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Sleeping with cats 7
Written by Wolfnumber9

March 14th, 2020: Do you love me?

“Hey! Jendyose!” Erik shouted as he loudly entered the house, but there was no answer.

“Jendyose?” He called out again.

“In the bedroom!” A voice called out.

Erik followed it and could gradually hear soft piano music as he approached the room. He opened the door and tried to call out her name again, but was quickly shushed by Cindy, a very thin, white rabbit and Jendyose’s doula, but she’s been more of a babysitter than doula. A doula helps a mother to be prepared for birth and life with a new cub, but Cindy was hired on January after the media explosion Jendyose caused in December. Cindy has cooked healthy meals for her, kept the house clean, and has honestly given Jendyose the support she needs. She even helps Jendyose with yoga, which was what they were doing now...which is why Erik needed to be quiet.

“Mr. Kijani, we are trying to work on our breathing. So please...keep quiet.” Cindy insisted.

“Eh, don’t worry about it Cindy. My focus was gone the moment he walked in.” Jendyose Said.

“Yea, nice to see you too. you are feeling?” Erik Asked.

“Tired...fat...hungry...and I have the worst heartburn...maybe it’s because someone broke it.”

“Pfft, What heart? You’re probably eating too much spicy chicken again.”

“Hey! Knock it off both of you!...remember, stress is bad for mommy, which means bad for baby. You’re at 7 months sweetheart and you're healthy and doing great.” Cindy Said then she began to massage Jendyose’s back and her extended stomach. Jendyose responded with a smile and a pur. “See? Positive reinforcement and support can go a long way.”

“Whatever.” Erik Said as he walked to the closet. “I’m not staying long, I just came to get some clothes and gear for the road games. Flight leaves tonight. I’ll be back Wednesday….oh yea, and here.”

Erik pulled out a folder from his bag and tossed it on the bed. Jendyose picked up and looked through the papers.

“ United health? What is this?” She asked.

“Shandra set up your health insurance or some shit. And we picked out some places for you to stay.” Erik Answered.

“Wait...are you kicking me out?...while I’m carrying your child?!”

“You forced yourself into my life and caused all this drama! You promised you would keep quiet, and now look! You were all over the news and had everyone praising you while I looked like a liar and scumbag because you never told me you were fucking pregnant!”

“Guys! Please!” Cindy Yelled. “Can’t we handle this like adults. There is no need for this arguing. Please.”

“I did this because I thought it would make us closer, you ass hole.” Jendyose Said now facing the wall, not able to even look at Erik.

“After the baby is might be best if you lived somewhere else.” Erik said. Then he grabbed his suitcase and walked out of the room.

Jendyose was silent and Cindy just continued to help her relax.

“I’m...I'm sorry Jen.” She said while holding onto the Leopards shoulders. Then they heard the front door close and Jendyose turned to face Cindy.

“Is he gone?” Jendyose asked softly.

“Yea...yes, I think he…” Cindy was then interrupted by Jendyose leaning in and kissing her. She then pinned her down to the bed, their lips still connected, until Cindy pushed her head back.

“Jen Wait. I…”

“Cindy please. I need this right now.” Jendyose pleaded, still using her weight to trap Cindy under her. She kissed her again which led to Cindy pushing her back again.

“Jen, we can’t...we can’t keep doing this. This isn’t right.”

“Why not? You heard him. He’s kicking me out. He doesn’t love me or this child...but I love you.”

“Jen, no. This isn’t love. You’re pregnant. Your hormones are going all over the place which makes you more…”

“Do you love me Cindy?”


“...Do you love me?”

“...I don’t know Jen.”

“...Well maybe I don’t know either. But everywhere I go, people give up on me, hurt me, or even try to kill’re the first person who truly understands me...and I understand you, right?”

“You Do…”

“...I’m scared Cindy...I don’t want to be alone again.”

The rabbit sighed. She knew this was very wrong and for all she knew this could get her fired for good or Jendyose could just be using her to survive...but it never felt that way. One thing was for sure, Jendyose needed her help.

“I promise to never leave you alone. My job is to help you through this and that is what I’ll do.”

“You know I still don’t know the gender.”

“Oh Jen.”

“Can you come with me and find out?...I waited all this time for Erik...but I think I would be waiting forever and…”

“Jen, it’s okay. I’ll go with you...we’ll go together.”

“Thanks Cindy….could we also order some more spicy chicken?”

“Huh, that’s funny. I don’t remember seeing that on the meal plan I wrote for you.”

“Come on Cindy.”

“Alright, Fine! Sheesh, you Carnivores and your meat.”

“I could eat you instead.”

“Mmmm, flattering. Maybe later Jen. For now can you please get off of me?”

“What. You calling me fat?!”

“Ha, I’m calling you 7 months pregnant Jen!”

“Alright, that’s fair...can you help me up? It took all my energy to get here.”

“Of course Jen.”

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