then, ain’t no business being enemies then... apparently your agent is a psychiatrist too Tia...anyway, I was wrong, let’s start over, huh?”

Margo kept a skeptical eye on the possum. She still seemed standoffish, for good reason in her mind. "Maybe. Takes a while for an apology to stick."

“You never answered my calls mama.” Tia finally spoke. Veronica sighed. “Tia I...” “No Mama. worried about you. Yes, I am scared of you, and I didn’t listen to you, but...but I love Margo and I hated hiding from you because I thought you would like her and...” Tia was then interrupted by the short opossum giving her a motherly hug. Tia froze up again and just looked towards Margo for answers.

Margo smirked, a small amount of warmth for the motherly affection. Veronica was trying. She winked and nodded to the small possum.

Tia hugged her mother back. Veronica started to speak softly. “I never wanted to scare you baby girl...I was wrong and I promise I will be better. For you and your...girlfriend. It’s just...hard to see you all grown up and...” she was quickly interrupted by a knock on the door. Veronica’s face quickly changed back to her usual stern look. “Now who the hell is knocking on your goddamn door now?! I’m fucking trying to be all nice and proper and shit!” “Mama...” Tia said to quickly stop her. “I uh...sorry baby girl.” Veronica said.

Margo laughed far too hard than she should have. "Ha! I like her now." She turned to the door, checking to see if Tia was fine with her answering. She opened. "Hmm?"

Standing outside of the door was the same Steller's Jay bird at the sandwich shop. She stood tall over the door frame, same as Tia’s height, and wore her usual baggy clothing and had a suitcase and backpack with her. She was a bit intimidated at first from the sight of Margo but she eventually spoke. “Um...Hi, Uh, I’m Willadeene, Tia’s friend. She said I could, Uh, come here. I hope have the right address.”

Margo snickered. "Guess we're having a party." She stepped back and let the woman in. "Tia, more company."

“Oh! It’s Willadeene!” Tia shouted happily. “Are...are all your pals this tall baby girl? Who the hell is this?” Veronica asked. “Oh! Well, this morning, Willadeene was crying cause she got kicked out of her house.” “Uh, dorm room.” The bird corrected. “Yea, That. So, I thought it be nice if she could live here. It’s close to her job and her school and she can watch the house when I’m away. Good plan, right?!” Willadeene was still outside too afraid to step inside the apartment. Veronica just looked at Margo in confusion.

Margo looked exhausted by the whole ordeal as well. She sighed. "V, why don't we go scrounge up dinner? Maybe Tia and Willa, was it? Maybe they need a minute." She raised an eyebrow, her head gesturing toward the door.

Veronica was still shocked by the whole ordeal, but then looked at Margo and said: “You know what...what the hell? Ya’ll like chicken stew with...” “Biscuits?!” Tia yelled in excitement. “And with biscuits I guess.” Veronica answered.

Margo waved for the short possum to join. She moved aside for the newcomer to join. "Get in here. We don't bite."

Willadeene and her suitcase gets moved into the house by Margo as the two Walked out. “Bye mama! Bye Margo! Love ya both!” Tia said. “ your house always this busy?” Willadeene Asked.

The hare shut the door behind them. She slipped her hands back into her pockets as they headed away. "Not as crowded as home but still crowded in there."

Veronica tried to hide a small chuckle and said: “The Terra family reunions always do a number on my house every damn year so Tia should be used to it by now...I think...Jesus, I feel like I don’t know my daughter no more. All this FBA business.”

Margo shrugged. "Ain't that the point? Of kids? They grow up, become people." She looked back up at the house as they walked away. "Pretty sure she hasn't stopped being Tia. Can't find shit. Almost broke my hand when I tried combing her hair. Is made almost entirely of bread."

Veronica couldn’t hold back her laughter as the memories flooded back in her head. “Please don’t tell me she still eats whole loaves of bread...” she asked.

"All right, I won't." She smirked. "Getting dinner was just an excuse anyways. We party hard on cheat days, and the buffet was good."

“Yea...that’s my baby girl.” The opossum sighed with a mix of emotions. “Take care if her please...or at least tell me whose head I need to bust open cause...the girl has a big heart, and that’s what scares me the most.”

Margo nodded. They headed out into the night at about an arm's distance from each other. "She's a smart cookie. Not normal smart, but she knows things."

“Yea...thank you for looking out for her.” Then Veronica smiled, knowing that she could now rest and not helicopter Tia for all her life was a big comfort, but this wouldn’t mean that she won’t stop watching her. At least she agreed with everyone that her role as a mother needed to change and one day she hopes she will get there.

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