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Sleeping with cats 5
Written by Wolfnumber9

December 15th, 2019: The picture

“Well, Miss Apeloko, we have deduced that you are indeed 4 months pregnant. You’ve also gained a little too much weight in your first trimester, but that’s okay. With this being your first pregnancy I can understand that this is a lot to deal with, but I’m sure the father of the baby can help through this.” Said the doctor. “Just remember to read the pamphlet and take care of yourself, okay?...Jendyose?...Jendyose?...”

“Jendyose!” Erik Yelled. Jendyose must have been daydreaming about her appointment. It happened just a couple days ago, and Erik still doesn’t know the news. “Hey Jendyose. Your second steak is here.” The two were at a Cheesecake restaurant. She remembers now, she convinced Erik to take her on a date. He agreed, but made them wear big coats and hats so no one would recognize them.

“Ah, finally. Thank you.” Jendyose Said as she grabbed more steak sauce. The waiter was then trying to tell Erik that he shouldn’t be wearing a hat in the restaurant, to which Erik just responded with his middle finger. Jendyose laughed and Erik kind of chuckled with her.

“Thank you baby for taking me out to dinner.” Jendyose Said in a smug tone.

“Yea, Yea whatever.” Erik Said slouching in his chair.

“You’re not going to eat?”

“Nah, I got to workout soon. You seem to be eating enough for both of us though, just order what you want.”

“ romantic.” Jendyose Said after taking the first bite of her steak. “So...what’s your story, huh Erik? Let’s take this time to know each other better.”

“Why?” Said Erik. “I think you know enough.”

“Ugh, you’re such a jerk sometimes, fine I’ll go first, okay?” Jendyose ate another piece of her steak and continued to talk. “Did you know I was actually born in New York? Yea, it was my parents that were born in Uganda. Made a fortune with this hotel they made and they decide to branch out and I was just along for the ride.”

“So you grew up rich and spoiled. Wow, how did you go on?” Erik Said with sarcasm.

“Fuck yea, I was kinda spoiled. I got whatever I wanted, went wherever, had a few crazy parties...the only thing that really sucked was not seeing my parents. They were always flying around and were never home and…”

“Okay, let me stop you here. My parents barely got out of Kira, Uganda during a bloody gang war. My parents worked their tails off just so I could eat a meal a day and we struggled for what we got. So, I’m pretty sure wherever your parents are now, they’re living it up while they’re daughter mooches off celebrities and athletes. That sound about right?”

Jendyose smiles and said: “Well, you’re close. Just forgot the parts where my parents died in a plane crash when I was 16, they gave all their fortune to our butler and maid who just shipped me back to Ugandan when I was 18 so they could get married and forget about me, then I cheated my way into the Ugandan league, failed the drug test one year, I guess that’s when I missed your little stunt with the whole stealing charity money story, but the firing of the Ugandan basketball president did create an opening for me to get back on the team, sold a little special pills on the side, almost got shot a few times, oh and my favorite part, falling in love with an FBA basketball player and moving to his house before a gang tries to kill me and hide my body after I broke a player’s leg and ended their basketball dreams for good.”

The two were both silent for a while, but Jendyose still had her smile as if this was still funny somehow.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I surprise you with something?” Jendyose Said.

“I’m uh...I’m sorry.” Erik Said. “I shouldn’t have interrupted and I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Pfft, it’s whatever. I’ve gotten over it. My parents didn’t want a child and my butler and maid were tired of dealing with me. Shit happens I guess, but hell, I’m still breathing so...I don’t know, I guess I’m supposed to do something with my life. Anyway, it’s your turn. What’s your story Kijani?”

“I feel like I already said everything. I moved here with my parents, barely understood English, but I met...a good friend and found the sport of basketball.”

“A good friend?”

Erik then pulled his sleeve down to reveal the “John for 3” wristband he had. “Yea, his name was John. First friend I ever had and best teammate I ever had...until he was shot on his way walking home one night...I like to wear this wristband to keep him close.”

“Damn...that’s hard.”

“Thanks...Wait, are you messing with me?!”

“What? No. Erik for real….you know what we have in common?”


“People try to forget about us. They try to hold us back, bring us down, Hell sometimes kill us...but we still find a way to go on...we are stronger because of it. Stronger together.” Jendyose then reaches over the table to hold Erik’s hand. The two look at each other in the eyes. Jendyose smiled at Erik, and Erik quickly pulled away and asked:

“Uh...are you done eating now?”

Jendyose sighed and said: “Yea, I guess...but I want a cake to go.”


“And I want you to hold my hand when we leave.”


“Well, I could walk by myself and ‘accidentally’ bump into a reporter and tell them all about my love affair with Eri…”

“Shhhhhh, okay okay. Fine...just get your cake and let’s go.”

“Hehe, love you too baby.”

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