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My Mistake
Written by Shataivian

Landing in Seattle a day early had its perks: time to relax, time to get ready, but most importantly, some time to spend with an old friend. After settling in her hotel, Lisa wasted no time calling up Jason. She informed him that she was in town for the last time that season and that she wanted to meet up with him. It was an easy decision for him. He invited her over to his place to spend some time out of the public’s eye. There were a few things he wanted to ask her about and he knew the subject would not be a good one to talk about in front of others.

Lisa rushed over to his apartment. They hugged and got through their typical pleasantries. Before long the two got down to really talking.

“So,” Jason softly began. “I could never really get it out of your uncle but I gotta know: what happened between you and your dad at the All-Star game?” Lisa had made herself as comfortable as she could on Jason’s couch, throwing her feet up and dropping her head back onto the armrest. Jason slid her feet aside to join her.

“Ugh. That stupid All-Star game,” Lisa grunted. Jason lifted her feet and placed them on his lap so that he could take off her shoes and massage her feet. “I was never expecting him to be there. After the thing with Emmett, and my dad hitting me over Christmas break I just…”

“Emmett? Who’s Emmett,” Jason asked as he squeezed her feet.

“Oh, Geez. I never told you. Yeah, I have an older brother named Emmett. Can you imagine that? And Sandrine? She’s not my mom, she’s Emmett’s mom.”

“Um… Yikes. So, this guy existed this whole time and you never knew.”

“Yeah, but it’s cool,” Lisa continued with her arm covering her eyes. “He’s really awesome. We’ve been talking and stuff. Actually, this whole thing with my dad and me kinda stemmed around Emmett. He met up with me during All-Star week. Things were totally fine. We hung out, he came with me during a photo shoot, he even got to meet some of the other players. We had fun, that is, until right after the All-Star game. I came off the court expecting to see Emmett, and the first person I saw was my dad.”

“Ha. He came to his daughter’s big game. What a guy. Did he try to make up with you?”

“In his infamous David-y way. Told me it’s time to make up and let the past stay in the past.”

“So, no apology,” Jason scoffed.

“Nope. But I wasn’t really expecting one. What got me is that he froze when he saw Emmett standing behind me. Jason, I’ve never once seen that man cry, but he was bawling when he saw Emmett. He ran right over to him and hugged him and everything. And get this, he APOLOGIZED to him! Said things like ‘my boy’ and ‘my only son.’ He begged for his forgiveness. Begged! I would have loved to see him beg me for forgiveness for once, but nope! But I was like whatever. And I would have just been annoyed at the whole thing and shrugged it off, but you and Damario both got me really thinking about how my dad treated me over Christmas break. I was just done with him.”

“So, that’s when you decked him,” Jason asked.

“No! I yelled at him and he went back to being the David I know. Told me to get over it. I was so done with him. I just wanted to get out of there. That’s when he grabbed my arm and yanked me back, telling me I wasn’t allowed to leave. He yanked me hard. Like, that was the kind of pain I would have been pulled out of a game for. And since I had the whole ‘my father has been abusive to me’ thought in my head, I lost it. Told him to never fucking touch me again. THAT’S when I decked him.” Jason laughed, applauding her for her actions.

As the evening went along Lisa told Jason about the silence after the punch, how her dad was going to sue her but never did, and about the strange woman she met in Hawaii. She told him how she found out that her father had to get surgery for his injury and Jason responded with a cheer. But with the stress the two decided to spend the rest of the evening in a cheerier atmosphere. Lisa would check her phone every so often for the time, but never made an effort to try and end things and leave. They joked, teased each other, and played games. And eventually the conversation landed on her and Damario. The last time they spoke, Lisa had a choice to make.

“So, you two got back together,” Jason asked.

“Yeah,” Lisa said with a smile, almost apologetically.

“Alright. I gotta ask. And you can’t not answer. Who was better, me or him?”

“What,” Lisa laughed. “Better at what?”

“Better in bed, you doof.” Lisa vigorously shook her head. “No-no-no. You have to answer,” he insisted

“No way! I’m not saying anything,” Lisa protested.

“Come on. What do you have to lose? You won’t be offending anyone. If you say me, he’ll never know. And if you say him, I can’t be mad ‘cause you’re with him. So, which is it?!” Lisa continued to laugh through her embarrassment before going quiet as if she were thinking.

“If I’m honest… I’d kinda… have to… say… you.”

“Ha! I knew it!” Jason fell back in his seat, clapping his hands in approval.

“It’s not that he’s bad! He’s just… sweet.”

“What, Goliath ain’t a monster in bed?” Lisa swatted at Jason. “Ah, I see, you wanted a beast and you’ve got yourself a pup.”

“Shut up! No! Sweet is nice, but… sometimes… yeah, I want something else. Like, every time has to be like our first time or something.” When Lisa looked up to gauge Jason’s reaction, Jason had a very smug look on his face.

“Oh well. You could have had all this, but ya chose him,” he teased. “You know, I actually thought you were breaking up with him after the last time you were here.”

“Yeah… What about you? Ever start dating again?” Jason shook his head.

“Well, kinda. It just didn’t work out, though. God, being with you has really spoiled me,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, I get that,” Lisa said with a somber smile.

“Hey. You don’t have to feel sorry for me. I’ll be alright.” He lifted her chin and smiled to try and cheer her up. They hadn’t been that close to one another in a while, but the intense feeling it brought was just as strong as ever, but Lisa was able to pull herself away. She thanked him and sat quietly with her thoughts for a moment. When she looked back up at Jason, she felt she needed to say something to lighten the mood.

“I’ll give you a free one if you want,” Lisa offered.

“Free one? A free what?”

“Comparison. Between you and Damario, I think you’re the better kisser.” Jason said nothing. But the room filled with pressure as the seconds ticked by. Jason’s foot tapped faster and faster, and Lisa fidgeted with her fingers. But this pressure could only build for so long before it came bursting out from every seam.

“Fuck it,” Jason said, slapping his knees before using them to push himself out of his seat. He grabbed Lisa’s hand and pulled her to her feet, then led her down the hall to his bedroom. There was no pushback from Lisa. No opposition, no struggle. She followed him undaunted by the inevitable consequences of her actions. It didn’t matter. Tonight, she was going to let Jason make her feel happy.

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