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Sleeping with cats 3
Written by Wolfnumber9

September 25, 2019: New spots, new problems.

It was finally all done. The packing, the shipping, the flying, all of it done in a week and Erik can now finally drive home and get all of his stuff unpacked. The house he bought was smaller than his one in Pittsburgh, but still a nice size for him and his parents if they ever wanted to come over. The leopard smiled as he blasted the radio station and cruised home in his car...but his peaceful moment didn’t last for long. Shandra, his agent, called and paused the music. Erik answered.

“Soul mama!” He said. “What’s happenin’?”

“Well, you sure sound happy?” She replied.

“You know Shandra, the trade did suck, but the wildcards seem like a decent team and still did win the Afro-basket tournament, so I can be pretty happy with what I got.”

“Yea...dat sort of be the reason I called.”

“Oh, and don’t worry about the house. I know I have to unpack everything, I’m cool with it. Just glad you found something in such a short time.”

“, ‘bout the house. There’s…”

“Hey, I’m here now actually. Can I call you right back?”

“Erik. Please. Just let me talk now.”

“Alright. Jeez. What’s up?”

“There’s...there be someone in dat house wit ya.”

“Who? Is it the cable guy?” Erik Asked as he opened the door. “I thought he came stuff is unpacked?...and...who the hell is cooking?”

“SUPRIIIIIIIIIIISEEEEEEE!” Yelled the mystery person inside the house as she slid into view wearing a tank top, basketball shorts, and socks.

“JENDYOSE?!” Erik Yelled.

“Yea…” Shandra reluctantly said. “She live wit ya now and a temporary basis.”

“What?! Why?!”

Jendyose then took the phone and said: “Thanks agent lady, but I think I’ll take it from here. Bye bye!” Then she hung up.

“Jendyose! What the hell are you doing here?!” asked Erik.

“ I may have gotten kicked off the team again due to more unsportsmanlike conduct and blah blah blah. Basically, I’m Banned from the team. So, I decided that I’ll just live with you now.”

“What, fuck no! You can’t just move in here and…”

“Yea, I think I already did. Guess you’re stuck with me captain.”

“Listen here you fucking psycho! Give me one good reason I shouldn’t kick you out and send you on a plane right back to Uganda!”

“Okay, how about losing your Afro-basket champions medal?”


“The organization punished me of course, because I am a recent offender, but if I go back to Uganda and confess that we meant to break that giraffe girl’s leg all this time, our whole team could be disqualified. Awwww, and the glorious Erik Kijani is no longer the hero of Uganda. I leave, that means no championship, no olympics, and…”

“No medal...the country will hate us.”

“Well, they’ll hate you most of all, but yea that too.”

“’re blackmailing me so you can live with me?”

“Pretty much. Relax captain. I’ll just stay in the house, cook, and watch TV. You won’t even know I’m here, and most importantly no reporters will find out about us.” She then pulled Erik close to her and said: “it’ll be like secrets, don’t you Erik? You seemed to enjoy them a lot this summer.”

Erik then moved her off of him and made a loud angry grunt.

“...fine. You can stay, just keep quiet and don’t…”

“I know, I know. Our little secret. Come on Erik, aren’t you just a little bit excited? You get to come home to me everyday now. Isn’t that wonderful? And we’re in Vegas too!”

“Wait? How can you be here if you live in Uganda?”

“Oh, well ‘legally’ I live in America. That house I had wasn’t really mine. It’s a long story.”

“You have a habit of taking shit that ain’t yours don’t you?”

“And have a habit of breaking down in front of a stronger woman...don’t you?”

Erik was silent, then he stomped away to the bedroom.

“I hope you like how I decorated our room. Oh, and I made some curry for dinner. Love you!”

“I hate you!” Erik answered back in a taunting way before slamming the bedroom door.

“He’ll come around Jendyose.” She said to herself. “Beside, he can’t resist me forever.”

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