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Phone Call from Seattle
Written by Shataivian


From: Seattle, Washington

To: Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: 12/13/2019

Time: 1732 PST

Lisa: Hey.

Eric: Hey…

L: So?

E: I don’t wanna fight. ‘specially not online. You just had me concerned is all.

L: You of all people should know I’m free to make my own decisions.

E: Yeah, but it sound like you don’t trust me.

L: Well, every time I do something, or say something online, Dad knows about it.

E: Nah, I get that… He’s just my friend, you know.


E: Listen, I won’t tell ‘em, okay?

L: Right.

E: You have my word.


E: So, uh, how’d it go?

L: Well, imagine my surprise when I find out that not only isn’t Sandrine my mother, but I have a brother, too. An OLDER brother.


L: And you knew the whole time?


E: There, uh, was a time you two was talking online and… I told you to call me…

L: You wanted me to get away and stop talking to him… Wow.

E: Listen, Lisa, sweetheart, this is complicated.

L: No, it ain’t! This is becoming less and less complicated by the minute. Dad fucked up and tried to hide it. The thing I don’t get is why? Why hide it from me? Other people? Okay, I get that. You wanna look good to other people. But to me? What harm would it have been for me to know the truth?

E: [SIGH] I donno…But like I said a whiles back: this is between family, between blood.

L: Well, the more time that goes by, the more “family” there might be… and the more blood there may be.

E: So… You gonna talk to him…? Your dad, I mean.

L: [CHUCKLE] [LAUGHTER] [CACKLING] I’m done! It’s that simple. Yeah. Yeah, we’re gonna talk.

E: Thought so…

L: Anything ELSE I should know?


L: [LAUGHTER] Of course.

E: I won’t say anything about this to him.

L: No, you’re not. Like you said, between blood.

E: [SIGH] I’m… I’m sorry I keep spreading your information to him.

L: No more. You hear me? I’m sick of it.

E: Yeah… I hear you. [SILENCE] How is he…? What’s he like?

L: Emmett? Well, he certainly looks like an amalgamation of Mom and Dad… Oops. [SNICKER] I mean, SANDRINE and Dad. Gotta get used to doing THAT now. But, he seems nice. When I think about it, he tended to stick his neck out for me online every now and then. Who knows, maybe being an asshole skips a generation.


E: I’m real sorry, hunny... Is that why you didn’t come visit me the last time you were in Seattle?

L: Ha! No. I didn’t come visit you because of the last time I saw you. Remember? You brought Jason with you. Didn’t know if you’d pull something like that again.

E: I… I wanted to help the kid out, you know. Give ‘em a chance.

L: Do me a favor? When it comes to giving people chances with me, let me be the judge.

E: Okay… Fair enough.

L: [SIGH] Listen, I’m gonna go.

E: Yeah. I gotta get to the Lounge, myself. Take it easy on your dad?

L: Why does everyone keep telling me that? No. I will absolutely not.

E: [CHUCKLE] You know, you’re kinda scary right now. When did you get so… “in charge?”

L: I have Damario to thank for that. That, and all the crap people keep putting me through… Alright, Eric. I’m gone.

E: Alright… Take care… I love ya.


L: [SIGH] Love you, too… ya bum.


L: Bye.


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