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The Francesca Equation 7
Written by Wolfnumber9 and Gideonwebb

April 30, 2019: Nothing to fear

The day started with a bland breakfast which then led to a whole day of working in the gym with with her trainer, Vanessa. This was a normal routine for Alexa, but today the black panther could not overcome the overwhelming feeling of defeat. The last game, no, this entire season just felt like a bust for her. With little play time, barely any starts, Twitter drama, and not playing in the final game that would have sent their team to the playoffs, the feeling of defeat was all Alexa had at this point. The training was much harder than usual today. The drill sets were doubled and so were the weights. Vanessa would just say that they were building from the failures and that Alexa should want to do more workouts after a terrible season like that...this of course, served as very little motivation for Alexa. Once the training, or a better term would be punishment, was done, Alexa quickly went home sore and agitated. She took a nice long shower and headed straight to bed not even bothering to put on decent clothes. After a long nap, night had fallen and a stern knock at the door could be heard. Alexa moaned and barely moved out of her bed. The knocks grew louder and Alexa started to slowly get up from the bed. She rubbed her eyes, got out of bed, then stubbed her claw against the wall on accident. She let out a short scream, took a deep breath then finally made her way to the door. Once she opened it, there stood Judah with his tall and big frame wearing a very fancy suit.

“J...Judah?” Alexa said while rubbing her eyes. “What are you doing here?”

“Remember? We promised to go on a date when the regular season is over.” He said excitedly.

“We did...oh snap! We did!” Alexa screamed in panic. “No, no, no, no. I didn’t do my hair! I didn’t get a dress, I…!”

“Hey, Hey, it’s okay sweetheart. Look.” Judah then held up a spectacular and sparkly purple dress. “I have a dress and a pair of shoes ready and I already rented a limo.”

Alexa sighed in relief. “Oh are the best baby. Thank you.” She said.

Judah smiled and the two shared a kiss. “Shall we?” He asked.

“We shall.” Alexa answered.

The night was going perfectly. Judah had reserved a nice private table on a balcony and had a string quartet play in the background. Judah even joined in a played with them to which Alexa was impressed. Judah even took the time to recite a sonnet or two and had Alexa completely mesmerized. All this before the food even got a chance to come to the table. Alexa laughed while eating her steak and said:

“Wow Judah. You sure know how to spoil a girl.”

“I only wish to spoil you.” Judah answered back.

“Smart man, hehe. Ah, finally! I can eat steak in piece.”

“I can’t believe your trainer said you couldn’t eat steak.”

“She said I couldn’t eat a lot of things. Apparently I was eating way to much meat in my diet or something. That was a struggle.”

“Well, you’re trainer isn’t here now, right?”

“Don’t tempt me Judah. I’d probably eat 3 of these things if I had the motivation, haha!”

“You can have anything you want my love. Money is no problem.”

“Aww, So sweat. Man, with the food and the string instruments and this view. Aw, man this...this is perfect. Hehe, man it’s like your getting ready to propose or something.”

Judah froze and nearly choked on his water.

“Whoa, Hey. You okay baby?” Alexa Asked.

“Uh...well, um.” Judah still felt a bit worried, but also saw no reason in hiding it any more. He reached into his pocket and held out a box that seemed so tiny in his paws. Alexa just stared at the box for while, studying it closely, until finally…

“Oh my god...oh my god!” Alexa said as she stood from her seat and started to panic.

“Whoa whoa, hey, Alexa, calm down.” Judah Said.

“No! No no no no no! Judah I...I don’t think I can...I mean I love you and...I just don’t think we...or I should...I can’t be a wife...I can’t do that...but I love you and...I mean I, I, I, I…”

“Baby! Alexa! Breath. Just breath, it’s okay. It’s alright.”

“I can’t be a wife...I can’t be a wife can I?...”

“Alexa, look into my eyes!”

Alexa was still breathing uncontrollably, but she still did as Judah instructed. And so, Judah spoke.

“I...know you’re afraid. Truth is, I am too. But I know deep in my heart that I love you. I know you’re afraid that we might be like your parents, but I promise you that if you marry me, we will work together and make each other better in our future. Because...seeing you smiling and happy and playing the sport you love...well that’s just the most beautiful thing ever...I don’t want you to lose, can we please sit down and...try again?”

“...Okay.” Alexa said with a small smile. The two big cats slowly walked to the table and Judah kneeled down on one knee.

“Okay.” He said after clearing his throat. “Alexa Bee Franchesca...will you make me the happiest lion in the world and be my funny, talented, nerdy, and beautiful wife?...will you marry me?”

Alexa began to cry and held her paws in front of her muzzle. In a feint voice she said:

“Yes...I will.”

Judah then put the ring on her finger and the two embraced in a long kiss...until suddenly.

“Aaaaaaah! That’s my baby girl!” Scream Alexa’s mom.

“Oooooooooweeee! Lexa’s got herself a lion ova here! Haha!” Yelled Alexa’s grandma.

“Oh my gosh! Where did you guys come from?!” Alexa said in shock.

“They said they wanted to join in on the fun, so I paid for their plane ticket.” Said Judah.

Alexa got up and hugged both of them. She then looked around the room and said:

“Wait, where’s dad?”

Alexa’s mom just stood there quietly and even frowned a little at the question.

“He ain’t here honey.” Alexa’s grandma said with brutal honesty.

At first, Alexa felt a bit sad, but she quickly brushed it off. She wasn’t going to let anything ruin this night.

“ what.” She said. “As long as ya’ll are here. That’s plenty.”

“Well what we waiting for?! Let’s celebrate!” Alexa’s grandmother said. “Excuse me Lexa, gonna borrow ya man here for a second. Care to dance big, tall, and handsome?”

“Mama?!” Shrieked Alexa and her mother.

“It would be a pleasure.” Said Judah with a chuckle then the tall lion held the short old panther’s hands and the two ballroom danced around the room as the string quartet played in the background.

“You will make an excellent wife, okay baby?” Alexa’s mom said.

“Thanks mom.” Alexa said.

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