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Written by Americandrakken and Patrickcoyote

Finding someone to date was hard. In this hectic world, finding someone to date wasn't as easy as the tabloids made it seem. But finding someone to date who was okay with their partner being transgender AND asexual? To Akiak Pratt, that made the dating game pretty much impossible.

It seemed like every time the husky found someone he was vibing with, one of those key facts about him would turn them away. When it came to those who weren’t dedicated to sports, basketball especially, he got along just fine. Because they were aloof to his name, they weren’t aware he was trans. So when it finally came out, that usually turned them away (or at least in most cases, it turned away the guys). When it came to someone who was okay with his being a transgender individual, it was the asexuality that got them.

Sometimes he wondered if he just needed to carry a sign around with him. ‘Approach with caution! Before you try to start a relationship, this husky is: transgender and asexual!’ Or something of the sort. Just anything. The husky was emotionally exhausted from being let down time and time again. It really did seem like he’d never find anyone who could accept him for who he was.

That is, until Kaspar Kuusik came into his life.

Their first few interactions were hardly anything. Sometimes they tried to talk during games when their teams matched up. They had one tweeter interaction. Then, maybe on a whim, the husky had DM’d the lynx after the finals. From there, they’d exchanged numbers and began to talk almost every day. It was like all they needed was for the other to finally make the initial move, the first ‘May I have your number?’

Whatever the case, Akiak couldn’t remember the last time he’d really connected with someone on such a personal level. Their personalities just seemed to click. Everytime Akiak typed a reply to the lynx, he had a small smile on his face. Whenever the two agreed to face-time, the husky had the biggest grin while waiting eagerly for the call to connect. He couldn’t even begin to explain to someone else what it was that the lynx and him talked about. They talked about everything.

Sometimes it was on a shared interest. Other times it was each of them educating the other on something they were unfamiliar with. The other other times? Whatever you could think of. Food, animals, parents, the weather...anything.

It was the happiest Akiak had felt in such a long time. If he could burp butterflies, he would gladly do so. Maybe it would relieve the fluttering feeling he had in his chest everytime he glanced at the picture of Kaspar set as his home screen background.

The off-season, however, seemed like it was going to be beyond lonely for the husky. While he was content with staying with his friend, he had also been hoping to spend some time with Kaspar. It seemed like the perfect time for them to spend together after getting to know each other for the past month or so.

So when the husky saw the lynx’s tweet saying he was going back home to Estonia, he nearly choked on the water he’d been drinking. Without a moment’s hesitation, he’d switched from tweeter to his texts to ask Kaspar about it. When Kaspar’s reply was that his trip to Estonia would not be the entire offseason, the husky couldn’t help but scream from excitement - much to Jake Velox’s dismay.

Akiak immediately replied, asking the lynx to come to Tallahassee after Estonia; right after Jake was done scolding him, of course.

Until then, the husky kept himself busy at Jake’s until the day Kaspar would arrive.

Everything seemed like a blur. Akiak barely remembered asking Jake to take him to pick Kaspar up. Meeting Kaspar at the gate, picking his bag up, the entire drive back to Jake’s: it was all a haze. All the excitement that’d been driving the husky up until this day had seemed to vanish. Instead, it was replaced with an almost surreal feeling. He just couldn’t believe this was all finally happening. Before the husky even realized he’d opened his mouth, he found himself asking the lynx out.

Kaspar, who up until that point in the day had appeared almost half-asleep from the jetlag, suddenly sat up straight. A bewildered expression crossed his face, supplanted seconds later by a growing grin.

“I was wondering when that was coming!” the lynx laughed, playfully punching the husky in the arm. “Of course, you dork.”

“WHAT!?” he yelled, tail wagging loudly behind him.

“STOP YELLING!” Jake said, turning back to face the two. “He just said yes, idiot. Can’t you ever listen to what the people around you say?” Akiak giggled at how easily he’d riled the swift fox. But then, he actually processed his friends words. After that came Kaspar’s words.

“Wait--really?” he asked, his eyes turning from Jake’s grumpy face to the gentle kitty face beside him. “For real for real? You really mean it!?”

“Uh, yeah?” the lynx responded, smirking. “Of course! Why wouldn’t I really mean it?”

The husky let out something of a squeal and a bark as his response. It was the only thing he could do to keep himself from screaming again. Even if it did still cause their swift fox driver to yell again.


The days following their arrival were pretty damn gay.

The two were practically inseparable. They spent their days watching anime, listening to music, reading, talking, anything the two could think of. They even spent one day recording a mixtape of questionable quality (one that may or may not have even included Jake Velox). There was just too much for Akiak to even begin to explain to his mother when he would eventually text her about Kaspar. All the husky knew was that he was happy. Kaspar was happy. Even Jake seemed happy to have the two as company.

When Jake asked somewhat out of the blue if they wanted to practice, the two excitedly, with no hesitation, agreed to it. Every morning thereafter, the two of them ran drills and played a match or two with the veteran player. When they weren’t practicing, they were back at each other’s side.

This was the happiest Akiak had felt in, honestly, years. Every day was great and he looked forward to what the coming days would bring.

The rest of August would be great. Going into September would be even better. Whatever would come next, Akiak was ready. After all, he wasn’t going it alone anymore.

He had Kaspar with him meow.

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