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Written by Shataivian

Lisa and Jason sat at a long table in a conference room, dressed up for business. With them was Lisa’s attorney, a skinny lynx in a blazer. Jason tapped the table in frustration while Lisa sat completely still. They were there early but not that early. What was taking Sharice and her lawyer so long?

Finally, the door swung open and a panther walked into the room, holding the door open. Following her was a blonde cougar carrying an infant car seat. Once she and the baby were in the room, the panther stepped out of the room and grabbed a highchair. She then set the chair at the table for the cougar to set the car seat on.

“Forgive our tardiness. Infants, and all,” the panther said as she settled into her own seat. Sharice then took a seat beside her. “My name is Ellan Adajombe and I will be representing Ms. Sharice Micheals/Warner.” The lynx then took his seat next to Jason.

“My name is Phillip Moore and I will be representing Ms. Lisa DuPont. Along with us will be Jason Micheals. Do you consent to having him in the room?”

“That’s fine,” Sharice answered.

“Let us begin. Lisa DuPont, you are aware that you are being sued for Criminal Conversation and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress?” Lisa nodded in response to the panther’s question. “Ms. Warner and I have been talking and she has decided that she would like to settle this quickly and quietly. If we can come to an agreement and settle this all today, we will not be taking this public in court.”

“So, do what we say now, or else? Sounds like a threat to me,” Jason said.

“Everything sounds like a threat to you,” Sharice responded. The panther then held up her hand and Sharice sat back in her seat.

“Before anyone agrees to anything, I would like to understand the claims made against my client. What proof do you have that Lisa DuPont has done anything you are accusing her of,” The lynx asked. Sharice then grinned.

“I’m so glad you asked, Mr. Moore,” Sharice answered. Ms. Adajombe then grabbed a DVD from her bag and made her way towards the television on the other side of the room.

“Ms. Warner had obtained this footage from a mutual friend of her’s and Mr. Micheals’,” The panther began. “I believe this will answer any of your questions.” Adajombe placed the DVD in the player and hit play on the remote. Immediately there was an image of a boxing ring from a high up angle. Jason’s breath was deep and shaky. Lisa sighed and hid her face under her hand. “I’m glad to see you both recognize this ring,” The panther taunted. “But I would like you all to draw your attention to specific points in this footage. She fast forwarded the footage and a sped of Lisa and Jason moved and danced about the screen. “This first part has audio I’d like you to pay attention to.” She hit play.

“Have you told her,” Lisa’s voice sounded from the television. “Told her what?” Jason’s voice answered back. “About us?” “Hands up.” “Well?” “What’s there to tell?” “She doesn’t know?!” “She knows.” “Does she really?!” “Yes, she knows we’ve slept together, alright?” “I’m not talking about the first time when we were drunk. I’m talking about,” “Hands up!” “Jason!” “Hands! Up!” “I’m talking about Vegas!”

The room fell silent the moment Adajombe hit pause. No one move. No one spoke. She waited a moment, then hit fast forward again. This time she stopped it just as Jason kissed Lisa. “This will be the second point.” She lingered on the paused scene for what felt like an unfairly long amount of time. She then fast forwarded the footage again and hit stop. “This point, I would like to play out in its entirety. Also, please remember, this footage has audio.” She then hit play. Against anything either Lisa or Jason had wanted, there on the screen was what was supposed to be an intimate act of love. Sharice kept her focus on Jason as he grinded his teeth and refused to look at the screen. Lisa sunk further into her seat and stared off in front of her.

The footage played on, and on, and on, and on, and on. Adajombe stood with her arms crossed, looking over at the screen the whole time. Then, finally, she hit pause. The room stayed silent. Adajombe waited a moment then pressed play again. The act had completed, but yet there was more she wanted to show them. “The final point I would like you all to draw your attention to is here.”

“Then say the words,” Lisa’s voice demanded. “Say ‘I’m getting a divorce with Sharice.’” “Is that what you need,” Jason’s voice responded. “Fine. I’m getting a divorce with Sharice.”

“No, no, no! That’s not fair,” Lisa shouted and stood from her seat. “If you continue the video, he clearly goes against this! He wavered!” Adajombe marched over to her seat and grabbed a file.

“Ms. DuPont, will you please tell me the date of which this footage was captured?” It was obvious. It was right there on the screen the whole time. Plus, she remembered the day, exactly. She didn’t have to hesitate to tell her the date.

“May eighth,” Lisa sighed. The panther then made her way towards the lynx and handed him the file.

“Mr. Moore, can you please tell us the date of when Mr. Micheals and Ms. Warner filed for divorce?” The lynx looked closely at the form.

“May ninth,” he reluctantly responded.

“Ms. Warner, has talk of divorce ever come up prier to this date,” the panther asked.

“No, it did not,” Sharice confidently answered.

“But we were obviously heading in that direction,” Jason shouted, slapping the table. This caused the baby to get startled and start crying.

“Now, look what you did,” Sharice scolded. She picked her up and started shushing her.

“Hey, what about her,” Jason asked, referencing the baby. “Sharice had this child with another man! She was unfaithful long before any of this.” Sharice grabbed a bottle from her baby bag and started to feed the baby.

“Remember in the hospital how we were told that we needed to do bloodwork to help finalize the terms of our divorce,” Sharice asked. Adajombe grabbed another form and handed it to Moore.

“Mr. Moore, can you please tell us the results of the blood test,” Sharice’s lawyer confidently asked. Lisa sat stiff in her seat and she waited patiently for the answer. Moore began to mutter to himself as he read through the form.

“’Jason S. Micheals is the paternal parent of Cynthia Clair Micheals.’” Lisa slowly looked over at Jason.

“What,” Lisa asked with a breathy voice. “You said she had a rhoGAM shot.”

“She did,” Jason defended. “This doesn’t make sense! I’m A-, right? Sharice is A-. How the hell does Cynthia have B+ if we’re both her parents?!”

“Jason, you idiot,” Sharice began. “I’M the one with the B+ blood type! She got her blood type from YOU.”

“Not exactly how that works, but still. You are the father of this child,” The panther added.

“No. Valentine’s day, you went to stay with that asshole from college,” Jason tried to defend.

“I stayed with my fucking sister, ‘cause I was tired of dealing with your accusations while being pregnant! I needed some fucking support!”

“I can’t believe you,” Lisa said. “How did I get stuck in the middle of this?” The panther then rewound the footage back to their intimate moment and hit play.

“This,” Adajombe gestured towards the television and then to Jason. “Is why we’d like to settle things here and now and quietly. Sharice has been left in a spot where her husband was made to believe that she was committing adultery and then was left at one of her biggest moments of need. There’s no need to go public with this. I think we can all be reasonable here.” But to Lisa, the video in the background seemed to be louder than anyone in the room. She held her head with her hands. Moore saw this and got up to turn off the video.

“I think your point has been made, Ms. Adajombe,” Moore said firmly.

“You’re quite right, Mr. Moore. We would like to specify our terms. In exchange for destroying this footage and keeping this all quiet, we would like…” Before Adajombe could finish the door burst open. Two polar bears in suits walked in, followed by Lisa’s father. “Excuse me, this is a private affair,” Adajombe shouted. David did not even look at the panther and took a seat at the head of the table, opposite everyone else. The two polar bears stood behind him. David pulled up a brief case and went through his stuff. “What is the meaning of this?!”

“I would like to ask you the same thing. I would have just sent these two, but since I was in town, I figured I’d handle this,” David said calmly.

“’Handle this?’ Who the hell are you,” Adajombe asked.

“My name is David DuPont, of DuPont Industries. I am Lisa DuPont’s father.”

“You brought your daddy,” Sharice incredulously asked.

“DuPont Industries,” Adajombe asked to herself. Moore began to grin to himself.

“Ahhh! Mr. DuPont! It’s a real honor to meet you,” Moore said making his way over to shake his hand.

“You’re representing my daughter, yes?” Moore nodded in response. “Then it is a pleasure.” David shook Moore’s hand.

“What’s going on here,” Sharice demanded.

“I’m going to tell you what’s going on. We’re going to drop this ridiculous case and pretend like this whole thing never happened. You’re going to destroy that footage, and you are not to come anywhere near nor bother my daughter again.” Sharice scoffed at David’s demands.

“Oh, really,” Sharice challenged. “Or else, what?”

“Sharice, I wouldn’t,” Adajombe started to whisper to Sharice.

“Or I will sue you.”

“For what,” Sharice chuckled.

“Defamation,” David said with a smirk on his face. Adajombe placed her hands on Sharice’s shoulders trying to get her to stop talking. “Lisa,” David started up again. “Were you aware that Mr. Micheals was wavering with the idea of divorce at the times of your intimate involvements with him?”

“Of course not! I wouldn’t have done it,” Lisa said with an angered voice.

“Mr. Micheals. Be honest. Did you inform Ms. DuPont that you had not made up your mind about divorcing your wife prior to any intimate involvements with her?” David lowered his head and stared intently at Jason. Jason sat for a moment.

“No,” Jason answered softly.

“And isn’t it true that you made Ms. DuPont believe that you had indeed made up your mind, and told her that you were getting a divorce?”

“Yes,” Jason answered softly, again.

“There you have it,” David said with both arms out. “How could she be guilty of criminal conversation if she was ignorant to the status of your relationship with Mr. Micheals?”

“No! She,” Sharice started to shout.

“Are you seriously about to fight me on this,” David interrupted. “I might as well take you to court here and now. In fact…”

“No!” Adajombe jumped up. “There’s no need for that.”

“Why not,” Sharice insisted. David leaned forward and clasped his hands together.

“Listen carefully. Our name means a helluva lot more than your silly little feud with my daughter, Ms. Warner.”

“H-how did you know my name?”

“And I promise you,” David continued. “I will do whatever it takes to protect it.” No one said anything back to him. “So, do we have an agreement to drop this case and move on with our lives?” Sharice looked to her lawyer who slightly nodded back at her.

“What, are you serious,” Sharice whispered back to Adajombe. “Why?” Adajombe then pulled up her phone showing her the search results for “DuPont” showing that the family was worth billions of dollars. Sharice then slowly looked up at David and then over to Lisa. “But, I thought Jason had said she wasn’t a real DuPont.” She looked back at David again who raised an eyebrow to reiterate his proposal. “Fine,” she shouted.

“Wonderful.” He handed the polar bears behind him some papers and the two made their way around the room. “I’m going to need you all to sign this.” One of the polar bears ejected the DVD and snapped it in half. “And I promise you, if I find out any footage has made it passed this room, I will personally come after you.” Sharice was the last one to sign the paperwork before one of the polar bears grabbed it and brought it back to David. “Wonderful. Then our business here is done.” He packed up the papers and put it in his briefcase. He stood up and started for the door. “Oh, and congratulations on the new baby. She’s adorable! She looks tired, though.” Sharice, confused, looked up at David. “Little tip: blow gently at her eyes. She’ll blink, but since she’s so tired she’ll start to keep them close and fall asleep. Worked for my little girl.” He smiled at Lisa then gestured with his head for her to follow. Then Lisa, Mr. Moore, and Jason stood to their feet, ready to leave the room.

“Oh, no, no, no, no. You and I are not done yet,” Sharice said to Jason. “Sit your ass back down.” Jason looked over to Lisa and then back to Sharice before finally taking his seat. Lisa and Mr. Moore, However, took this opportunity to leave the room.

“I wish you all the luck, Mr. Micheals,” David called back before the door finally shut. The five of them made their way down the hall, into the elevator, and then finally out of the building, the whole time in silence.

“Thank you, Mr. Moore,” David finally said. “You will be getting a check soon.” Mr. Moore thanked David and congratulated Lisa before finally leaving. Once the remaining four were out of view of the conference building David grabbed one of the polar bear’s hand, and patted him on the back. “Yo! Marty! Chris! That was great!” Daivd then did the same to the other polar bear.

“You kiddin’ me? Alls we gotta do is act tough and we’s get a free trip to Vegas? Let us know next time you in a bind, huh” the one polar bear said.

“Speakin’ of which. To the strip,” The second polar bear suggested.

“Which kind,” The first polar bear joked and the two just laughed.

“Yo, Dave. We’ll see you, aight?”

“Sure thing. Have fun, guys,” David called to them, and the two left for the strip.

Lisa stood in awe watching as the two polar bears left them. “Daddy?”

“Yeah, sweetie?”

“Everything I ever said about you flaunting our name and pretending to be related to the rich DuPonts… I take it back.” David laugh.

“You’re welcome, sweetie. Told you your dad knew how to kick some ass.”

“I think… I think I need a drink.” David through his head back and laughed.

“You know what, baby girl? That sounds wonderful to me.”

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