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Lisa DuPont 2018-2019 Summary
Written by Shataivian

2018-2019 Summary

Lisa DuPont entered the 2018 FBA draft. At the combined she got a surprise visit from her “Uncle” Eric who showed up to support her. Eric is a friend of Lisa’s father from childhood but has been part of her life for so long that she considers him her uncle. At this point in time, Lisa had not spoken to her father in four years. Due to this grudge, when she was asked, she claimed on Tweetter that Eric was instead her father.

After the combine Lisa found herself without a place to stay until draft night and was invited by Alexa Francesca, a fellow draft candidate, to stay with her. They got to know each other, and it was here that they started to become friends. At the same time, however, she received a message from Eric stating that he was aware that Lisa had called him her father and wanted to talk.

This talk eventually led to Eric begging Lisa to phone her father, whom she still had not spoken to, so that he would help with Eric’s business. Eric, who lives in Seattle, Washington, ran a pub and brewery called Devil’s Den. He had found out that his business had black mold (and later found out his employees were stealing money from him) and needed the money owed to him from Lisa’s father, who was working with him as a business partner in New York City.

Begrudgingly, Lisa called her father. The conversation started off light but then soon escalated when David (Lisa’s father) realized that she only called him to help Eric and not to fix four years of turmoil, further straining their relationship.

Prior to this phone call, Lisa decided to sign Jacob Smith on as her agent and asked him to help her keep her secret; the scar across her neck where fur no longer grows that was caused by self-harm. He agreed and helped her to hide her scar during her games. Soon after, Lisa was drafted 12th by the Las Vegas Wildcards.

During Oktoberfest, Eric and David met up in Seattle to go on a week-long drinking tour. It was at this time that Eric told David that Lisa had been drafted into the FBA, a fact that David had not known about. Eric gave David her address and David made the decision to go visit Lisa for the first time in a long while.

In Las Vegas, David tried to reconnect with his daughter but failed when he mistakenly called her “Lissa.” Lisa was named after a woman David fell in love with but never got to be with, a lion named Melissa. He spoke to Lisa very similarly to the way he would speak to Melissa, giving Lisa the impression that he only seemed to care about her when he’s thinking about his past love. Lisa told him to leave, but before he did, he gave Lisa a photo of him and his ex-wife, Sandrine, when they were still together.


After a disappointing away game with Seattle, Lisa found her friend, Jason, waiting for her in the crowd. Jason and Lisa met in college and graduated together with Jason now doing his residency to become a neurological surgeon. She and Jason decided to go to Devil’s Den to meet with her “Uncle.” When they got there, they found the place was completely empty and learned that if things hadn’t change for Eric’s pub soon, Lisa’s father would buy it off of him. Eric then tried to offer Lisa and Jason a drink but they both refused, stating they no longer drink. This is due to a past incident involving getting drunk and the two sleeping together. Next, Eric tried to find a way to hook the two up together but learned that Jason had gotten married to a cougar named Sharice that previous June. However, Jason and Eric were both aware that Lisa was in love with Jason even though she knew she couldn’t be with him. After Jason left the pub, Eric pointed out the similarities between Lisa’s feelings for Jason and the relationship between David and Melissa. Immediately after that, Lisa received a message stating that she was no longer a bench player but would be starter.

Being the starting point guard took its toll on Lisa as the Las Vegas Wildcards continued to lose game after game. Lisa grew frustrated to the point of wanting to “prove” herself and shaved her head. Her claim was that her hair was getting in her eyes, but the truth was that she was acting out.


Soon the western and eastern conferences would start to play together. The irony: The Wildcard’s last game before Christmas break would be against the Queens Pride in New York City, AKA home. Lisa’s father attended this game and met up with her, taking time to wave at the cameras and soak up the attention. He then begged Lisa to come home for Christmas and that he’d do anything to have her home. Lisa agreed to this with the sole purpose of finally expressing to her father why she was so mad at him.

When Lisa was young her father was constantly upset, blaming himself for the reason Lisa didn’t have a mother. He had gotten a divorce when she was only 3 months old and felt responsible. He was inconsolable most of the time, leaving Lisa to be the adult and take care of him. He eventually started dating around to remedy this until it became an addiction for him. Soon, he was bringing girls home most every night, forcing Lisa to wait outside her apartment building until he was done with them. At the age of 17, Lisa attempted to hang herself due to the stress she was under while having to take care of her father, herself, and many other various negative things that seemed to surround her at the time. But the main thing that upset Lisa was that after her attempt, when she was sent to the hospital, instead of consoling her, her father came up to her and yelled at her, stating that she was no longer his daughter. After hearing this story, David tried to apologize. Lisa asked him why he disowned her but the only answer he could give stemmed around the DuPont name. All of Lisa’s life, David would parade their name around, acting as though they were related to the famous rich DuPonts. Her suicide attempt, he said, would make them look bad to that family.

The following day Lisa asked David where her birth certificate was and tried to look for it. There had been times where she needed it in the past but couldn’t find it. And every time she tried to order a new one, an error would occur, preventing her from receiving one. David quickly volunteered to help search for it, then found it and hid it within the fabric of the couch. He then told her he’ll continue to search for it for her. Lisa then turned her attention to her mother. She asked David where she can find her. David tried to convince Lisa not to look for her and that she should leave her out of her life. But Lisa stated that a lot of things didn’t add up. She had been told her whole life that Sandrine didn’t want kids. But after babysitting Melissa’s first-born child, she changed her mind four years later. This time gap didn’t make sense to Lisa. Why would she be convinced four years later instead of immediately after? Lisa also had an issue with the story she was told, that sometime while Sandrine was pregnant with her, she decided that she changed her mind about wanting kids. By the time Lisa was born, Sandrine and David had been fighting. Ultimately Sandrine told David that either she goes, or Lisa goes, and that that was the reason why the two got a divorce. Lisa didn’t understand why Sandrine would change her mind mid-pregnancy and what Lisa had done to her to make her so unhappy. David explained that Sandrine was toxic and made Lisa promise him that she would not let that back into her life.


After another away game with Seattle, Lisa met up with Jason again and they both decided to visit Eric since they hadn’t heard word from him after finding out that his pub had closed down. It’s at that time that Lisa learned that Jason’s wife was pregnant, however, Jason did not seem happy about the news.

Eventually, Eric mentioned that after changing his last name to Johnson over some family feud, he had recently changed it back to Janovski. He also stated that it was common for people to change their name and that it wasn’t hard to do. Later that evening Lisa mentioned wanting to find her mother to Eric and asked him if she was as toxic as her father made her out to be. Eric told Lisa that it would be her choice whether or not she goes to meet her, but that she should prepare her heart for that visit. When Lisa was ready to leave to go home with her team, Jason convinced Lisa to stay a little while longer. With Lisa still having feelings for him, she agreed to stay.


On February 13th after her game in Alaska, Lisa received an emergency call from Jason, asking her to come see him. She rushed to the airport, accidently leaving behind her compression turtleneck that she wore during games to hide the scar on her neck. When she got there, she found that Jason was drunk, and took him to his home to take care of him.

The following day, valentine’s day, the two spent the day together, eventually getting to the point of why Jason called her over in the first place. He told Lisa that his wife had been cheating on him and that the child she was pregnant with wasn’t his. He told Lisa that he confronted Sharice about this and the two fought, ultimately causing Sharice to leave town to stay with the guy she was supposedly cheating with. Having his own feelings towards Lisa, Jason tried to convince her to stay a bit longer and throw caution to the wind when he began to flirt with her. Lisa refused his advances and told him that she was there for him because that’s what friends do.

The next day, Lisa flew back to Las Vegas just in time for her next game but found that she had no compression shirt to hide her neck. She began to panic, finally calling her agent minutes before the game. She begged him for help, but there was nothing he could do. Lisa played that night, showing the world her scar for the first time.

The following day, Lisa was too terrified to leave her apartment, even to throw out her trash, and began to compulsively clean. She was then visited by David and her friend Jason, both there independently to help her through this time. Jason, however, knowing what David had done to Lisa in the past, was terse with him. The two got into a verbal fight. Jason claimed that he thought he had figured out David’s secret. He had known that David didn’t want Lisa to go looking for her mother and had heard Eric warn Lisa about going to find her. With this information he suspected that her mother couldn’t be who she thought it was, but instead was Melissa. But David proved him wrong, telling Jason that Melissa was a lion just like him, showing that a lion and mouse could not mate and have a child together. David then discuss the similarities between Jason and himself. Jason started to see eye to eye with David and started to understand a bit more where David was coming from. That night David and Jason talked some more. David surmised that Jason was in love with Lisa and told Jason that he needed to make up his mind and choose between his wife, Sharice, and Lisa. Jason, seemingly making up his mind, got up and went into Lisa’s room, where he told her that he chose her and that he was leaving his wife. The two then slept together.

The following day Jason woke up meeting David in the kitchen. The two talked and found out that Jason didn’t know for a fact that his wife was cheating on him and was only going off a gut feeling, avoiding confrontation. Lisa overheard this conversation. She told Jason that she was in a previous relationship where her boyfriend was so sure that she was cheating on him that he cheated on her back. She told him that he was doing the same exact thing to his wife. David then told Jason that he needed to be a better husband and Lisa realized at that moment that the two would never be together.


David had told Lisa that the way to get out of trouble with the public regarding her scar was to act like she had shown it on purpose. With this idea, at the dunk contest during All Star Week, Lisa performed a dunk using a basketball with the words “Self Hate” written on it to further the illusion of making this a stunt.

After a home game with the Mayors, Lisa met up with Emina to talk with her about hiding her scars. Emina, having many scars of her own, told Lisa her story on how she handled the public. Through their conversation, Emina also learned that Lisa was never told that things would be alright. She then surprised Lisa with a hug, the hug she should have gotten all those years ago. It was then that Lisa decided that she would hold a press conference.

At the press conference, Lisa addressed the public about her scar and told them that, yes it happened, and to deal with it, because she wasn’t going to hide it anymore. She also decided to donate 65% of her earnings to suicide prevention.

A few days later, Lisa felt off, wondering whether or not the conference was a good idea. She went over to her balcony where she began to toy with the idea of ending things but decided last minute not to. She was caught by her father, who had been staying with her since the incident. He yanked her off the railing and held her tight, telling her that everything would be alright. After some time, he told her that she should meet Damario, a young psychiatrist he had met, to try and help her through this. He also secretly hoped the two would develop a relationship to help Lisa get Jason off her mind, since he knew Damario was Lisa’s type. But for Lisa, the hug she received from her father during her time of need showed her that things were different between the two. It is at that point that Lisa started calling her father “Daddy,” a term that signified that she had forgiven him.


Another away game with Seattle, Lisa and David (still staying at Lisa’s place) went to meet Eric at the new lounge that David had erected from the old Pub, called Devil’s Lounge. Beforehand, though, Lisa scanned the stadium to see if her friend Jason had come but did not find him. At the lounge David and Eric spoke privately. David joked about Eric changing his last name back to his family’s name, and Eric asked David if he was going to do the same and change his name back to the way it was, stating that “DuPont” was still too hard for him to remember. Later the two talked about Lisa’s persistent wanting to meet her mother. Eric warned David to tell her the “truth.”


Yet another away game with Seattle, Lisa, who at that time was no longer having her father stay with her, was elated to find Eric in the crowd this time. She ran over to hug him but soon found that Jason was sitting behind him. Eric told Lisa that Jason asked him to come along since Jason figured that if he had shown up alone, she wouldn’t come over to speak to him. Jason took that time to apologize to Lisa and wanted to entertain the idea of training with her over the summer, a subject they had talked about in the past. Lisa, still mad yet still in love with him, said she’d consider it.

Agreeing to Jason’s proposal, Lisa visited Jason at an empty gym to learn boxing. The idea was that it would help with footwork during her games. However, the true hope was to be with Jason again. Jason and Lisa got into a verbal fight about “doing the right thing.” But through this fight Lisa was convinced that things could actually work out between the two, and that Jason was absolutely going to be with Lisa now. It was at that time that the two made love yet again. However, immediately afterwards, Lisa found that Jason was still wavering between her and his wife and that he couldn’t even admit out loud that he wanted to get a divorce. Lisa got up and made a stand and told him that she couldn’t have him in her life and left.


Mother’s Day came and went, and Lisa, bored, got the idea to do a quick SnoutBook search for her mother and found her immediately. She was now aware of exactly where her mother was and had the ability to see her at any time. But she was conflicted. She had been told many times not to go find her, that her mother wanted nothing to do with her, and to prepare her heart if she ever did decide to go meet her. Not to mention the promise she had made her father. She held a poll on Tweeter asking what she should do. Eric saw this and told her father the news. Lisa later got a phone call from her father addressing this. He reminded her of the promise she made him and eventually told her that Sandrine tried to and succeeded at harming Lisa when she was a baby. With this new news Lisa, again, promised not to go searching for her mother. Lisa then ended the phone call saying “I love you, Daddy” for the first time in years, leaving David breathless.


Around that time Lisa had been going on dates with Damario but felt off about the whole thing. She wanted to get over Jason but found it difficult to do so. Any time Damario made an advance towards Lisa, she’d find a way to avoid him. At Alexa’s wedding, the two spent time separated. Eventually Damario sat Lisa down to figure out what was going on. He told her that he knew she was avoiding him and that he wanted to be in a more serious relationship with her. He surmised that she was still not over Jason and that she was still holding out for him. She told Damario that she was over him and had more self-respect than that. This eventually led to Damario realizing that she was only afraid of getting hurt again. He told her the differences between himself and Jason and told her to give the two a chance with baby steps. Lisa agreed to this and the two started a more serious relationship together.

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