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Signer's Remorse
Written by Blades

Another bruising day of and feathers covered in sweat and another case of 'What in the hell just happened?'. She dropped her duffle bag with a heavy thud as she trudged towards the bedroom, plopping down on the bed, seemingly burying her face in the rainbow gradient comforter and Arctics color scheme plaid blanket. The things far from matched the dark walls of the bedroom but...they spoke to her and Vance so interior design be damned on that one. The lamps on either side of said bed rested on cardboard boxes, one of Vance's guitars nested against a back corner of the room and one of Vance's records hanging on the side wall alongside Naima's college and Arctics jerseys., topped off with her old volleyball parked in another corner. The room was a jumble but was a sanctuary from the big, bad world out there.

Almost as if on cue, Vance came out of the walk-in closet his other guitar slung across his shoulder, clad in a baggy shirt and the snuggest pair of briefs he owned. He'd made the closet a double purpose area for recording since the clothing worked an improvised sound buffer. "Well evenin' there my songbird!" jovial as usual, swaying his hips a bit.

Naima peeked up from the covers, putting up a half genuine smile and chuckling at his hip shaking. "Vancey! There's mah bunny!" booping his nose as he walked over, setting his guitar on the empty stand.

"The one an' only!'s my birdy doin' on this evenin'?"

"Tired...worn down...and wishing she'd stayed in Alaska..." sulking a bit, sinking back into the covers.

Vance sat down and laid beside her, a paw gently on her shoulder. "That bad, huh doll?"

"Well practice always be exhaustin' but some a' this shit...gettin' real hard not ta' hit da' blunt..."

"Oh songbird." laying down next to her.

"This team is...some kinda madhouse! Like who hires a coach that won't speak a single damn lick a' english?!? And good Lord...don't get me started on dat Lisa chick. And it ain't just me, believe dat!"

"I mean...some players just got egos worse than rockstars like me. That's all dime a dozen but the coach thing...I...I see your frustrations with that."

"Ridiculous just begins to describe that mess. Honestly...only good things outta this so far was the money and meetin' Crosby. He's one of da reasons da team ain't fallen ta' sheer chaos."

"Well...I know a lotta that does suck pretty hard my birdy but...there's the other side of that coin too. that nice's only a one year deal can skedaddle afta season's up...and most of all...ya got me!" Pointing to himself. "And ya know i'm makin' a good dollar on albums so no matter the contract...we got this!"

"There's more to it all than da money Vance. Can't live without it sure but...Team should be family. Not...whatever the hell this team became. If it wouldn't get me in so much damn trouble i'd be takin' a toke..."

"Oh damn...that bad huh?"

"Yeah...that bad..."

"I think I got a fix though...A couple Galactic Brownies, some sparkin' wata and an episode of Good Ol' Mr. Rodgers..."

"Very well...Get the goodies and i'll pop the tape in..." Naima getting up and thumbing through the stack of tapes. Sure it seemed inefficient and cumbersome but...kind of the only way to find the old episodes these days. Not to mention finding a VCR these of luck on that one. Yet somehow they had one...and Naima'd have it no other way.

Eventually the bird and the bunny were curled up together, enjoying cheap brownies and sparking water. Eventually Vance found a hand snaked up his shirt and Naima leaning heavily on him as they watched. She never quite fell asleep but she seemed almost like she'd nodded off at stints. Vance figured he'd probably be dating someone famous like him but...never in a millions moons did he think it'd be a girl. But in the end...he'd never want it any other way. Her brash, boyish yet loving attitude was just the thing for him.

"Hey's the best part..." pointing to the tv, giving her a light shake to make sure she was.

"And remember..." the man on tv started, Vance and Naima looking at one another.

"I like you just the way you are..." they said in unison.

"Thanks Vance...I...I really needed that." Naima cooing a bit now before planting a kiss on his muzzle. After she'd finished, her phone went off. "Oh! It's Cros...he's gonna help with my car problem. Promise i'll be back soon Vance." booping his nose again. "Keep the bed warm for me, aight?"

"Can do..." Pulling his shirt off and laying down flat on the bed. "I'll make sure it's plenty warm when you return..."

"That's my bunny." grabbing her car keys. "See ya soon Vance. Love!"

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