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Sleeping with cats 1
Written by Wolfnumber9

July 15, 2019: A girl named Jendyose

The whistles blew and the sneakers ran across the gym floor on a beautiful morning in Kampala, Uganda. The nation’s team began its starting warmups in their old, run down gym that has been home to the team for decades. Sadly, the team’s spirit was as worn down as the building they trained in due to the Ugandan team never winning the Afro-basket championship and having never come close to making the olympics. Although today, there was some hope from the team as a new addition may have the answer they are looking for, and his name was Erik Kijani...and he was also late.

“Hey! Gather here!” The coach said as he blew his whistle. The team grudgingly gathered around the lemur and they all watched together as Erik jogged onto the court.

“Hey team.” Erik started. “Hey coach. Sorry for being late. I know that looks bad on the first day of practice, but I’m all stretch and ready.”

“That’s nice.” The coach replied. “But I don’t care what you did at home. We train as a team so join the morning warm ups.”

“Yes coach.” Erik answered back.

“Pfft, don’t bother with this American coach. All that FBA bullshit must’ve softened him up.” Said a voice in the huddle. Erik scanned the team to find the one who spoke out, but the whole group already had their eyes on the culprit. It was Jendyose Apeloko. A leopard shooting guard and the leading scorer on the team. With her red dyed hair and her muscular physique, she displayed a very threatening aura around her. Having been on the team for a couple of years, this type of attitude was no surprise to anyone on the team, but Erik was not one to shove an insult to the side.

“And...Who are you?” Erik Asked.

“The star of this team and the captain. They call me Jendyose and I know why you're here. Just want to make all the fans adore you and smile for the cameras. All that PR crap. So just get in line, shut your mouth, and maybe you’ll survive this.” She answered.

“Heh...ya’ll been losing all these years and you still let this chump be captain?” Erik Said.

Jendyose changed her stance and crossed her arms. “Oh, I’m sorry mr. first Ugandan FBA player. How many awards have you won?”

“I play against the best in the world, bitch. Your sorry ass can’t even get past the worst of this country.”

“ALRIGHT!” Yelled The coach. “That’s enough.”

“How about we do a little one on one huh?” Jendyose Asked smugly.

“Ya know, I’d love that. Gives me a chance to show some haters why I came here in the first place.” Erik replied.

The coach just sighed and gave Jendyose a ball and the two leopards took their positions at the top of the three point line.

“What we playing to?” Asked Erik.

“Two. We ain’t got all day and I think some kitten tears will be good motivation.” Jendyose said with a laugh.

Erik angrily snatched the ball from Jendyose, which made her laugh some more, and the two were off. Erik tried out some dribble moves to get past her but Jendyose was able to keep up. The two were nearly the same size, with Jendyose being an inch taller, and had the same amount of quickness on their steps. Erik tried a behind the back spin move to finally get past her, but Jendyose was too crafty and snuck a hard elbow bump that went straight for Erik’s chest. He fell to the floor and lost the ball which led to Jendyose grabbing the ball and making an easy layup. Jendyose did a loud hearty laugh and the team followed along.

“That’s one.” Jendyose Said Mockingly. “Hey? You good over there? Did I foul you?”

Erik got up from the ground and made a very unsettling grin. An evil grin that even made Jendyose look concerned.

“Oh...I get it know...we ain’t in the FBA anymore.” Erik Said with a smile. “Then this will be more fun than I thought.”

Erik got the ball back and this time dribbled much differently. He slowed his pace and was now ready for Jendyose’s foul play. She still attempted to knock him on his feet, but Erik help strong and showed his basketball IQ. Jendyose even tried for another elbow jab, but Erik was able to completely dodge it and zoomed to the basket to score. Jendyose was left at the top of the three point line shocked at the sudden change of speed. Erik grabbed the ball back and gave a hard pass back to Jendyose. No words were said. It became serious. Jendyose tried to muscle her way closer to the basket for the winning bucket, but Erik held his ground and locked her up. The rough play took her off guard as she tried for a jump shot, but Erik was already prepared and blocked the shot right back towards her so fast that it flew to the other side of the court. Jendyose began to get real frustrated as her teammates began to laugh at the spectacle. Jendyose got the ball back and immediately drove to the basket, but Erik was too quick and stole the ball from her. This left Jendyose completely defenseless under the hoop. Erik ran for the basket and hopped into the air for a dunk. Jendyose was knocked to the ground as Erik won the match. He landed back on his feet and the team was silent, not for what Erik had done, but silent in anticipation for Jendyose’s next actions.

“Hey!” Jendyose yelled. She was already back on her feet and stomping towards Erik. Erik stood his ground as the two met face to face. Noses touching each other. “You want to be captain?” She continued. “ me at my place. We’ll go over some plays.”

After that, the two didn’t speak to each other for the whole practice. Erik ended up getting Jendyose’s address from the coach. The secrecy did concern Erik a little, but since he already outplayed her on the court, Erik felt confident he could handle anything she had planned. And so, once night fell, Erik called a cab from his hotel and went over to the address. Erik soon found out that Jendyose lived in a decent little town outside of the city. The house itself was not well kept with grass growing out of control and all of the windows cracked, but the neighborhood was quiet enough to hear the small crickets sing. Erik politely knocked on the door and heard Jendyose inside shuffling things around.

“Erik! That you?!” She shouted.

“Yea! Jendyose?! I Uh...I’m here with some playbooks, so…”

“Yea, Yea. That’s nice. Just come in already!”

Erik grabbed the handle and saw that it was already unlocked. He opened the door and went inside. The first thing that hit him was the weird perfume smell surrounding the house. Being polite, he closed the door behind him and locked it. The house was pretty trashy and that was just the kitchen/living room. Some unfinished food and dirty plates were around the kitchen and the floor was covered in dirty clothing. Erik was already starting to regret this idea.

“Jendyose! Hey where are you?!” He shouted.

“Give me a minute! Shit!” She answered back.

Erik was then left there waiting. He tried to look for a place to sit down, but he didn’t really trust any of the chairs. Although, he was not waiting long as Jendyose had finally entered the room from the hallway.

“Hey there.” Jendyose Said in a sassy tone.

“Finally!” Erik Said. “Okay, so I found some plays that I really...Holy shit.” Erik paused and dropped his books to the floor at what he saw. Jendyose appeared in the hallway, wearing nothing but her team jersey. “Wha...what are you doing?! Why are you...what are you doing?!”

“You sound surprised...and yet you can’t stop staring can you?” Jendyose replied.

“What is this about?”

“Erik...It’s been a long long time since I was with someone. I’ve had many childish boys in my life from all over, but stepped on that court with that’s what I need...a man.” Jendyose then began to pull Erik close to her.

“Whoa, Wait! Won’t this look bad with the team? And we just met and…”

“And no one has to will be our little I understand if you’re still a little boy and want to go back to your comfy hotel...but you can stay here and…” Jendyose kissed Erik very forcefully. “Be my captain?”

“...fuck it. Let’s do this.” Erik Said as he quickly picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

And so, their secret affair had begun.

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