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Phone Call From Home
Written by Shataivian


From: Bronx, New York

To: Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: 06/05/2019

Time: 1541 EST

Lisa: Hello?

David: Hey, sweetie.

L: What's up?


L: So... Eric told you?

D: Yeah... What happened?

L: I just... I found her online.

D: And now you're holding polls on whether or not you should meet her?

L: I wanted to get some input.

D: I thought you made a promise.

L: Yeah, but that's was before I knew where my mother was!

D: Lisa. No. You promised me.

L: Daddy.

D: You promised me!

L: I know! I know. But I keep thinking; you already told me everything. You told me she disowned me, you told me she didn't want me, you two divorced because of it. What could she possibly do with that information?

D: Lisa!

L: No! There was a point where you disowned me, too, you know. And that didn't change until I came back, until I did something. D: This isn't the same thing. We're not talking about a fight you two had that you both have to get over. We're talking about a monster, here.

L: Daddy, a monster? Really? What else is there that you haven't already told me?


L: What are you hiding?


L: Daddy, please. If there's a reason why I shouldn't, just tell me.

D: I can't.

L: What are you afraid of?


L: Is there actually more you haven't told me?

D: [SIGH] Of course there is. That's why I want you to keep away from her. Sandrine is capable of some really awful things. I don't want you bringing that back into your life. She's done things that I don't want to talk about. She's attempted things that [SILENCE]

L: Like terminate the pregnancy?


D: Yes. Many times. In many ways, officially and unofficially... and even after...

L: She's... tried to hurt me?

D: She did.


D: You were only three months old when our divorce was finalized. You don't know her like I do. I fell in love with her, married her, was intimate with her.

L: Then what changed? She couldn't have always been a monster if you married her. What happened?

D: I ignored what she really was for a long time, and almost paid the price for it. Sandrine has taken so, so much from me. You meet her, sure, things may be okay for a bit, but she will break you from the inside out. She'll try to use you to break me. She'll try to break US. I need you to trust me on this one. There are some things you don't need to learn for yourself. I'm trying to protect you, sweetheart.

L: If she's really done all this stuff, I mean if she's hurt me, why couldn't you have said this before?


L: Daddy. Why?


L: Dad?!


L: Daddy?


L: Okay. Okay. I... I get it.

D: I've almost lost you. More than once. Please, baby girl. Please. Don't go. Your Mother died the day you were born. Let's just leave it at that, okay.

L: Okay. She died the day I was born.

D: Get her out of your head. You've got so many people here in your life now who care about you and want you to succeed. Focus on them. Focus on school, and your career, and your life. Because if Sandrine had it her way... you wouldn't have it. L: Yeah... Okay... I'm sorry, Daddy.

D: Just, please don't break your promise? Please?

L: Okay. I won't. I promise.

D: [SIGH] That's my girl. I love you sweetie. So, so very much. L: I love you, too, Daddy.

D: [SHAKY LAUGHTER][SIGH] Feels good to hear... Alright. I'll let you go. I'm sure you're busy.

L: Yeah.

D: Bye, sweetie.

L: Bye, Daddy.


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