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Sleeping with cats 2
Written by Wolfnumber9

August 20, 2019: All that glitters

“Hey! Huddle in! Huddle in!” The coach yelled as the team headed for the bench.

Jendyose put a hand on Erik’s shoulder and the two walked back to the bench frustrated. The Ugandan team was so close. This was it, the finals of the Afro-basket championship and only one quarter remained. This could either be another win for South Africa or a history defining moment as Uganda takes their first ever Afro Basket championship. But, heading into the fourth quarter, Uganda struggled to score as they were down by 15 points and hadn’t taken a lead the whole game. It was time to think of a new plan.

“This is fucking ridiculous!” Jendyose Said as she sat down and threw her water bottle to the ground. “We’re this close! Why can’t we get this lead.”

“It’s that damn center.” Erik responded. “She’s been blocking everything we put up.”

“That is why we need to get the rotation play going! Keep the ball moving!” Yelled their coach. He then went on with his game plan and Erik listened very carefully. Soon, the buzzer rang and the team head on the court, but Jendyose quickly pulled Erik aside.

“Hey,Erik?” She whispered.

“Yea, what’s up?” Erik answered.

“If the center is the problem...why don’t we just take care of the center?”

“Wha...what do you mean?”

“Oh come on, that giraffe is just using her height. She can barely stand on her two let’s knock her down.”

“Jen...what are you planning?”

“Relax. Next play, just pass me the ball. I’ll take care of the giraffe.”

And so, the whistle blew and Erik took the ball and dribbled it down the court. He stared down the giraffe for a quick second and moved to the left side of the court to run the play their coach wanted, but then Jendyose made herself open at the foul line and called for the ball. The giraffe was too close to her. If she shot it from there, the shot would definitely be blocked...but Jendyose Said she had a plan. Erik trusted her and decided to pass her the ball. Jendyose grabbed the pass and quickly turned to the hoop. She faced the center head on and went charging for the basket. The giraffe readied herself and as soon as Jendyose went for the shot, the giraffe reached up to block her...but Jendyose didn’t really try to shoot. Instead, she jumped straight forward for the giraffe’s leg and collided with her. She tried to make it look like an accident. Like she tripped on something. She even threw the ball up to make it look like she was shooting, but Erik knew. He knew exactly what her plan was. After the very hard collision, a very loud and unsettling scream filled the gym. Then every player gathered around to see the damage. Jendyose got up fine. A little scratch on her face was all she suffered from...but the giraffe’s injures were much worse. The first and most obvious injury was her leg that was bent almost 90 degrees in the wrong direction. Aside from that, she just laid there crying in pain. Eventually, she was carried away by paramedics. Jendyose tried arguing with the referees, but they had already decided to suspend her from the game. She could no longer play and now it was all up to Erik.

The game quickly changed pace as Erik led the team to their first lead in the whole game, with only 2 minutes left to play. Erik quickly earned a triple double with 23 points, 10 steals, and 16 assists. It was quite a show and Jendyose gave Erik the energy and motivation he needed. And with that all said and done, Uganda had finally won their first ever Afro-Basket championship. Confetti and bright lights surrounded the whole team as they celebrated this historic moment. Jendyose even jumped out of her seat and ran to Erik for a big hug. All their hard work had finally paid off. They were champions.

The team locker room became the place to party. Loud dance music played as the team huddled together and danced in celebration. The whole team went wild. Jendyose even pulled Erik aside and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Whoa, Hey!” He said.

“What? What is it?” Jendyose Asked.

“I thought we were keeping that a secret, ya know?” Erik whispered.

“Babe, who gives a shit! We’re freakin’ champions! We’re going to the African Basketball Bash for sure!”

“Hell yea we are!”

The two shared a quick kiss and went back to the celebration. The mood was very sporadic and energetic...that is until their lemur coach walked in.

“JENDYOSE!” He yelled. The room went silent. All eyes were on Jendyose. She knew this would happen, being called into the hallway for what she did, but at least she was still a champion.

Once the two were alone in the hallway, away from reporters and photographers, Jendyose started the conversation.

“Okay coach, I get what’s going on. I’m a dirty player, I shouldn’t do things like that, blah blah blah.”

“Jendyose…” the lemur said in a serious tone.

“I know, I know. So just give me my punishment, whatever it is, and I’ll go back and…”

“Jendyose.” The coach repeated. “The other team’s doctor spoke to me ya know.”

“Yea, So?”

“The giraffe you ‘accidentally’ fell on...her leg is completely broken...they don’t know when she might walk again, but they feel she may never play basketball again.”

“...what?” Jendyose Said with guilt.

“Do you realize now what you did? You took away something very special to this woman. She may never play again this the way you wanted to win?”

“I...I mean I didn’t mean to…”

“You’re off the team Jendyose.”

“Fuck...okay, how long?”

“For good Jendyose...there is no coming back this time.”

“Wait, come on. Quit fooling me. I’ll be back. It may be a few years but…”

“Jendyose, the committee has had enough! The fights, the illegal betting, the drug abuse, and now this!...I can’t keep saving you Jendyose! I’ve done all I’ll still get your championship title, but they said you must leave the team permanently if we want to keep our title...I’m sorry.”

“Oh are serious…”

“Here.” The lemur handed Jendyose a big envelope.

“Wha...what is this?”

“That should cover everything. Your rent, the bills...and travel.”


“Jendyose, there are dangerous people out there that aren’t happy with what you did...they will get even if you don’t leave the country as soon as possible.”

“Wait, Wait, What? What are you saying?”

“I’m saying have to leave. Now, Jendyose, I’ve done all I can and I know your past wasn’t ideal, but I know deep down you…you will figure things out soon enough.”

“Wait coach I...where do I even go?”

“Maybe...Go to someone makes you happy...somewhere where you can start over.” The lemur Said. He then gave Jendyose a long hug. She hugged him back and the two both had tears in their eyes knowing that this would most likely be their last time seeing each other.

“Follow your heart Jendyose...goodbye.” Said The lemur as he turned around and walked away.

Jendyose collapsed on the floor and began to panic. In a matter of minutes, she had gotten everything she wanted and then lost so much more.

Where will she go now?

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